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A Lucas-style game about quantum physics?


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A few days ago I stumbled upon a very interesting platformer game called "Schrodinger's cat: Raiders of the Lost Quark"; its intro trailer gives a very LucasArts-ish vibe, reminding of stuff like DOTT or Psychonauts.


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


This made me think that the themes of quantum physics and cosmology, which are rapidly becoming popular in all sorts of media (books, movies, etc., like R. A. Wilson's "Schrodinger's Cat" trilogy), are still mostly ignored in adventure genre. I believe all this weirdness about Schrodinger's cats, multiple realities, all sorts of quirky particles and their interactions, etc. would make excellent basis for a wacky DOTT-style adventure game (maybe something like particles growing to marcoscopic size and becoming sentient like Green and Purple Tentacle).




Other physical concepts, like those from cosmology, could be employed as well. The lore of King's Quest is already using the idea of "pocket universes", and it could also be possible to include things like holographic principle and AdS/CFT. This could make an interesting plot not only for a sci-fi game, but also for games like King's Quest and Torin's Passage, with the main characters discovering that they're just bits of information on a two-dimensional surface, and this explains all the strange things/magic of their world.


What do you think?



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