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The Official LucasForums Jedi Academy Code Of Conduct

Darth Groovy

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The LucasForums Jedi Academy Code Of Conduct



The LucasForums Jedi Code:


There is no flaming, there is patience.

There is no prejudice, there is kindness.

There is no spam, there is relevance.

There is no hatred, there is meekness.



The following are the rules that shall apply to all living members of the LucasForums Jedi Academy during they’re duration with the Academy. Members who disobey the rules posted herein are subject to judicial punishment carried out by the members of the LucasForums Jedi Academy Council. A member has a right to trial, and a right to representation. These rules are made official this Christmas Eve, on the 24th day of December, Two thousand two.


Rule number 1:


“Obey LucasForums for Dummies”


Since this community was founded and established by members of LucasForums, all previous rules that have been posted apply to the Academy at all times. No exceptions. The rules are subject to change by LucasForums Admin, not any member of the Academy.


Rule number 2:


“Respect all other members”


This includes neighboring communities within the LF network as well as all other communities outside of LF network. Members of the Academy shall at no time insult or disrespect any other member for any reason.


Violation of this rule includes:


1. Derogatory insults.

2. Sexual Harassment.

3. Abusive criticisms.

4. Bragging or boasting.

5. Acts of violence or hatred.


Any remaining issues of this rule are to be determined by the council and/ or a committee vote instituted by the LucasForums Jedi Academy Council. This also includes Game and server etiquette. It is prohibited to brag, boast or commit unprovoked attacks during games. Failure to do so is in direct violation with the code, and will be dealt with by the members of the LFJA Jedi Council. All duels and multiplayer matches will start with a friendly bow. The Academy is a peaceful non profit organization, not a clan.



Rule number 3:


“Obey The Chain of Command”


The following is the listed chain of command from highest to lowest. Any reported abuse of power or rank will be dealt with in a court appointed by the members of the LucasForums Jedi Council.


Principal: (Commander in Chief obi-wan13)


Vice Principal: (Admiral Tidus Darklighter)


Personnel Coordinator: (Darth Groovy)


The LucasForums Jedi Academy Council

(Note: Council Members can only be appointed and assigned by the principal, and vice principal.)


Reb Starblazer

Darth Groovy

Dath Maximus


Leemu Taos




Jedi Masters (consists of members with 1000 posts and up, who either have a Padawan or have successfully trained any Padawan.)


Jedi Knights (members who have graduated apprenticeship, that have at least 700 posts and have been granted graduation by the respective masters)


Padawans (members currently being trained under the apprenticeship program)


Initiates (new members without masters)



Rule number 4:


“The LucasForums Jedi Academy apprenticeship procedure”


A designated teacher of 1000 post and above has the privilege to choose a Padawan they desire to train. Once a Master has chosen his/her Padawan they are personally responsible for his/her actions as well as their safety. A teacher must teach the Padawan the proper ways to act within the Academy, as well as on servers and the internet in general. A teacher absolutely must at all times answer any question that is asked by the Padawan. If the answer to the question is unknown, then the master much research until he/she finds the correct answer. Once a master chooses a Padawan they cannot choose another. Only one Padawan is allowed per master. No exceptions! A master must stick with the Padawan until they graduate into full Jedi Knight Status which is granted by the combination of 700 posts and the permission of the master. A Padawan must answer to his/her master in the respective tone of “yes master”, etc. Any reported disrespect to the master by a Padawan shall result in a trial by The LucasForums Jedi Council. It is the sole responsibility for the master to include his/her Padawan’s name in his signature while posting on LucasForums. Failure to do so will result in a trial by the LucasForums Jedi Council. By that same right is the Padawan’s responsibility to put who he/she is being trained by in his/her signature. The purpose of the notification in signatures is to allow for both LucasForums and the LucasForums Jedi Academy to know who is responsible for whom, so that any issues that need to be addressed will be presented to the correct members. Any abuse of power can be reported to a council member at any time by a Padawan. Any dereliction of duties performed by a Padawan may also be reported to a council member at any given time. Only the council reserves the right to dismiss anyone from the apprenticeship at any time.


Rule number 5:


“Attendance policy”

It is the responsibility of each LucasForums Jedi Academy member to be present and accounted for, and too keep themselves informed of all LFJA matters. In order to participate, you must keep in contact with other members on a regular basis. Any member who fails to keep in touch with the Academy for longer than 60 days is considered an unauthorized absence and will be tracked down by the Truancy Officer. The Truancy Officer is appointed by the Council and reports to the council on the status of missing members. Once a Truancy Officer is assigned to retrieve a missing member, they must find the missing member by any means necessary. Once a UA member is retrieved they must report to the Council for disciplinary actions which will more than likely result in reduction in rank, cancellation of apprenticeship, and up too and including expulsion from the Academy. Failure to comply with the Truancy Officer will result in expulsion from the Academy. Our current Truancy Officer is Tyrion. Long term absenteeism can be arranged at the discretion of Jedi Masters and The Jedi Council.





Any member who violates the above posted rules is considered active probation by the council. Once placed on probation, further violations will result in expulsion. All LFJA members reserve the right to a trial by council, and the right of representation. Only members with the rank of Jedi Knight and above can server as attorneys. Trials will be followed by a council vote and punishment will be determined by the principal and vice principal, or any members assigned by the aforementioned members. The LucasForums Jedi Academy does not discriminate against age, sex, race, species, or religion. LucasForums Jedi Academy is an equal opportunity non profit organization. All Rights reserved.


Any changes from this date forth on the 24th of December, two thousand two will be indicated as an amendment, and will be noted with dates and titles.







The Academy Principal and Vice Principal reserve the right to change this code at any time.

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Amendment 1: (February 1st, 2003):


“The Trial System”


Any member, who is found in violation of the LucasForums Jedi Academy Code of Conduct, they will be sentenced to a trial by the LucasForums Jedi Academy Council. The accused member will need an attorney; if the member is a Padawan, the attorney will be that Padawan’s Master, and if the member holds a rank of Jedi Knight or Higher, they may pick an attorney who holds a status of Jedi Master or higher in the Academy. The trial will be held in a private room (a.k.a. hotel room), and will be paid for by the Council. The Prosecutor will be Darth Groovy, the jury the Council, and the Judge will be obi-wan13. The Judge also reserves the right to overrule the ruling of the council, to fine (points), suspend, exonerate or expel the accused.



Amendment 2: (February 1st, 2003):


“Leaving Threads”


Any member, who creates in any forum of LucasForums, a thread stating they are leaving not due to technical issues, vacations, medical reasons, leaves of absences, or another reason excused by the LucasForums Jedi Academy Council will be sentenced to a trial by the Council. If the member is found guilty, he is therefore expelled from the LucasForums Jedi Academy, effective immediately.



Amendment 3: (February 1st, 2003):


“The Point System”


Every member that joins the LucasForums Jedi Academy as a Padawan shall start with five (5) Points. For every time this Padawan has violated the code, one of their points will be taken away. If the Padawan ever reaches zero points, they shall be ordered to a trial by council. If the Padawan is not expelled, they will be put on probation by the council. This amendment does not apply to any members with a status of Jedi Knight or higher.




The Academy Principal and Vice Principal reserve the right to change this code at any time.











*Approved by LucasForums Jedi Academy*

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