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My only demand is..


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.....a Guybrush nude scene.

And that is all. :D

Actually, no, that's not all I'd like but I really don't know how to sum up my demands for an MI5. It's very difficult to summarize your hopes for the next game in a series which you love to death.

I would prefer some kind of point and click interface though. It would be possible.

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yeah, they're hearing us, and then they're telling us to piss off because point 'n' click don't sell. it's a business market out there, and they're only going to make what the majority of people want, and although this is a rather large fanbase wanting point 'n' click, the majority of the gaming world wants 3D crap like EFMI. too bad, i'd have really like efmi to be point 'n' click.


of course if someone out there is listening and the next MI game does come out in point 'n' click, then i retract my last statement. All hail lucasarts. :D

please don't kill me (or bring it out in 3D out of spite).

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