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  1. OK... So who wants to do the honors? I'm not home or at a computer, but I can if no one else wants to.
  2. Somewhere here... but I'm not sure which is the correct sub-forum... http://www.lucasforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=783 The Cantina is my guess... but I'd personally like it in the Pilot's Lounge for old time's sake... Who is gonna start it? I thought Link said he'd get the ball rolling on the new one...
  3. Whelp... that's it: 1/1/ sweet 16 here on the East Coast. Bring on the new thread. 1879 replies on this one. Not too shabby. Happy New Year, buckaroos!
  4. I was looking for Tie Fighter mods, I believe. I wandered into the Electric Sheep Joke thread, and it was all over after that. I'll miss this place... but progress must... keep progressing, I guess.
  5. I have no idea what to do tonight... No work... Girlfriend at home in bed with nasty sinus/ ear infection... Maybe I'll go see TFA again. Or watch more of the Mythbusters marathon and go to bed early. Last time I had a NYE off, about 7 or 8 years ago, I spent it playing Portal. I'm the most exciting person on the planet. Ever.
  6. I listened to the soundtrack on iTunes. It had some moments... but wasn't as classic as the others. I'm not sure if that can be chalked up to Williams' age... or he wasn't given an inspiring temp track to work from. I've yet to see a J.J. Abrams movie with a great score, so I'm leaning towards the 2nd. But I also think the score was mixed low... another Abrams signature. Lucas has many well known faults and flaws... but his movie music choices are always genius.
  7. I saw it in 2d first. Whenever I see a movie in 3d and/or IMAX it's a bit too overwhelming, and I didn't anything want to spoil it. Plus my girlfriend is prone to migraines, and other formats can sometimes trigger those. I got a black Fitbit watch, a book of "1001 movies you must see before you die", and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker system. First icky slushy gross snowfall/sleet/ freezing rain storm of the season. Guess which morning my girlfriend's car decided to break down on the side of the road shortly after leaving her place? Fortunately I was just behind her... but it's 3 hours later and my feet are still freezing from standing at the side of the road in 4 inches of slush, getting splashed by every car that passed. It couldn't have been one of those sunny warm days from last week where I was driving around with the sunroof open. No... of course not.
  8. Before watching the movie. And maybe after as well...
  9. Yeah, it was obvious in the trailers that it was the saber lost on Bespin, with Luke's right hand. It seems like it's going to be a tricky thing to explain away how it was found again after falling out of the bottom of Cloud City into the heart of a gas planet... But that's the magic of sci-fi movies isn't it? And yes, Rabbit... Run to the theater. The Spoilers Awaken. Have you felt them?
  10. There's a Spoiler OK TFA thread over at Star Wars Gamer. I read through it this morning, though I haven't posted yet. I probably will later. EDIT: As soon as I posted that, I opened Slate.com, which had an article discussing the ending as well. I won't post the link, because spoilers... But it sums up why I felt weird about it.
  11. Yeah... but it's the first SW movie to end that abruptly and unresolved. Even ESB and RotS had formal, resolved endings of sorts, despite both technically being cliffhangers of the series. But I get it. It just didn't feel very "Star Wars-y" to me... after sitting through a movie that seemed to be trying very, VERY hard to feel that way. It's not a dealbreaker... just seems a somewhat surprising jarring note from out of nowhere.
  12. Well, I saw it yesterday. For the most part, I liked it. But there were a few little things that bugged me. I'll have to see that if on subsequent viewings I come to loathe those things (like Jar-Jar...) or can learn to accept or ignore them (like Ewoks...) Most of the things that REALLY bugged me were all very J.J. Abrams signature shots... and the reason they bugged me is mainly because he used almost the exact same shots in Star Trek. I counted 3 almost frame-for-frame homages, and a couple that looked very close, and every time it immediately took me out of the movie for a minute. The other things were the times it became apparent that it was self-consciously trying too hard to remind us all that IT REALLY IS A "Star Wars" movie. I laughed at all the obvious references to the OT this time... but I have a creeping suspicion that some of those jokes will start to grate after a couple of viewings. I hope not... but a few of them felt a bit forced and heavy-handed. The acting, visual and sound effects, sets and locations were all great. Much of the plot lifted just a bit too closely to a previous chapter... but that wasn't unexpected. The ending felt a bit... incomplete. But mostly, I really liked it.
  13. I'll try to get there this weekend.. with the GF. I'll probably be too tired tomorrow... just got through a 15-hour shift. An $800-above-and-beyond-my-normal-salary shift, which is awesome... especially going into the holidays... but a 15 hour shift, nonetheless. Especially after leaving my house a bit before 7 this morning, after getting home from work a bit before midnight. Short sleep; long shift; tired ed. Star Wars is awesome... but Star Wars can wait. Health first.
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