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EasyGen -ARGH- Lighting.


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Thjis is real annopying everytime I make a map in Easygen (except fo rthe first time) It always ends up being REAL bright! I even delted every tag except Func-group liek some told me. I asked Rich if he knew he said it may be a leak but I found no error in Junk.txt and He said then maybe U ned to add lights so it wont default to too many lights. So i did same thing happens. Its so annoying cause I am almost doen and after I insert the player sI think this map will be real good.


Anyway heres the link Any info needed please post it if it may help u understand. (JK2 Radiant I use)



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You create your terrain with easygen by manually or bmp import feature. You use only one texture. I consider you know how to do these in easygen. After you've done with everything, you click export map button. Now, you uncheck the save metashader and save alphamap boxes. It can only export the terrain as a .map file.


Select the metashader filename and alphamap file by pressing ... button. Give a name to metashader. I don't know why but the programmer put a rule that you have to choose those files even you uncheck the boxes that i mentioned. How biriliant huh ?.


Anyway, you will have to change the Shader top and bottom textures names by yourself. Look at the textures full pathname you use and write it as the top shader name. Write system/caulk as the bottom shader name. Click continue, it will build the .map file. You can select "insert into a skybox" and "add an info_player_start" before continuing.


Once you have the .map file, you have two options, you can add it to an existing file with load map option in radiant, or you can open it as a new map and build everything on to it(loading prefabs, maps, etc.) The main thing is to have the gridsize key of worldspawn correctly. Its for the lighting of map properly. I don't know how the gridsize's value should be according to your terrain's size.(it's given and modified by the easygen thou)


You need to delete every key of the terrain except the classname "func_group". Set a global light or normal light entities, and you are done. Save and compile.


Addition : You may also delete the vertexmapshader.... key of the worldspawn. (yes each of them)

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