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Jedi Outcast Walk through


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Here's th ewhole walk through courtesy of ForceMatch.


LEVEL 1 - Kejim Outpost HOME | NEXT


You start out behind an Imperial Shuttle. Jan will walk forward and kneel down behind it. Do the same and you will notice two Stormtroopers in front of it. For a little atmosphere you can listen to their conversation. When finished they will walk off in different directions and take up a post at each forward corner of the shuttle.


Move to the left and put the wall between you and the left-most Stormtrooper. Use your pistol's alternate fire and build a charge... shoot the right-most trooper, killing him with one shot. The other trooper will come running toward you. Either ambush him with Jan's help when he comes around the corner (use your pistol or the Stun Baton) or pop around the corner yourself and despatch him.


If you got hurt here, you can enter the storage room to the left of the shuttle. There's a medkit/ammo rack in here (these are scattered throughout the level and are a God-send). This one however is blocked by detonation packs. Back out the door and shoot them from a distance (be quick before the door closes). Jump onto the boxes and shelves until you get to the up-most shelf at the back of the room. This is a secret area. Here you will find a bacta canister and a battery pack.


Move around to the front of the shuttle and to the right, picking up a blaster rifle along the way. As you approach the corner an officer will hear you and come to investigate. Take him out with any way you see fit. Poking your head around the corner you will see a couple of Stormtroopers in front of the facility. This is an illusion... several more are around a few of the corners. Use you pistol to take out the couple you can see from long range. As the other troops scramble and come for you, change to your blaster rifle and use your alternate fire to suppress them as they come down the stairs. Jan will move forward, but the Stormtroopers concentrate their fire on you if they can see you. So move up with her and concentrate on dodging the enemy's fire and let Jan take them out. Be wary of the Stormtrooper on the ledge above... and when you take him out make sure he doesn't land on your head (ouch!).


Once the forces here are dead, Jan will take a few useless shots at the front gates. The controls are damaged so you have to find another way to get in. As you move around the furthest corner of the structure, three Stormtroopers will come out of a locked door to investigate. Once again attract (but avoid) their fire and let Jan take them out if you wish. Enter the door they came from. There is a shield power converter here... use it to replenish your shields. Behind the only other door in the room is an officer. Either be prepared with the alternate fire of the rifle or the pistol to take him out quickly (officers are very good shots). Take the supply key from his body. In the next room is a lift. Hit the button on the wall to go up to the ledge above the main gates. Enter the opening to your right and move onto the wide platform at the back of the room. Hit the switch to be lifted into the defence control room. Move over to and activate the gun controls at the front of the room near the window. This gives power to the gun turret below near the main gates. Be careful though, as it also opens a door to a security room further along the ledge. Three Stormtroopers come out. You can "snipe" them from the window while Jan shoots them from below. Make your way back down to the main gates. On the way you may want to stop by the newly opened security room for some blaster ammo and a bacta canister. When you're back on ground level, mount the gun turret and shoot out the doors of the main gate. Enter the building with Jan and the lift will take you down.


From here there are a couple of ways to progress... the gun-ho way and the stealthy way. Both ways involve basically the same puzzles but the stealthy way puts both you and Jan in less danger. This includes the chance to sneak up and get the first shot at enemy troops and it prevents certain areas being reinforced by squads of Stormtroopers. So I'll describe the stealthy way...


Get off the lift at the door with Jan. When the lift goes back up, jump down into the pit below. There's a service door directly below the door you were at above. Going inside you will be at a T-junction and will see power conduits going along the wall to your left and right. If you follow it to the left you will see a sparking generator. Trying to go around this will get you killed. Head back along the passage and follow it all the way around to the left. The conduits will disappear into a control panel on the wall. Using this panel will turn off the generator. Head back and go around the generator.


NOTE: Do not fire a shot down here as it will alert the Stormtroopers above and what you're trying to do here will be for naught.


Step on the lift in the corner to be raised into a small, red-lit room. Go up the steps and to the right. You will hear an officer below through the grating on the floor. Blast out the grating and fall through to the control room... quickly kill the officer.


This room has four switches near the window. Hit the second switch from the left to unlock the door to this room. Jan will then enter the main doors she was waiting at (which you can see through the window) and enter this control room. She will take interest in the controls and you will now have to progress without her for a while.


Next to the main doors that Jan came through is another set of doors that lead to a cargo storage bay. The first switch near the window in the control room unlocks that door. The last switch unlocks the rear entrance to the cargo storage bay. The third switch unlocks the door at the end of the hall just outside the control room.


In the cargo storage bay are three Stormtroopers. You can leave this room locked and avoid the troops if you want, but you will be missing out on some thermal detonators, a battery pack and a personal shield generator that are also in there.


Either way, you want to head to the rear entrance of the cargo storage bay. From the control room, go through the door at the end of the hall (opposite end to the main entrance). In this next room there are two doors... one to you left and one to your right. Go through the one to the right (although peeking your head in to the left door and taking out the troops in that room first can help for later on). At the end of this hall the passage turns left. On the right is the rear entrance to the cargo storage bay. Carefully move around the hall with your pistol's alternate fire charged and take out the Stormtrooper on the other side of the room. Two more will be alerted and come for you... switch to your rifle and be ready for them. Enter the room... to the right is a large, round lift and to the left is a doorway. In the middle of the room is a secured container. If you have a supply key you can open it to get a set of light amplification goggles. Hit the switch next to the lift then step onto it. You will be lowered into a dark area. Switch on the goggles to navigate through the boxes to the opening on the opposite side of the room. Also, within this room is a secret area with medkits and blaster ammo. Go through the opening...


From this room you will hear voices. They are coming from the main generator room. There's a droid service door at the end of this room. You have to crouch to go through it. Before you do, I suggest you throw a couple of thermal detonators (if you have them) through to take out the enemy troops. Use your blaster rifle to take care of the leftovers.


There are two important areas of note on the opposite wall of the generator room. On the right are three switches with a map of the facility above them. The left-most switch (blue) is already on... it is the section of the complex that you are already in. The other two switches (green and red) are off. Turn them on. They unlock the security doors for the other two sections of the base. The other important item of note is the blue symbol on the left-most panel. This is the blue clearance code.


Exit the room through the main doors. Hit the switch to deactivate the force-field at the end of the passage. Work your way up the stairs. Try to take out the Stormtrooper at the top with the alternate fire of your pistol. Other troops will come... take them out with the rifle. At the top of the stairs, the passage goes left and right. You want to get left, but it may be a good idea to take out the ones at the end of the passage to the right first (if you didn't do so earlier).


Head left and continue up the passage. Try to draw the next couple of guards out into the open. This way you can stay put and not alert too many of them. Moving along you will come to a room with a medkit/ammo rack and a window overlooking a large room with ramps leading to a set of controls in the centre. If you look to the right there should be a single Stormtrooper guarding a door (if you didn't alert him already, that is). Take him out with the alternate fire of your pistol from here. Move along the passage until you reach the room you saw through the window. Move to the controls in the centre. They will currently have no power. Also, you should notice that this point is the junction between the blue, green and red sectors (indicated by the Imperial symbols above each passage. I'd suggest taking on the green sector first.


Through the passage is a checkpoint with an officer behind protective glass. But don't stare too long... there are two gun turrets on the roof. A good way to take them out is to shoot them with a charged bolt from your pistol. But this really isn't necessary. Just run past them and through the doors on the other side of the room, dodging as needed. As soon as you go through, turn to your right and enter the slim door you see. This leads to the area behind the protective glass. Shoot the officer as he tries to leave then enter the alcove. There is a stash of blaster rifles, a bacta canister and a shield power converter. There's a switch there also. This will turn off the turrets, which will be handy because you need to pass this section a few more times. Exit this area and head up the unexplored corridor. There are a few Stormtroopers here and they are reinforced with troops from an adjoining room if you venture in too far with your blaster blazing. Stay put and let them come to you if you don't yet feel confident taking out large numbers of enemies.


