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Back in the early days of Kotor modding\modeling, there wasn't really a importer \exporter for Blender. Most of us Blender fans had to learn how to use GMax or 3Ds Max if we wanted to edit the Kotor models. But some years later, a individual by the name of Symmetric over at the NWN community made a NWN 1 mdl importer\exporter for Blender. This was great for the NWN community and a lucky break for us here in the KotOR community as well, because it just so happen on the off chance that his NWN 1 mdl importer\exporter would import and export some Kotor ASCII MDL models too. I found out about this two months ago. So recently, I used some of his files to make modifications and rewrite the code to be able to import and export more Kotor ASCII MDL models for editing and named it KotORBlender.


So if you would prefer using Blender over GMax\3ds Max to work on editing Kotor ASCII MDL models, then try this importer\exporter.





KotORBlender 0.1 for Blender





AUTHORS: Symmetric & Purifier












This is my first attempt at making a knock off version of NeverBlender, called KotORBlender, which is

specifically tailor-made for importing & exporting Kotor ASCII MDL files. It will import and export

a lot more of the Kotor ASCII MDL files into Blender 2.65 or above and allows you to edit those Kotor

models inside Blender, just like NeverBlender did with some Kotor models. I rewrote some code in the

files to fix some issues that were causing specific problems with the Kotor ASCII MDL models and I

plan on improving the KotORBlender importer\exporter over time to give better performance importing

and exporting KoTOR ASCII MDL files.








You will need to either unzip the files from the KotORBlender.zip file or just copy the "kotorblender"

folder from inside the KotORBlender.zip file and manually install kotorblender into your;


"Blender Foundation\Blender\2.6 or 2.7\scripts\addons" by pasting it there in the "addons" sub-folder,


on what ever drive you've installed your Blender program.




How To Use:



After you've installed the kotorblender folder in your Blender directory, start up Blender and open

"User Preferences" (Ctrl+Alt+U) and under "Add-ons", find in the list "Import-Export: KotORBlender"

and tick the checkbox to the right of it to enable it. Then click on "Save User Settings" at the

bottom, so you don't have to repeat this step every time you run Blender to import or export a file.


When you run Blender, click on "File" in Blender's top bar menu. A drop down menu will appear and go

down to "Import". Another menu should appear out beside that, look for "Knights Of The Old Republic

(.mdl)" in that menu and click on that. A file directory window will appear and you should locate your

KotOR ASCII MDL model where ever you have it on your hard drive. Once you find it, select it and when

it's highlighted, click on the "Import KotOR MDL" button in the far upper right hand corner of the file

directory window. Your model should then appear in Blender.







Find the "kotorblender" folder where you last installed it in your "addons" sub-folder and delete it.

This should remove any reference of KotORBlender in your Blender program.



Known Bugs:



There are no known bugs at this time or that I'm aware of. But since the software is in it's alpha

stage, that doesn't mean there couldn't be any. Please report any bugs you find.




Legal Disclaimer:



This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the

author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any non-profit purpose, including non-

profit commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it, subject to the following



1. This software is not to be redistributed as part of a 'for-profit' application.


2. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the

original software by yourself. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the

product documentation is required.


3. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being

the original software.


4. This notice must be included in any original source distribution.








Much credit goes to Symmetric for coding and creating NeverBlender, a Blender importer\exporter actually

meant for the NWN 1 models, but it just so happened on the off chance that it would also import and export

some KotOR ASCII MDL files as well. If he had never created NeverBlender, then my work on KotORBlender

would never exist. NeverBlender is made by Symmetric and can be found at this web address;







Special Thanks:



Thanks to Symmetric for giving me some advice, while working on the KotORBlender project, about using python's built-in library function to make python coding a little easier.



Thanks to Ndix UR for bringing to the KotOR community's attention, about the problem of NeverBlender exporting KotOR models with classifications in all capitalized letters. Even though his overall suggestion was to fix a line in the MDLops code, with a fix code that he provided, this brought out the curiosity of the python novice in me to see if I couldn't also fix the code in NeverBlender, which was the very beginning of creating the KotORBlender version.



Thanks to fellow Blender user Xander2077 for taking the time to run a few tests on my earlier modified versions of NeverBlender, which has now become KotORBlender upon further modifications and improvements.



Thanks to Sith Holocron for giving me advice and examples concerning the overall procedure on uploading KotORBlender to Deadly Stream.







0.1 (2016-06-12) With permission granted from Symmetric, used his early version of

NeverBlender 1.11 Python script files to rewrite and fix some of the

code in those files to be specifically tailor-made for importing &

exporting KotOR ASCII MDL files.


Renamed and edited the python files where all the old NeverBlender

references were removed, in order to organize the files better and

in accord with the file name of "kotorblender" for possible future



Fixed the classification problem that was returning the classifications

in all capitalized letters, which at the time was causing all models to

lose their shadows in the game and some models were having unusual

erratic camera behavior during third person view combat mode. Which now

returns the classifications to lower case letters with the first letter



Fixed another issue where the ASCII MDL PC models would not import into

Blender, when converted to ASCII format by either MDLops 6 or 7. All PC

ASCII MDL files should now import into Blender.






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