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The Spaminator!!


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I have read your threads on people overly using Pull/backstab to spam kills over and over again, but today I think I witnessed the very haneous act in its entirety. Couple of guys in this server I reffered to in an earlier thread, were in Stromtrooper skins just pulling and backstabbing the crap out people. . . I had Absorb on so I would fight them and win the majority of the time, but they never did ANY THING ELSE . . I finally had enough (after being pulled and backstabbed for the 5th time) , and said "If you guys would except my challenge you can show me what a true warrior you really are" . . one of em said "I will fight you . . " . .

DOH!! . . I handed him his A$$ . . I even had time to TOY with him . . was funny as SH!T!! . . He never answered my challenge again and kept spamming the rest of the time . .

SAD part is . . I'm a stinkin NOOOOB!! . . very sad when some one can actually get joy from that type of fighting . .

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