Once the area is clear, head down the steps to the left and go through the door. Take out any Stormtroopers left in this room them explore further until you find a blue control panel in an alcove. When you try to activate it you will call to Jan to come and help. Start running back from where you came. Jan will radio you to say that she has come under fire and needs to help. When you get back to the junction between the sectors there will be two Stormtroopers there to take care of. You will then be ambushed in the following corridor by three troops. Once they are dead, head through the first door on your left. You will be in a familiar room (where you get the light amplification goggles). Jan will be under fire from three Stormtroopers... take them out and Jan will follow you. Lead her back to the alcove with the blue control panel, there should be no resistance. Jan will now unlock several doors in the corridor outside.


Go back into the corridor and enter the now unlocked area. You can do this via two different sets of doors. You can go in blasting... there's about four Stormtroopers and an officer (and some supplies to heal and rearm if you need them). Search the upper level where all the glass displays are and find the computer with the green clearance code. The end of the main corridor in this green section has a storage room and... a checkpoint with turrets. You only need to worry about this if you're particularly low on health or ammo. Thankfully your approach to this one is from behind. Head through the thin door and hit the switch in the guardhouse to deactivate the turrets. In the checkpoint room is a lift and a thin door. The door has a secured crate with a bacta canister and the lift leads back to the surface of the complex.


Head back to the junction room and enter the red area. There's another checkpoint here just like the green area. Handle it the same way. Once you're past it, head down the corridor and up the stairs to the left, taking out the two Stormtroopers at the top. Hang a left and go up the small lift. Take out another two troops and you will find yourself in a room that overlooks the junction you've passed through several times already. Hit the switch near the window to lower the energy barrier around a switch you can see outside. Make your way out onto the ledge and get to this now accessible switch and push it to power up the control panel at the centre of the junction. Backtrack until you head down the stairs. Turn left and enter the door on the other side of the room. Take care of the few troops here. You can get bacta canisters from the secured crates if need-be. If you head to the right you will find the controls to the communications dish. You can use this four times to get little extras to the story, including a hint to what enemies you will face in a few moments. Head beyond this room, past the locked door on your left and the unlocked door on your right (beware of the Stormtrooper waiting here). You can rearm and re-energise your shields here. Go through the one unlocked door to see a Stormtrooper killed by an explosion. Beware the troop that waits to the right as you enter. Snipe the Stormtrooper with your pistol that is at the end of the long corridor to the left. You have to get through that area quickly and you don't want him there. Now sprint through quickly... the corridor will collapse after you.



Head through the door and down the stairs. Three Imperial probe droids are here. Keep a solid object between you and them and shoot their exposed sections... you can do this without being hit. Go up the lift at the edge of the room to rearm and heal. Go through the door to get some thermal detonators (and take out the Stormtrooper if you wish), but don't go down the corridor... it'll only explode before you can get there. Go back through the door and stand on the lift at the centre of the probe droid room to go up. Make your way through the corridor and outside. There are two probe droids out here, but they aren't hard to kill. Make your way across the roof of the corridor to the right. Beware of the officers and troops sniping you from the control room. Sniping them from here with your pistol works well if you don't want to do it head on. Drop down the hole at the end of the corridor and take out any troops. Enter the control room. The next door has a couple of Stormtroopers and an officer with a blaster rifle beyond. He is a little tougher than the average officer and fires his rifle with the alternate fire mode. The best way to take them down is to lob thermal detonators inside. Go through and find the red clearance code on a computer screen. Head out the door (this is the one you recently passed that was locked. Turn right and take out the small handful of Stormtroopers. Backtrack to the junction room.


Go to the computers in the middle. There are three groups of four panels. Each group is a colour that matches the codes you have found thus far (blue, green, red). Check your datapad for the codes. Also, note that the combination of the images on the lower panels in each group combine to form the image on the upper panel. This puzzle is easier to do than describe. Basically, you need to switch the images in the lower panels until the upper panel shows the pattern for the clearance codes you've collected. It's quite easy if you just experiment. Once all the codes are in, go to the forth side where the switches are and hit each one. The bridge opposite will extend and you can cross. Enter the door on the other side to finish the level.

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LEVEL 2 - Kejim Base


The corridor ahead turns to the left. Before you turn the corner there will be an opening with a couple of gas cylinders inside. You may see a couple of Stormtroopers in the corridor beyond. Shoot the cylinders to have them explode and take a couple of troops with them. Use this vantage point to throw a thermal detonator or two down the corridor to take out what you can of the handful of troops there. Run in an blast the remainder. Kill the officer by the door at the end and take his security key. Check the two small rooms off to the side for supplies.


Use the security key on the terminal next to the door to open it. Be wary of the gun turret on the other side of the new room. There are two Stormtroopers here. It's best to back up out of the turret's range to take these troops out. Zigzag across the room and put yourself against the wall on the other side so the turret can't get you. Enter the door to the left and kill the troops inside. Look at the group of panels on the left wall. There is a switch you should hit. It will open the blast doors on the window behind you. Jump through, taking out the officer on your left. Go to the control area he was in and look at the two switches. Hit the left and then the right one. You'll notice activity through the window beyond. Shoot out a window (either one) and jump into the freezer. Run straight to the door at the rear, if you stay here too long the cold will damage you. Head down the corridor and hit the switch on the wall to the right of the stairs. Go through the newly opened door to your left and hit the switch inside to turn off the cooling to the freezer.


Go up the stairs and kill the two security droids. Shoot the two Stormtroopers on the ledge above (you can shoot through the floor). Take the stairs up and to the right. You'll be back near the window you shot out to enter the freezer. Make sure the window on the right is blown out (if it wasn't the one you shot out originally). Carefully walk through and around the ledge to the right. Step onto the arm that you moved with the switches earlier. Looking up you will see a passageway. Jump up on the edges of the grappling arm several times to get to the passage. Here is the chance for a secret... instead of going straight through to the next room (we'll get back to that), walk around the ledge to the left just outside the passage. Follow it all around to a red-lit room that has some supplies... this is the secret. Head back to the passageway and cross into the next room. You are now on the ramp where you shot the Stormtroopers from below. Here also lies another secret. You should see a darkened alcove to your left with a ammo power converter inside. Jump across the gap and enter... this is the secret area. Jump back to the ramp you were on.


The next room has a ledge all the way around and a large structure in the middle (which is accessible by a ramp leading straight across). Below is an electrified pool of water. You won't last too long if you fall into it. To your left is a lift down to the level below.


As soon as you enter this room you will be faced with two security droids. Once they're destroyed, head around the ledge to the right and follow it all the way around. You will come up to windows at the end that have an officer and Stormtroopers behind them. You'll know they are there because they'll be firing at you. Take them out with your pistol at range if need be. Walk up to the window. You will see a container next to a switch inside. Shoot the container to destroy the switch and have a bridge extend from the room's door to the structure in the centre. Make your way back around the ledge, across to the structure then across into the room. Hit the switch near the window and look out down below to see another ramp extend to the structure on the lower level.


Now, this bit I'm going to describe is quite optional. You should see a lift to your immediate left. Go down into the room below and collect some ammo. Head up the passage you see and through the door into a little control booth overlooking a large room. Hit the switch in front of you and you will notice blocks rising up out of the floor. Go back out and up the lift you came from. Head out the door and make your way across the ramps to where you originally entered this main room. Head to the lift in the corner and go down. Head down the ramp to the left, killing the two troops there. Beyond this door is the room with all the raised blocks. Enter carefully! There are bonus supplies on some of the ledges above, but also several turrets. If you can take out the turrets, then use the blocks to jump up onto the ledges and take the supplies. You will not be able to get them all yet... you will get the chance to rearrange the blocks later.


Head out of the room the way you came and follow the walkway all the way around the room until you get to the recently extended ramp on the lower level. Cross and enter the door in the central structure. Fall down the hole in the floor. Turn around, duck down and head through the round tunnel.


