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Team Yoda wont load only Kyle does.


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Hello all its my first time to substitute Kyle for a different model for SP. I downloaded the Team Yoda model it didnt say only MP or SP. Anyway I followed instructions: All i did was put the file where it needed to be. thats all int he base folder the pk3 is in there right now. So im thinking easy enough i load the game everythings fine i start from beginngin in SP To my surprise its still Kyle Model...How can I correct this? Id like yoda to load instead of kyle.


All the readme says is this:




Put the file "yoda_kinja.pk3" into the "C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast\GameData\base" folder.




For this file, if you wish Yoda to be sized properly, i *stronglY* suggest you download JediMod by Dest, containing the sizing mod created by tchouky, amongst other things.



Dest's Jedi Mod, V.1.0




For this mod, you will need the 1.04 patch as well -






Ive included a screenshot of my base folder



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That's a mp model. To get it into sp you'll have to do some editing. And the Yoda model won't have the correct size since the jedimod doesn't work in sp.

it's pretty easy, say you wanted to turn the new darth maul model into kyle in single player.


step one:


place the glm_maul_model.pk3 into your base folder. (note with this model the zip was named mp_maul_model.zip, the pk3 file was named glm_maul_model.pk3)


step two:


use winzip to extract the files from the glm_maul_model.pk3 and place them into an empty folder somewhere. (I've made a spare folder under lucasarts main folder called spmods)


step three:


note how many folders were extracted and how they are packed. with the glm_maul_model.pk3 it extracts with 5 folders named botfiles, models, scripts, shaders, sound.


step four:


the models folder is the one you want to change. click on it and you'll see a folder called players, click on that and you'll see a folder called maul. (there is an aayla folder there but nothing in it so delete it or just ignore it.)


step five:


rename the folder that says 'maul' to 'kyle'. so the folder should now read models/players/kyle instead of models/players/maul.


If you want mauls sound for kyle do the same thing to the sound folder you just did to the models folder. Find the folder that says 'maul' and rename it to 'kyle'


step six:


you can delete the botfiles, scripts, shaders folders if you want cause you don't need them for this sp mod you're making. The main thing to have at this point is the models folder (sound is optional extra) your models folder should look like this models/players/kyle. Use winzip to zip that models folder, call it models.zip or whatever.


step seven:


You now have a new models.zip (or whatever you named the zip), go to it and rename it to kyle_to_maul.pk3


step eight:


place your new kyle_to_maul.pk3 in the base folder and you're done. The next time you start a JO game kyle will be maul.


##NOTE## >> you have to start a new game or start a level from the map 'level name' command. If you load up a game that you were playing as kyle the lightsaber will stick out of mauls ass or some other strange thing will happen.


##NOTE## >> you can change the model of any character in the game by following the steps above but instead of naming the folder "kyle" you would name it to the character you wanted to replace. for eg: if you wanted maul as tavion the folder would look like this models/players/tavion

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