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Blast from the past!!!


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Don't we all.


Perhaps the continuing computer/ money problems that he seemed to be having that kept him offline will be resolved in the near future.


I must now go and worship at the shrine to Wally I have erected in the closet.


*"O, impart upon us your great wisdom from your higher dimension,.. O great Wally!"*

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I just found out that there are rabbits living in Confederation Park (on the far side of that ongoing [de]construction mess that is Laurier Bridge). Perhaps a good omen.


I asked one of them if he knew Zoomie, but he just glared at me and said something that sounded like "Silflay hraka hu emblir rah" and hopped off. I was wearing my billowy coat at the time, so he may have thought I was Lord Inlé or something.


I'll give 10 PopCulturePoints for that reference. ;)

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