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Mech Warriors: Rebellion

Chevron 7 locke

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((Time to start a Mech Rp. Like the mechs from Gundam.))


Summary: It started in the Year 2042. It was shortly after humanity finally managed to achieve peace across the world. For nearly ten years, humanity flourished, advances in medical science and technology allowed humanity to spread across the Solar System and begin mining asteroids and other resources, Humanity, it seemed had finally managed to stretch it's wings and take to the stars.


But as all good things do, it came to an end.


During the development of a new form of matter transportation, a portal appeared in the stars. For two days, the portal remained in the sky doing nothing, but on the third day, a massive ship appeared in the skies above Earths. Attempts to make contact were met with weapons fire. The skies were filled with battle suits that easily overwhelmed the surprised military. It was as if they knew exactly where to strike. After a week, what remained of Earth's Military attempted to drive them back in what was known as "The last Stand," a battle where nearly all of Earth's battle suits were wiped out, but not before destroying a large portion of the enemy battle suits. As humanity fled to the stars to distant corners of the solar system, more ships appeared and more battle suits were seen. Humanity is near defeat, but they refuse to give up without a fight.


On a remote staryard near Neptune, humanity has begun producing new battle suits that incorporate weapons and technology stolen from the invaders.


It's time to take back our Solar System.






Location of Birth: ((Can be anywhere in the Solar System))

Mech Name:

Mech appearance: ((A picture would be nice.))

Primary Weapon:

Secondary Weapon:

Additions to Mech: ((Can be anything, enhanced defense systems, Increased speed, Take your pick.))


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Name: Godric

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Appearance: heero_in_gundam_meister_pilot_suit_by_redchampiontrainer01-d6329rj.jpg

Location of Birth: Mars

Mech: Lazengann

Mech Appearance: iron_gundam_00_mkiii_by_almightyelemento.png

Primary Weapon: Energy Blades

Secondary Weapon: Energy Projectiles

Additions to Mech: Energy Shield Generator (Lazengann can create protective barriers in different shapes - whether to cover its exterior body or an area to protect allys from enemy attacks)

Biography: Godric was born on the colony of Mars, and enlisted in the military when he reached legal adult age. After a few years of service, he applied for the Earth Battlesuit Program. And though a raw recruit, he proved himself a cunning warrior. After losing his home to the invaders during the "The Last Stand" and retreated - he made a sworn oath he would reclaim his home. Painting his Battlesuit Red, symbolic to Mars' surface, he will stop at nothing with fierce determination and indestructible confidence.

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