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Message from GB Director to Staff:

Guest Aristotle

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Guest Aristotle

Thought you guys would have an interest in this. Just shows you what a great job you guys did on this project, congrats:




[From Tom Sarris, Director of PR and marketing for LEC:]


"Don, I thought you'd like to see this message from Garry Gaber, director of

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. We really appreciate all the efforts on

the site and thank everyone for such a great job."



[From Gary:]



"I'm liking this a lot. It is an excellent treatment of the material, and

very clearly organized - these guys are definitely pros. I'll be glad to post

an introductory message when the time is appropriate.


Please pass along my appreciation for such an excellent treatment."






Congrats guys... well deserved praise for everyone's efforts.


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:D OH YEAH! icon14.gif


It feels good to be recognized but professionnals from the industry!


Also, this thread made me think to ask you guys question about my plans after High School. I'm currently interrested to go in Graphic Artist (pc, not by hand). How should I start going into the graphic artist? Which program is a must? How do i get my name around (in case you dont know my real name is Sylvain Jacques) :D thanks in advance.

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Guest Sherack Nhar

Wow, congratulations on the GB.com staff!


The site kicks ass, and that's the bottom line, cuz Gary Gaber said so!! :D

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Guest Kurgan

Sounds good, nice to get good feedback from the boys over there, eh?


Congratulations on a job well done, and good luck finishing it up!



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