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Fave SW novel

Rogue Nine

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Simple topic. Which book out of all SW canon is your favorite?


Mine is most likely Darth Maul Shadow Hunter. Sure, I'm a rabid X-wing fan, but when I read this book, it just touched a nerve and elevated itself above Wedge and the X-wing crew. That's pretty hard to do. But this one book did do it. It's not so much SW as a touching story of good vs. evil wrapped in a SW cloth. I highly recommend it.

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The closest I can come to choosing just one is the original Thrawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command).


It was to novel readers what TPM was to the general public; the "resurrection" of a mostly-dead franchise. It also introduced my favourite EU character.


I was a Luke/Mara shipper by one-quarter of the way through HttE. :shads2:

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