This room you now enter is empty of enemies. Head to your left and up the stairs. Go along the passage and through the door. You will be in another control booth above the large room with the blocks. Hit the switch to change the position of the blocks and reveal some more turrets. Head back along the passage and down the stairs. Head down the passage to your left to go back to the "block" room and get more of the supplies if you wish. Again, this is optional. Head back up the passage you came from and head across to the opposite side of the room. There's a switch on a control panel here that raises four human-sized cryo tubes. They are empty... I thought this was a sign that I'd be running into shadow troopers again. In a way I'm not wrong. Jump up to the only door left to explore and go through.


There is an officer in an alcove across the room. Shoot him through the glass, but be prepared for the squad of Stormtroopers in the room to return fire. It's best to use thermal detonators if you have them. There's a turret up to the right in here also. Head down the stairs to the right into the detention area. Keep going straight along the path to the end and turn right. you will see a lift... go up it. Head in to the next room and you'll be above the detention cells. Across the room is an officer in an office. Go and take him out. Hit the switch in the office to remove the detention force fields. Head back and go down the lift to the detention area. There are now two interrogation droids here. If they hit you they will poison you... it's a nice visual effect (but bad for you of course). You can enter the rear rooms for some supplies. Head back up the stairs where you originally entered the detention area and go to the other end of the room. There's an officer hiding in an alcove to the right. Kill him and use his security key on the door behind you.


You will now be in a room with a long window overlooking another room you were in previously (the one with the four cryo tubes). There are two switches at the end of the window. Hit the furthest one first and watch what happens in the room below. Now hit the other switch three times to watch the glass shatter. You can now go back into that other room and access the shield power converter if you're low. Otherwise save it 'till later (you can backtrack). Exit through the opposite door here. Follow the corridor to the right into a security checkpoint. No troops are here, but there's a turret at either end of the room. Poke your head around without exposing yourself to either turret and look at the area on the far side of the booth with the protective glass. There are a couple of boxes in the corner with a container on them. Shoot the container to expose a secret passage. Now either sprint across the room, dodging the turret fire or destroy the turrets... it's up to you. Jump on the boxes and go through the passage to its end and shoot out the vent. You're now in the checkpoint booth behind the protective glass.


Go out the door and follow the hall to the right. There's a locked door on your immediate left... approach it. You will hear voices behind it. Step back and wait a moment. When it opens a couple of Stormtroopers will kill themselves trying to set up explosives. Take out the handful of troops and the officer left in the room. From here is you last chance at getting the items in the "block" room. Get the security key off the officer's body. Head to the left of the room and along the passage at the end. This is the third and last booth above the block room. Hit the switch to rearrange the blocks once more. Head back out the passage and turn left. Use the security key on the terminal in the corner and enter the door. Kill the Stormtrooper then use a thermal detonator around the corner to the right to destroy the trip mines. You can go down the lift and do the block room as before. When you're ready, come back up the lift and out the door.


Go to the opposite end of the room and go through the door with the red glow around it. This area is an ambush! The door opposite opens to reveal a hall filled with several Stormtroopers and a gun emplacement. Immediately go left and use the box as cover from the gun emplacement. Stormtroopers will come around the box, but this is good as they can easily be killed one-at-a-time. Quickly, but carefully, make your way up the hall using boxes as cover. You'll spot another gun emplacement off to the left (an empty one). Sprint over to it and use it to take out the enemy emplacement and any leftover troops. Get out and go to the end of the hall behind the enemy emplacement. There is a switch on the wall you need to hit. This will lower the shields back down the hall. As you approach this now open passage, Stormtroopers come out. You can take them out conventionally, but I like to retreat to the gun emplacement and shoot them with that. Head through the passage into a room with a large machine in the middle. Its controls are in a small control room off to the side. There are two switches on the panel. What you want to do though is hit the left switch to remove the crystals from the machine then hit the right switch to activate it. Laser beams will shoot out all over the place. Cross one of these and your health diminishes fast! Leave the control room crouched, then watch as the beams cut a hole in a door. Navigate the beams and enter this hole. The machine will then explode.


Go down the stairs then around to the left and through the door. There is a radiation leak in here and a bunch of dead enemies. Quickly run over to the dead officer near the door, take his security key, then leave where you came from before you take too much damage. Head back to the stairs and you'll see a control panel behind a glass door. Use the security key on the terminal next to it to gain access. Use the control panel to find yourself controlling a small "mouse" droid. Move him forward out into the room and across floor to the small access door next to the main door leading to the irradiated area. Hit the switch next to it and enter. Turn right and head through the low passage with the electricity arcing through it. Follow it around to the right into a generator room. Move down the ramp and use the control on the wall to shut down the generators. Make your way back through the passage. As you turn left around the bend you should notice an alcove with a switch to your right. Hit the switch to reveal a hidden ammo power converter in the formerly irradiated room. Exit the droid controls then re-enter the room in safety. Crouch down in front of the ammo power converter to collect the secret and rearm if necessary. Head back to the left and out the door in the far corner of the room. The next, large room is full of hanging crystals. There is half-a-dozen Stormtroopers spread out around here. Take them down at your discretion.


NOTE: The water areas on the floor are safe. They neither damage you or get you stuck. Run around this room as if it was all solid.


Head to the end of the room and through the passage. Go through the door to another large room with generators to the right, a long tunnel to the left and a shield power converter opposite. Recharge your shields then head down the tunnel to finish the second level.

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LEVEL 3 - Artus Mine


Make your way forward through the canyon until you reach a ledge above a landing platform. Turn right and follow the wall. Hop down to the level of the platform but keep going down to the next ledge overlooking the waste below. Turn right to see a dead miner. Get the Bowcaster and the personal shield generator (if you need it). Go back up to the landing platform and circle around the back of it. You will notice that there are searchlights probing the area of the platform. Trigger these and you will have to face a couple of probe droids and sentry gun turrets (not to mention possibly alerting the first group of Stormtroopers you will come across). There are some supplies scattered on the platform. Get them only if you feel you need them, avoiding the searchlights. Follow the wall near the building with the lights on top. When you see it's clear make your way to its base. The lights won't spot you here. Follow the ledge around to the door and enter. Hit the switch on the far side of the room to disable the searchlights. Go back outside.


Jump onto the lowest silo near the landing platform. Coming out of the side is a pipe. You should also see a maze of pipes above. You need to navigate these pipes, climbing running and jumping as necessary. Just be careful as some of them fall under your weight. Once on the platform on the other side make your way left or right up the ramps until you're at the entrance of the building. Stormtroopers reside inside (this will be indicated by you overhearing a conversation). Enter and take them out. Lobbing a thermal detonator in there first can help. Be careful of the officer on the upper level though. Get on one of the lifts in the corners to go to the upper level and retrieve the security key from the officer's body. Go to the large doors at the bottom of the ramp below and use the security key on the terminal next to it. Go through and recharge your weapons and shields in this corridor.


The next room is a control room filled with a few officers. Take them all out quickly to gain a tactical advantage here. If you're too slow one of the officers will open the other door in the room allowing four Stormtroopers in. If you kill this officer quickly and take his security key the door with the Stormtroopers beyond will remain locked. Place and explosive there then unlock the door at the terminal. Run in front of the door to open it then run away and set off the explosives as the troops enter. Run through that door and go down the lift at the end of the corridor.


If you turn back towards the side of the lift you came in on you will notice a passageway in the wall. Quickly duck down and get off the lift to enter. Follow the short corridor to the end and duck through the door into the next room and take the thermal detonators. This is a secret area (and the only one in the level). This secret is a great one. You get to hear a conversation which indicates that the enemy is aware of your presence. Peek down through the hole in the floor to see the talking troops. Use the thermal detonators to take them out. This is handy as this is where you'll be in a few moments. The less troops you come across face-to-face the better. Go back to where you got off the lift and hit the button to recall it. Get on as it heads down then disembark when you get to the bottom. Out the next door is the area where you dropped the thermals on the troops. There are still plenty of troops around this room though, including on the ramps above. Once everyone is out of the way collect the trip mines to the left of the door and proceed to the other side of the area. There is one way out and that is the only unlocked door in the area to your left. Head through the corridor to the lift at the end. The lift will raise before you get there. Place an explosive on the floor in front of the lift and run back. The lift will come back down with four Stormtroopers aboard. Set off the explosive to kill them. Go up the lift. Proceed left down the ramp. There are two ways to do this next section.


