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Human Owners

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This is a song dedicated to Day of the Tentacle. I couldn't find a DOTT part of the forum, so I'll just put it here. And the makers of the song 'Dangeroma' may accept my apologies.




A tentacle went up to me, up to me. He said his name was Lee he was a HUMAN OWNER!


He took me to a chamber and sat me on a bench. I thought 'It can't get lamer as he's a HUMAN OWNER'


When he took me out of the room, he told me he did own me. Then I kicked him in the back and said he wasn't free.


BOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Waaaaaaaaaah




I ran away from tentacles 'Can't catch me you losers!' but then they had me clamped in manacles with the other HUMAN OWNERS!


I was hyperventilating, hyperventilating, nothing rhymes with hyperventilating with my HUMAN OWNER


It wasn't very nice when they threw me in a spike pit but I managed to get out although I could no longer sit.


BOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Waaaaaaaaaah




I hid inside their toilet but someone sat on top of me and I almost began a riot with a HUMAN OWNER!


They found me filled with poo and I did surrender and they threw me back into the loo like a HUMAN OWNER!


I was almost filled to the brim with evil burning rage. I couldn't stop until I had burned them like cheap sage!


BOW WOW WOW WOW WOW Waaaaaaaaaah




Wasn't it forgivable when I burned 'em to a crisp? They said 'You are prodiginable'. 'What the hell does that mean you HUMAN OWNER?'


They put me in the kennel yet they gave me a TV and I watched the crime channel like a HUMAN OWNER.


I thought they wouldn't last a second and they gave up and ran away. It look liked I won as they were not here to stay.




HUMAN OWNERS! (Repeat until fade)

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