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sync error plz help


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hi me and my m8 are having trouble when connect to each others ip addresses or playing on servers for online gamming we both have same specs for are pcs we both have 1.4 thunderbird athlon processers 256mb sdram geforce 2 max graphic cards 40 gb hdrive and blueyonder isdn broadband internet connection when we connect together the game starts all fine at first then about a minute into play we both get "out of sync error" i can connect too my other friend and join servers and play no problem it only happens when i connect to him or he joins servers so i think problem is with him he has try uninstalling game and reinstalling he has same problem when he trys to play age of empires but he don t have any problem with any of his other games like return to castle wolfenstein and unreal so i think the problem is only with real time stratigies we also have roger wilco installed so if someone could plz help us with this problem because we would realy love to play galactic battle grounds together thanks in advance for any help :fett:

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