The first is to go through the mined out passage to your right. Kill the troops here and head around the corner to the left until you see a large door in the wall above that a floating hauler regularly comes through. Climb the outcropping to the left. When one of the haulers has gone through jump to the base of the door while it's still open, but don't go in. When the next hauler comes in and stops in the room, wait until the room stops flashing red (a sterilisation process that can kill you if you enter) then jump onto the hauler. This way is quicker if you manage to get the jumps timed right all the time. Otherwise it's just frustrating!


The other way (and most likely the proper way) is to follow the other ramp up and ignore the mined area. Take the passage right taking out the one or two troops here. Enter the control room at the end and take out the officers and troops (thermal detonators come in handy again). There are three other doors in this room. One on your immediate right and two either side of the other end. Exit either of these last two doors and make your way around the steel ledge outside to the area between the two rails. Watch through the floor below as the pipe extends outwards underneath you during the next sterilisation process. Fall onto the pipe and crouch, making your way to the ledge as the pipe retracts. Once the pipe is in, timing is crucial. You'll find yourself on the ledge in front of the pipe. Crouch and enter the pipe, making your way to its end. You will enter a chamber with the sterilisation device in front of you and four conduits around you (two to either side). The device is protected by a shield. Shoot out all four conduits then the device. This must be done quickly so you don't take any damage once the device activates. When the device drops after its next cycle, get on and wait for a lift up. Climb up on the angled rafters here, wait for the next hauler then get on top of it. Remember to duck so you don't get stuck on the door.


You will be travelling back through the mined out section. After the first corner right there will be a ledge you can jump to on your left. Head into the dark mineshaft. I find the stun baton useful here. The small creatures here are only really harmful in numbers. Heading up and down all the passages making sure you take them all out is a good idea as you don't want to be ambushed from the front and behind. The path diverges left and right but it goes to the same place. Going right is a little quicker. At the end climb the steps them take the right passage. The next junctions has a few of the little creatures... take them out before proceeding. It's now quickest to head right, but following the path ahead still takes you to the same junction in the end. Keep going straight and head either left or right into the lit area. Activate the machine between the miner's bodies. It will drill through the rock until it hits a ventilation system then it falls into the large room below. Use this hole to snipe all the enemy troops you can see. It's possible to get all the enemies in the room from here. Shoot out the other vent, wait for a hauler to move below and jump onto it. Jump off onto ramp as the hauler goes through the door. Rearm as you need with the supplies on this upper level. Then head to the lift in the corner and go down.


Make your way around the room to the door on the other side and go through. Kill the various troops and head to the large crushing arm in the middle of the room. Jump on top and ride up to the platform above. There's a shield power converter and some ammo supplies up here. Go through the door at the end of the ramp into a large room. Beware of the Stormtrooper just as you go through. There's a few officers and Stormtroopers below that some thermal detonators and blaster rounds will fix. Once they're dead head over to the large generator in the corner and hit the switch to the right. Once the cut scene is over go through the doors at the other end of the room and follow the corridor to the end. You will now be in familiar territory. Take out the handful of troops and head though the door opposite from where you just emerged. Go to the end and up the lift. Kill the troops and head right. You will hear a voice saying to "take cover". This is to warn you that there's a ambush beyond the door... enter. There is half-a-dozen Stormtroopers inside having problems with those small creatures from the mines. Run in blasting or use thermals.


NOTE: There ambush only seems to occur if you enter this room earlier in the level. The ambush section will be described at the end of the walkthrough for this level.


Head towards the door at the back of this room. You will hear other doors open. Turn around and head back towards the front of the room. You will find a newly opened alcove on either side with bacta canisters and a Bowcaster inside them. Take what you need and head back to the doors at the rear of the room. The next area is a platform in a long cave. A rail car is at the platform. The only threats here are two gun turrets on the roof and some of those small creatures scurrying around. When you feel it's safe, board the rear of the rail car and hit the control switch. The car moves on and it's the end of the level.


AMBUSH: In regards to the ambush mentioned above, when you enter the room no one is there. If you head up to the rear of the room, or look through the camera monitor on one of the consoles until you see Stormtroopers gathered in a small room, two doors to secret alcoves will open up. Each has about six Stormtroopers inside. The best way to handle them is, of course, not to come here until later, but if you want to do it now then it's best to put trip mines on the rim of the entrance to the alcoves (they can be tricky to place properly though). When the troops come out most of them will be killed. The rest are easy pickings.

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LEVEL 4 - Artus Detention


When the rail car stops and you gain control, immediately shoot the two Stormtroopers to your right. Dismount via the ramp to your left and make your way up to the steel platform. When you pass a certain point a pylon will give way, killing the stormtrooper in the area above and creating a ramp for you. The door on this level is locked so go up the new "ramp" and hit the switch at the far end of the room to unlock it. Go back down the ramp and through the door.


The next corridor turns to the left. The far wall has three windows along it with a Stormtrooper behind each that love to use the alternate fire of the blaster rifle. Often using the Bowcaster to bounce shots off the walls to get these guys is best. Before killing the last guy at the end, place a couple odd laser trip mines across and near the door at the "elbow" of the corridor. This is useful because once you move in to kill the last guy some Stormtroopers come out of this door. Once they're dead enter the door. Kill the troops inside to the left and up on the ledge to your right. Go up the lift to get some supplies if needed, otherwise head around the corner left and activate the switch at the other end of the room. Head back out the door you came through and then through the newly unlocked door at the other end of the corridor.


You are now in the main detention block. It's a huge, cylindrical room with a silo in the centre that holds the detention cells. The outer edge of the room has multiple tiers. When you enter there is a token few enemies on the ground level. Make your way to the opposite side of the room to the large doors. Enter and climb the stairs. When you get to the top, exit the door and find yours on the first tier of the detention block. Be careful as you are ambushed by a substantial force. Use explosives where you can. Make your way to the door on the opposite side of the platform and go up the stairs here. Repeat all this until you reach the top of the room. There are some annoying security droids that pop up here. Take them down and head through the door at the opposite side of the room. Go past the locked door and up the stairs, then turn right into the next room. Kill the officers here. There are two switches you need to hit here. From where you entered the room there is one in the far left corner that turns on the fans. You will need to do this for a later section. There's another on the far right which opens all the cells in the detention block and frees all the prisoners. Head back down the stairs and go through the door to the right that is now unlocked. Head through and around to the right. Go straight through the door here and don't worry about the turret. Recharge your shields and rearm then head out the other door in the room to talk to one of the prisoners. Follow him out the door and into the hangar. Help the prisoners take out the handful of Stormtroopers here.


Exploring the lower level of the Hangar you will find ammo and health. There's one door you can go through but it leads only to a corridor full of locked doors. This does however afford you the opportunity to see where the officer you need to "persuade" is. Looking at the main hangar door you will see a lift either side of it... head up the one on the left. Follow the ramp and go through the door on the right (beware the Stormtroopers inside). Go out the door at the other end of the corridor. You will be on a ramp. Turn right and shoot out the vent covering. Jump across and duck into the vent. Follow it left to the small lift at the end. Ride up then duck into the next vent and follow it to the end. This is why we needed to turn the fans on earlier. There's a large hole in the floor. Fall in and the fan will control your descent (provided you turned it on earlier). Aim towards the grating at the bottom so you don't fall into the fan when you get there. Duck through the vent into the next area. One of the closed vents in here can be blasted away to reveal a small secret area... the only one on this level. Find the other open vent in here and duck through it. You will encounter more of those annoying little creatures from the last level. Whip out the stun baton to handle them. Go to the end of the passage to where the pipe is broken and jump out. There are more caves ahead like you encountered on the last level. This one is teeming with those creatures (again).


