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    I likea doo da cha cha
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    Joliet, IL, USA
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    Things run by electricity.
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    Making Music
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    Awaiting Greatness from PS4!
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    Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight
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  1. I saw this and thought of you... http://fav.me/d3h9c98 ;)

  2. What can I say, I am not that well liked. :giveup:

  3. You have not had a visitor message for six months! This is unacceptable!

  4. Happy Birthday Knucklehead! I am sure there is a special thread for you somewhere, but I am too stupid to find it! Have a happy one! And then have a few cold ones! Or whatever your poison is!

  5. hi groovy, awesome podcast today! ..But I h8 you for having Riddick before me..it doesn't release for 10 days yet over in the UK..:D

  6. I applied to work at 3 gamestops. Do I have some pull knowing the Groovin' Zabarak himself? :D

  7. Boo! bad groovy!


    jkii was quake 3 engine not quake 2 XP

  8. I won't tell her you think of her as a man from myspace :p

  9. The 1 friend you had should have been ME billeh, ME!!!! leXX is everybody's friend, she's like Tom on myspace! :p

  10. you could always change your middle name to 'Groovy' ;D

  11. Eh.... it's Darth Groovy. I know, I have no imagination. It is what it is. I contemplated legally changing my name to Darth Groovy. I refused to do it out of respect to my parents. Damn.

  12. dude my gamer tag is right in my sig xD it's nyn0r! what's yours?

  13. You have a Gamer Tag? What on 360? And you are not on my list? WTF Niner? Where is the love? What IS your gamer tag anyways?

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