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My genosian Arena WIP


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Note this isnt an accurate model as I don think anyone wants to wait a long ass time for it to load. I was set out to make something cool but simple and to look close to it. Well this is about 25% done. Problem is I am using 3dsmax to build it and dont know how to transfer it to the .bla .map .whatever jk2 uses. If anyone can help me please PM on this. Anyway its for SP mainly. Itll have asome jedi and droids etc. I need some info on what to add etc. First time mapper here anyway take a look hope you like: (Right now its a .max file)






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Well I noticed theres a program especially for mapping. Im gonna try it out. Anyway any I convert this from 3dsmax into Gktradiant ro someting?


Also should this just be a big battle arena or shoudl threre be a startegy like keep jedi alive and destror outposts around arena etc.


Please any input would eb appreciated.:)

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