Like the other cave, all the paths diverge. The quickest way is to take the first left. The next junction appears to give you the choice of left or right... but these in fact link together. As soon as you enter this junction, hang a hard left and you will see another passage going up. Take this path. At the next junction go left or right, it leads up the same passage... it's quite obvious. Go left at the next junction to the dead miner then left up the incline next to him. Go left or right at the next junction. You'll end up near a collapse wall that you can jump out of. You're now back in the complex. Kill the creatures chomping on the bodies of the Stormtroopers then collect the supplies if needed. Exit through the doors and take out the guards.


There are two doors in this hall, left and right. Take the left one. In the next corridor take the small door to your left and kill the troops. Hit the switch on the panels. Make your way back to the first hall you were in and take the right door this time. Kill all the enemy troops inside. Go around to the right and through the large doors at the end. There are stairs up that are guarded by Stormtroopers... I like to take them out now. Go back down into the previous room. Find the small set of stairs leading down to a small door. Enter the door to capture the officer. Stand behind him to make him move. Lead him all the way to the set of stairs you cleared earlier and go to the top. He will unlock the door to the hangar control room. You will be ambushed by a group of those creatures from the caves. Use thermals to get them and finish them with the stun baton. Remember that you must keep the officer alive for the moment. Lead him into the next room and to the other side. He will then pick up a gun and attack you along with some troops entering through another door.


Go out the other door and down the lift further along. Take out the troops then head through the door into the pilot ready-room. Take out the Stormtroopers then shoot out one of the vent coverings at the end of the room. Duck through and go down the vent on the right. Drop down at the end to complete the level.

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LEVEL 5 - Artus Topside


You start off behind a couple of crates staring up at an AT-ST. Run into the building to your left and kill the Imperials inside. Hit the switch in here then go back outside. There is a large platform to your left, get on it while avoiding the AT-ST's fire. Get off at the top and go around the corner of the building to the left. There is a gun emplacement here. Get in and shoot the AT-ST and Stormtroopers below. Then turn it around and concentrate on the Stormtroopers on the top of the structure behind you. These troops respawn... keep on them. Another small group of troops exits another building to the right. The last obstacle up here is when the large gates below the sniping Stormtroopers open to reveal another AT-ST. Destroy it and mop up the troops. Now the prisoners are safe so you can go about finishing the rest of the level.


Go back around the building next to you. Troops will come up the lift. Take them out then enter the building and kill the officer. Hit the switch to recall the lift and go back down to the canyon. Move along the canyon taking out the groups of Stormtroopers that populate the area. As you get to the end another AT-ST and some Stormtroopers emerge from a gate (which has Stormtroopers sniping you from on top of it). Avoid the enemy fire (and the AT-ST's feet) and run through the gates. Enter the door to the right then get on the lift. Poke your head out the door up here and take out any enemies you see, including those "sniping" Stormtroopers to your right. If you run along the ledge they were on to the alcove at the end you can shoot out a ventilation cover to reveal a secret. Move back past the door and mount the gun emplacement (be careful of the trooper hiding here). Take down the AT-ST and Stormtroopers below. If you can't see them from here then you can take them from one of the other emplacements you will pass momentarily.


For now you need to get past the ion cannon. The ramp around them is electrified. It is only dangerous though when you see blue sparks on it. Run across between cycles, jumping if necessary. Do the same for the next ion cannon too. Now enter the building in front of you.


Take out the troops then go through the door to your left. Destroy the turret then head through the next door into the AT-ST hangar. After you kill the troops up here, snipe the enemies on the levels below using your pistol. Don't rush through the next door! There is a trip mine here. Jump over it and go out the next door. Take the lift down to the next level then go to one of the lifts in either corner to get to the bottom level. Enter the small door at the rear of the hangar for a moderately large fight of several Stormtroopers and officers. Go through the door at the back of the room to encounter some more officers. Once they are dead, hit the switch at the back of the room to power down the ion cannon shields then head out the way you came.


Back in the hangar you will be ambushed by enemy troops on the lifts in the corners. It's easy just to run around one of the groups onto the lift they come down on and go up without having to face these guys. The choice is yours. Go back to the top level of the hangar (if you left the trip mine up here intact it will kill a stormtrooper for you). Go back outside the building and mount the gun emplacement. Use it to destroy the ion cannons. Go back into the Hangar. Stormtroopers will emerge from the door on the opposite ledge. Kill them and make your way through the door from which they came. The next two halls are an exact mirror of the other side of the complex (gun turret and all). Keep going until you open the door with the trip mines behind it. Use whatever weapons you see fit to take out the mines and the turret in this corridor as you will have all your weapons removed at the end of the level anyway and have to start from scratch (only with something a little more interesting). Head out the door at the end then up the stairs to your right. After the cut-scene you must face Desann. You can't beat him (or touch him really). Waste all the ammo you want for fun if nothing else. Once you're hurt enough Desann with finish with you and leave. That is the end of this level.


PERSONAL NOTE: Kyle's ship would undoubtedly be faster and better armed than Desann's. I'm curious why Kyle doesn't chase Desann down here. Oh... except for the purposes of the game of course.

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LEVEL 6 - Yavin Temple PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in the docking bay. A protocol droid approaches you and directs you to find Master Skywalker on the top level of the academy. If you go through the passage on the right, you will come into a familiar room. There's nothing of use in here, just a nice tip of the hat.


After going up to the second floor you can enter side doors. There are several Jedi aspirants in this section performing moves that are very good to watch, there is a lightsaber duel, blaster reflecting practice using a seeker drone and a telekinesis class. Feel free to explore the academy and watch the students, it never hurts to see what a more experienced adept can do since you are sure to encounter hostiles of greater ability. There is no time limit or enemies in the academy so you can take as long as you want.


When you reach Skywalker, you will have a conversation whilst your Jedi trial is being prepared. Skywalker is not convinced of your abilities after so long denying the Force and wants you to prove you are fit to use your lightsaber again. Once you have finished talking, proceed out and down 2 levels, the large door past the lifts is now open and leads you into the old ruins. Proceed through the ruins until you reach a set of stairs at the end of a courtyard. You will notice a large hole on the left hand side, dive inside to complete this section.

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LEVEL 7 - Yavin Trial PREV | HOME | NEXT


This becomes the easiest level in the game once you're used to the Force, until then it is a fair challenge to adapt to the new tactics.


From where you land, proceed through the left door, grabbing the Force Push holocron on the way. Following the corridor brings you out into an oblong room with hexagonal panels on the wall and designs on the floor. Take note of the arrows pointing along the centre of the room as these are the key to this puzzle. Using force push on the hexagonal panels spins them around and displays a design on their reverse. You should notice that these designs correspond to the tiles in front of them. The solution to this puzzle is to simply move the tiles where necessary to put the design on the floor matching the design on the wall in the centre. Assuming the panel on the floor closest to your entry point is 1, move the following: 2, 3, 5 & 8. The door will open and you can proceed to your next test, force pull.


From the exit of the push test, proceed along the corridor, picking up the Force Pull Holocron as you go. You will empty out into a watery room with no visible way up to the exit. This, however, is your test. Looking at the walls carefully, you may notice slightly lighter shaded blocks, depending on your difficulty level you will also get the force affected cursor. Use force pull on these blocks to form a makeshift staircase all the way to the door. However, do not exit yet, there's a secret to be had in this room. On the right hand wall, you may see a small crack near the roof, it is here that the secret resides. Pass the door and examine the wall further, you may notice more force pull blocks, it is a simple matter to pull them out and make your staircase to get the secret. This is slightly more difficult as these blocks are timed but it's so slow that you'd have to be really clumsy to miss it. You will need force pull again to obtain your items as the crack is too small to enter. Jump back down to the door and exit to go to the speed test.


From the exit of the pull test, you will see the speed holocron. Grab it & drop down the hole opposite the door. You will see a tile on the right near a door that is raised, step on this to drop the door. You will see a much larger tile set into the floor. This lowers the doors in sequence but you have to wait until the tile hits bottom. As soon as that happens and the further door starts to lower, hit force speed and charge through before they can raise again. As you exit, you will see a cage that contains your objective but in true style, it's not that easy. The pillar raises as you get near it. Proceed up the ramps and out the door.


