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WIP: Return of the Jedi MOD


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Greetings all...


Iam the Manager of the Return of the Jedi TC project for Jedi Outcast. At this time our time is working hard gathering editors and also preparing to construct in my eyes, a mod that will be very enjoyable for our community to use.


The story (If you havent guessed already) will be during the time period of the Return of the Jedi story. You will play as the heroic Luke Skywalker, and possibly Han Solo. You will follow the story and meet up with Jabba and his thugs.. Meet those cute little ewoks on endor... And, you will even confront the one thing stopping you from becoming a Jedi.... Your Father...


As of now, We have a team consisting of Modelers, Sound Editors, and Coders...


Our team's webpage should be up in a very short time, but now, we are looking for Skinners and Mappers to help with various locations and people in the Return of the Jedi world. If you feel you can be of service, either reply here with you contact info... or send myself an email at StevenCrowley@msn.com


You can also PM me with any questions.


Thanks very much... updates soon,

Steven Crowley

Project Director/Sound Editor

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Hey cROsIS**, I might be able to do the Intro Scrolling text, which is about the extent of my editing skills, cept for very basic understanding of force power adjustments. all I need is the text that is written, seeing as how my ROTJ tape was destroyed in a moving trip, and I can do the rest. :)dmccarthy100@charter.net to reach me.


Plus I made a note on the JKII.Net Website about the TC

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