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Avatars and such...

Jyt-Pon Dai'el

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Well, its more of an observation than a suggestion, really...


I miss the avatars and sigs. They really do alot to make this place feel like a community of individuals.


On the other hand, I totally support your decision to take them down. The performance of the site has increased dramatically. Plus, I've noticed alot more people in the forum rooms than usual. I used to get the "too many users" error alot when there were only like 20-25 people, and by the looks of things, the user load is much less intensive (right now there's 31 people in the Valley alone).


Anyway, good decision, but I hope they come back soon. :)

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Guest Krayt Tion

Don't worry, the avatars and such will make their triumphant return eventually. I don't have a timetable for you right now, but rest assured, they will return- and if all goes well, the forums will be none the slower for it.

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