From the exit of the speed test, you will see the jump holocron. Grab it and proceed through the door on the left. You will be back out in the courtyard where you began the test. Your objective now is to get to the upper level through studious use of Force Jump. Look to your right as you enter and you will see a group of yellowed crumbled pillar ruins. Jump up these (holding down jump powers up force jump) the angled block should be first, then the one on the right wall and finally up to the ledge. Exit through the door and down the stairs. Now begins the more difficult tests, combined powers.


As you enter the next room, you will see a portcullis blocking the next door and a raft sitting on the water below. Look about and locate the gargoyle heads on the wall, use force pull on all 4 of these to get the water flowing. Go back to the entrance to the room and wait for the raft to float up. When it does and the portcullis opens, hit force speed and sprint over to it, the raft sinks as you run on it and the portcullis closes at the same time so force speed is essential. When you exit, you'll proceed down to what looks like a dead end, a closed door and no means of opening it. This is a bit of a trick though, look right and use force push on the wall, viola! Instant door.


The next test combines push and jump. There is a small but high room with 3 large structures. There is a stud-block at the bottom and a large 6-sided block above. Use force push on the small block to bring the large one sliding down. You can then jump to this block and up higher onto the guides that support the block. Repeat this procedure twice more and you can get to the door.


The next test is a little more difficult. It is set up similarly to the force speed test with the same large stone on the floor. Down the other end of the corridor, you will see a doorway higher up that you have to get in, looking to the left there is a platform that seems to be of no use for now. When you stand on the block, the platform at the end of the corridor begins moving right to allow you to get over the chasm. This requires some good synergy with your skills, force speed is essential to get even close to the platform much less into the doorway you need to. Often times, you will need to angle left as you jump towards the door as the platform moves a tad too quick for straight motion. Don't panic if you miss it, the platform moves back to the left next time you hit the stone, in fact it took me 3 times to get it when writing this section.


The next section is the ultimate objective, taking your sword from the stone (so to speak -LJ). When you exit the speed/jump test you will see, once more, the pillar with the cage on top. If you examine the pillar, you will see 4 studs protruding from it, these can be force pushed in to drop the pillar to ground level. When it is at ground level, look about. Take note of the down-sloped passage. Above this, there is a raised block which is a lift down. When activated, this raises the pillar as it lowers you. As soon as you think you can get out, hit force speed and sprint to the pillar, use either push or pull to shift the lightsaber from the cage.


NOTE: As you sprint up the slope you can use Force-Jump to boost yourself along it a little quicker. This requires the right timing, but if you're having trouble doing this conventionally then this might help.


When you pick up the lightsaber, your trial is nearly at an end. All that is left is to exit. This seems harder than it sounds after viewing your surroundings, but it's quite simple really. Note the huge blocks suspended by ropes, the combination of your lightsaber and newly acquired saber-toss force power will make short work of the door problem. Cut the ropes and enter the door. Beyond this there is an electronic lock on the next door. This lock is highly resistant to weapons. In fact, only the lightsaber can break them. Smash the lock and proceed out to your meeting with Skywalker.


After your conversation, it's off to Nar Shadda, a wretched hive of scum and villainy that makes Mos Eisley look like a Jedi Council picnic...

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LEVEL 8 - Nar Shaddaa Streets


You are unable to use your lightsaber or force powers to begin with. This is so you don't arouse any suspicion. Head through the passage ahead of you then through the door on your far left. Take note of the aliens in the room... you're gonna have to take them on in a minute. There are two exits from this area (other than from where you came) that you can't get past thanks to the guards. Approach the bartender to enter the cut-scene. Once it's over you will be in a fight with all present. How you do this is up to you. You can attack them all-out or hide and draw them out. Just remember your newfound powers and use them all.


You need to make your way up to the office you can see through the window above. Get up there via either of the exits that were previously guarded. Be wary of ambushes. Inside the office is a switch to hit near the window (this raises the metal shield from the bar). Go back down to the bar area and go into the bar itself. Hit the switch on the wall. You will confront the bartender in another cut-scene. He tells you where to find Reelo. Leave the bar and take out anyone that comes in on the floor above. Search the establishment for supplies and secrets. There are two secrets here. Go to the booths at the rear of the room and use the table in either one. The table slides back revealing a secret. The other is in the kitchen. The row of three cabinets... force-push the middle one to reveal a secret room. Now leave the bar via the door on the upper level.


Because of the Rodian snipers with the Tenloss disruptor rifle, outdoors here is very dangerous. Especially because you can be killed with one charged shot. Combine that with Bowcaster fire and thermal detonators and you can quickly become toast. Carefully take every corner and watch the buildings. Alternately, you can combine force-speed with quick reflexes and thinking to navigate the outdoor areas quickly and find cover in the next building. I won't describe every sniper as we'd be here all day. Just be careful and take them out as they come.


For now you need to head left out the door. There are a couple of snipers above in the building on the far side. Make your way along the ledge around to the left. Take the bridge across to the opposite building (taking care of the emerging enemies). Follow the ledge right and enter the door at the end. In the holes above are two aliens packing thermals. I like to just get in their sight and force-pull them to the ground. Then I do a saber toss to kill them while they're down. Hit the switch in the corner to lower the lift. Two enemies get off and attack you. Have your lightsaber out. Often they will retreat out the door, occasionally coming back in for a few shots at you. Force-push is ideal here to push them off the ramp. Go up the lift.


When you go into the room a wall will be shot out behind you and you will be ambushed. After you take care of that, head to the door at the front of the room. It is blocked by a container. There is a sniper on the other side if this container. Force-push it and it will take the Rodian with it. Another Rodian sometimes enters. If he doesn't, you can go through the area where the enemies came through the wall. Exit via the door in the room. Follow the corridor right and out the next door to come out behind the sniper. Shoot, slice or push him to his death. You should now jump across to the ledge to the left. Once again be wary of snipers from the opposite building. Go up the ramps here until you reach the top. Enter the door then look down to your left. You will see the feet of a gangster down there. Lob a thermal detonator down to kill him and his accomplice. This is optional, but you can go down there and drop into the level below. Destroy the crates with the yellow markings and get the goodies on the other side. Slice the lock on the door then take the ramps back up. There's a lift up here. It heads down to where you need to be but you'll get no further thanks to a retracted bridge and a locked door! Instead of taking it, head back out the door then down the ramp to the next tier. Get on the ledge then jump on to the top of the structure below. Blast/cut through the ceiling window and hit the switch inside. Exit the door and head right along the ledge. Take care of the thugs and head across the newly extended bridge. Go straight through the corridor and into the door.


Turn left to see a heap of boxes. Take special note of the ones with the red markings. Between them and the window is a pad. Step on it and you will notice that the lift opposite comes down and a metal window near you opens. These are all a set of clues as what to do next. Force-push a box onto the pad. Go back out the door and stand on the lift. Now force-push the block again through the open metal window to raise yourself to the level above.


Follow the corridor left (killing the thug) and out the passage into a large, blue landing. Hit the switch on the wall to lower the ramps above and go up. When you go out on to the ledge there are once again the usual compliment of snipers. But one of particular note is out to the right. He's so far away that he's only visible through the scope though. Go up the ramp to the right and you'll see three skylights here. The only reason you need to jump down through the skylights is to get two secrets. But one secret is extremely long-winded and requires you to trek the entire level again to get back to this point.


To get the secrets, smash the skylight and fall into the room below taking out the enemies. Facing the rear of the room, take the right door and the lift up. Being wary of gangsters, go out the door and follow the ledge around to the left. There is a thug on a bridge ahead. If he moves at all the bridge is destroyed by an explosive (this includes you killing him). You can jump across the gap left behind though. Just after the jump you'll see a slope to your left. Jump on and climb up to the top. Jump up to the ledge above you and make your way across to the supplies. This is the first of the two secrets.


