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LOTR Mod - Good or Bad Idea?


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Hello everyone. Im develping an SP level mod again with Zeus as the scripter, hansmoleman, and Chairwalker. New enemy models textures etc. The map Im building is of Helms Deep which im basing off the movie. I love LOTR and would like to play it using JK2 as a base. EA games has already released a PS2 version of Two Towers. No plans for this game on PC are out and the XBOX/GAMECUBE releases have not been announced are expected later next year. My problem is 1, is there intrest in LOTR Mod, 2 if so whats the legal disclaimer i need to put, 3 If intrest what books should it be based on or should it be based on entire trilogy or just the Two Towers. What kind of Gameplay or missions can you see happening on each level. Any comments, Suggestion, and questions are welcomed. I can also be contacted here:





If some would like just to type Yes or No that would be fine as well. Again thanks foir reading.



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There has already been a LOTR mod for JK2:


1) There wasn't enough interest

2) There wasn't enough interest

3) The 'Leader' only told people what to do, and went off and joined another project anyway

4) There wasn't enough interest

5) There are too many arguments over gameplay - you can't effectively have a SP mod, because there is no SP source code.


As you can guess, I was involved in the failed LOTR mod, and I keep seeing requests for a LOTR mod - but no one wants to work on a LOTR mod unless they can do everything the exact way they want.


Anyway, I spent too much time trying to get people interested in a mod that would take more work than any of the Star Wars based mods currently in production.

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THANK YOU! Im am glad to read your comments. Ive decided just to stick to Helms deep. im not the kind of person that bosses round and the map is 90% done and the orc model is about 60% done. So ill be sticking with that small Mod. More comments are welcome.

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