Make your way back down to the destroyed bridge and jump back across. Take the ledge right, then around the corner to the left. Jumping carefully, go down to the ledge you see below, then the next. Jump on the small protrusions above the doors to shorten your fall each time. Next, jump onto the top of the tall structure below, then onto the ledge with the converters and supplies. Congratulations... another secret. Fall to the ledge below to be back at the area where you emerge from the bar. Now hike all the way back to the area with the skylights!


Navigate the front of this section and you will see a hover-car loaded with gangsters below. Snipe then from here then go to the back corner and find the small lift down. Follow the ledge around to the hover-car. It is bobbing up and down as it floats there. When it's closest to the ledge you're on, jump onto it. When it floats up, jump off to the ledge above. Hit the button and enter the door. Get on the lift and ride up. Through the door is a glass corridor. There is an explosive here... shoot it out. You now need to carefully walk the rim to make it across.


In the next room is a pool of electrified water. Turn left and shoot the barrel in the corner to blast out the wall. In the room ahead, destroy the sparking conduit to stop the flow of electricity to the water. Go back out and jump in the water to get closer to the door opposite. Use force-pull on the area beneath the door to extend a bridge. Jump onto it then up to the ledge above (there's a thug waiting up here). You will see an astromech near a switch on the wall and the top of the glass corridor.


To get another secret, run back along the top of the glass corridor. Jump across to the ledge on the right. Make sure you have your timing right... this jump is very tricky. Run over and get the supplies to get the secret. Jump back across (jumping through into the corridor below if necessary) and make your way to the astromech. Hit the switch to activate one of the large arms over the ledge below and bring it closer to you.


NOTE: You don't actually need to move this arm. It just makes getting down there easier if you do.


Fall onto the arm and make your way back toward its base. Use force-pull on the other arm further along to bring it closer. Jump onto it then make your way to its base. There is a garbage hauler down below. Jump onto it and it will begin to move. Theoretically there should be a secret accessible from here. There is an open garbage shoot that looks like you can jump into it. To make the jump you need to crouch while in the air. Follow the chute around to get the secret. Blast the crates at the bottom of the next chute to make an exit for yourself above the garbage hauler. Fall onto the hauler.


Ride with the garbage hauler until it stops at a switch. Use force-push on the switch so the hauler remains on this route. Do the same at the next switch and ride the hauler to the end of the level.

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LEVEL 9 - Nar Shaddaa Hideout

The garbage hauler you're on goes through a door and enters a room with a conveyer belt below. This conveyer leads to your demise in the metal teeth beyond. If you drop onto the conveyer, wait until you see the barred door on your left, slice through it with your lightsaber and jump through.


Alternately, instead of falling onto the conveyer, jump up to your left onto the pipe fittings. Now jump to the ledge above to collect a secret. Hop down the ledges beyond to the ground level. This is the same place you end up if you end up going through the barred door as described above. Go through the door.


Now you're in a huge room with four large trash compactors. Run down the middle of the closest two until you reach the furthest. There is a chute on the left one that has no garbage container underneath it (the only one that doesn't). Jump up into the chute and observe the compactor in front of you. When you see an opportunity, run through to the door on the opposite side. Move around the corner to your right and go through the door. Watch for the sliding panel to your right with the sniper behind it. Go to the edge of the ledge and fall onto the containers below. Jump to the next obvious ledge in front of you. There are a couple of routes you can take, but ultimately you need to navigate to the top of the boxes with the ledge above them (up to the right). Stand on the box below the ledge. Use force-pull on the box sitting on the lip of the ledge to get it out of your way. Jump up to the ledge and go into the passage. Head left and follow the ramp all the way around the corridors to the bridge and cross it. Enter the next passage and follow it right until you come to a side passage on your left. There is a garbage container inside. Use force-pull on it to move it closer. The need to do this will become apparent later. Backtrack your steps until you're back in the room with the four compactors. Go back through the compactor and jump up to the chute you originally came through. Fall back into the main room.


NOTE: The section outlined in the paragraph above can be completely bypassed. I'll explain how as we get to the appropriate section.


Go down the space to your right between the two compactors in front of you. The opposite wall has two doors along it. Take the one to your right (again be wary of sliding panels). Destroy the container to the left to blow out the wall. Inside is the opportunity to take out a couple of the snipers behind the sliding panels and get some supplies. Go back out into the other room.


You should investigate the boxes at the back of the room. This is going to lead to a secret actually. But not only will you proceed as normal from the end of the secret, but you will kill a couple of enemies that can hassle you if you don't do this. A couple of the boxes can be destroyed. Beyond them is a wall that you can "use". This opens into a secret corridor. There are three alcoves along the right wall. Each contains a Rodian sniper. Take them down. Go through the door at the end of the passage to your left. You are in a freezer. Jump on top of the boxes at the end of the room to the right. Move back along the boxes and fall down the gap at the end. Hit the switch to lower the glass and enter the other part of the room. Head right to the end of the room until you see a box with red markings and use force-pull on it to reveal a new passage. Duck through it.


Explore this passage until you find another garbage container. Just before the container is a hole in the ceiling. Jump into the hole... the small alcove here is a secret. Force-push the garbage container to reveal a passage with a conveyer to the right. Remember the section described in the third paragraph of this walkthrough where it was mentioned that you could bypass the entire section? This is it. The reason you moved the other garbage container earlier in the level is so this container that you are currently in front of could be moved. But through a flaw in the level design you can force push the other container from here instead of pulling it from the other side. It's tricky, but you can use force push either by jumping and timing it so you push over the top of the container near you, or by trying to angle it right at the sides.


Whatever your method, go into the passage with the conveyer and quickly jump off it to the left (it damages you while you're on it). Kill the sniper through the window opposite the use force-push on the button inside to open a door to your right. Jump across the conveyer and into the door. Follow the next passage around to the right. In the next room there is a sniper behind a sliding panel and thugs that drop thermal detonators from a room above. I find it quicker to run past this area and through to the next passage. You can take care of the guys above later.


The next passage has three windows that open as you run along. This is the other side of the secret hall mentioned earlier with the three Rodian snipers in the alcoves. If you got the secret and killed them, they won't appear here. Go up the ramp at the end. Take out the thugs in the corridor above. Just beyond the opening you find to the right is a vent on the wall. Blow the vent then jump in and walk to the bars at the end. Down below is a container that can be shot out (you should be good at spotting them by now). When you destroy it, the wall next to it will be blown out. Exit the vent and go left to the opening you passed moments earlier. Jump into the room and take out the gangsters. Use your lightsaber to destroy the lock on the door and go through. You will be back in a familiar room, but this time there's a new exit that you just blew out. Go through and follow the passage. Go down the ramp and through the door.


There are two huge steel doors here. The one to your left is the only one you can go through. Enter and follow the next room to the end. You will then see a cut-scene with Lando. He will give you the password to Reelo's hideout. Work your way back out the way you came until you reach the area of the vent you blew out a little while before. Continue up the ramp and turn right. Go through the door and you will find yourself on the upper platforms in the compactor room.


Taking out any gangsters along the way, make your way to the far right corner of the room. There is a control room there. If you don't want to take the sniper inside on via conventional means, jump on top of the room and take out the manhole. Drop a thermal down to finish him off. Go into this room.


Remember those thugs dropping thermal detonators from above that I suggested you avoid earlier? They are through the door that's down the hall if you want to pay them a visit. To proceed though, stand on the grey platform near the other door here. An "eye" pops out of the wall and asks for the password. If you hadn't seen Lando already, the floor would open up and you could be killed if you don't jump out quickly. But with the correct password the door will open for you. Get on the lift inside and ride up. Follow the next passage to the end and get the lift down. If you keep an eye out to the corner above you should notice a small alcove appear as the lift goes down. Jump into it to collect a secret. At the bottom of the lift, slice through the barred door.


Kill the thugs then hit force-speed and sprint up the corridor with the gun turrets inside. When you turn the corner right, heaps of sliding panels will open along the right wall to reveal a sniper behind each. With force-speed on you should be able to avoid them. At the end of this corridor is a window with a switch behind it. Shoot out the broken part of the window (or use force-push to do it) then use force push on the switch to open the door to your right. Run through the door. If you're quick and on the ball, you can do that whole part in one smooth pass. If you want you can go back and kill the Rodians revealed behind the panels. Just next to the door you came through is another passage with them inside. I suggest you either roll thermal detonators around the corner or use the bowcaster's alternate fire to bounce shots off the wall.


To proceed with the level, enter the other door behind the one you just opened. You find yourself in a large colosseum-like room. There is a cut-scene with Reelo Baruk. When you regain control you will be bombarded from above by laser turrets. Take them out with whatever weapon you see fit. Just remember to keep moving between your shots so you don't get hit. As soon as they're destroyed another door opens and you're ambushed by several gangsters. Force-speed and your lightsaber are your best allies here. Get the supplies in the room they came from if needed.


Look up to the window where Reelo was. Below on either side is a door. Enter either one to proceed (both have enemies behind them). Go up the passage to Reelo's office and to the window at the front of the room. Hit the switch on the desk to free Lando. You will also notice the round circle in the middle of the "colosseum" open to reveal a lift. Normally you would go back and take this lift down to continue, but there's a secret to collect here and it empties out to the same place that the lift goes.


Go to Reelo's desk at the back of the room and hit the switch underneath. A passage behind you opens. Go inside and collect the goodies... this is the secret. Go to the other end of the room and a door will open. Go through the next passage and run down the red, glowing tube. Jump off the ledge and you're in the room that the platform from the "colosseum" empties into. Look below the stairs and you will spot a sniper. Kill him then use force-push on the button inside to retract the stairs. Go into this newly revealed alcove to collect another secret. Go through the large steel doors and enter the prison to meet with Lando again.


After the cut-scene, follow Lando out the other side of the prison and left through the other set of steel doors. Board the lift with him and hit the switch to raise it. This is the end of the level.

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LEVEL 10 - Nar Shaddaa Starpad

You will start on the ascending lift. At the top, move along the corridor and up the ramp. Kill the thug patrolling near the doors at the other end of the room. Lando will move around to a lift on the right, follow him and board it. Hit the button to go up. Follow the corridor to the control room overlooking Lando's ship, the Lady Luck. Lando will tell you what needs to be done to release the ship. Step on the pad to your right to get a lift down. Outside you will see a door opposite that has an electronic lock. Slice it open and enter the door to get a message from Lando.


This room should be familiar to you. Go through the other steel door to your left, move along the corridor and out the next door. Watch out as gangsters populate this room (including a sniper in the rear right corner). Take the battery packs if you need them, you're going to be using your light amplification goggles in a moment.


Enter the other door in the room. This area is dark so put on your goggles here. Navigate through the area to your right into the dead end. Looking up you'll see a jump that you can make. Jump up through the gap and fall down the other side. make your way around to the left then crouch down through the hole in the wall. The next part goes straight ahead. Kill the patrolling thug. Turn right at the end, go around the corner and out the door. The platform here has a few large cargo crates with various enemies on and around them.


The platform beyond extends in the distance to the left. It's covered by a sniper in a small 'slit' at the other end, so be careful. As you proceed across the platform Lando will report coming under fire from laser turrets. If you look to the end of the platform and up to the left you will see them. Destroy them before they kill Lando. Enter the door at the very end of the platform.


In here is a substantial group of enemies. Not so much in numbers but in cover and firepower. The snipers are hard to get to in the pipework and the thugs with thermal detonators can be a pain. These guys are easy to handle if you're used to them (thermal detonators do the trick) but if you're having trouble I suggest using force-speed and run through to the corridor beyond, avoiding them altogether. In the next corridor to the left, force-speed also gains you the opportunity to get close to the sniper at the end (also be wary of the sniper outside the window!). Go through the door to the left.


Just outside the door you should look up to your left. There is another 'slit' here with a sniper behind it. Throw a thermal up to make short work of him. Move to the round platform in front of you and again look up to your left. What you should be looking at is the ledge with the wreckage of the turrets you destroyed earlier. Take out any thugs in the way and jump up. Go into the next room and finish off any enemies inside. Follow the corridor out to the left. Go around the ledge, into the passage and follow it to the end (wary of thugs along the way, including a sniper that pops around the corner at the end). In the next room, go through the door right in front of you. Go up the ramp and kill the sniper. Hit the switch near the window.


Now for a secret... knock out the window above the switch and jump out onto the window frame. Jump up on top for the structure and head to the rear. In the right corner is a small stash of supplies. This is the secret. Go back down into the building.


Head back down the ramp and out the door. Turn left and go out that door. Another secret lies here. Look at the wall to your right and spot the steep slope. Pick your angle and jump over to the slope and run up. There is an opening up to the left that you need to jump to. The secret is in there. Getting back down can be trickier. Run and fall onto the slope you came up. Go to the bottom and get your angle to jump towards the same area you jumped up from near the door. From the door, follow the ramp down and go along the following ledge. You will arrive at a large fuel silo. Head through the passage to the left and follow it all the way around to the front of the hangar where the doors are now open. Go inside...


The fight in here can be tricky. Not so much for you being killed, but Lando. Use Force-speed to give you the advantage. If you're proficient with the lightsaber then use it to quickly decimate the enemy. Use the saber toss on groups of foes. But ranged weapons work very well here, especially when combined with Force-speed. After a couple of waves of enemies, Lando will retreat up the ramp at Lady Luck's rear and go inside. Follow him up and guard him while he works the controls.


Once Lando's done his work you will notice your new goals... open the roof sections and pump the fuel to the ship. We'll do these objectives in the most linear fashion. Go to the starboard side of Lady Luck. There are two hubs on the ground with a hose from each leading to the ship. Take note of the symbol on each hub and the colour of the hose it corresponds to (blue and red). Now, destroy the yellow-trimmed boxes along the wall near the pumps to reveal a vent on the ground. Take out the cover and fall through. Duck through the passage and go to the end. Knock out the vent and enter the room. Take down the thugs then hit all four switches on the machine in the middle. Hit the switch in the corner of the room to open half of the hangar roof.


Go out the door and go to your left to reach the fuel silo you saw before. Be very careful of the snipers and thugs that have spawned on the ledges above! You'll notice two pipes that lead to the hangar building from the silo. Jump on one of the supports at the base of the silo that's closest to these pipes. Take another jump up onto the pipes. Run across the pipes to the switches you can see on the other side. The left panel is lit blue and the right is red. Use the panels to enter the corresponding symbols you found on the hubs in the hangar. The fuel is now pumping to the ship.


Time for another secret... go back along the pipes to the silo. There's a raised lip here that is quite obvious, jump on it. From here you can make the jump to the top of the silo. A little to your right you will see some goodies on a ledge. Go to the other side of the silo and fall onto the pipe. Cross it and jump up the ledges to the secret.


Make your way back to the fuel pump control panels and fall off to the left. Go along the ledge to the door and enter. You are now back in the hangar behind the Lady Luck. Go to the ship's port side and approach the red-trimmed box. Force-push it to the left (the only way you seem to be able to move it) and knock out the vent below. Fall through and follow it to another room just like the one where you raised the first half of the hangar roof. Hit the four buttons on the machine then hit the one in the corner just like before to open the other half of the hangar roof. Head back through the vent shaft to the hangar, board Lady Luck and meet Lando in the cockpit. There will be a problem and you won't be able to take off. Then Reelo and some of his thugs will attack the ship. Lando tells you to get on the ship's guns to handle them.


NOTE: It seems that you can't be destroyed until you get on the guns.


To activate the gun, use the control panel to your immediate left. Reelo is on a gun emplacement surrounded by his men. Either take him out first then strafe him men or do it the other way around. Don't just waste sporadic shots on one or the other. When he or his men are down it significantly reduces the damage to the ship. Once they're all dead Lando will fix the problem and you'll be on you way to the next level.

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LEVEL 11 - Bespin Undercity


Start by making your way around the walkway, left or right, until you come to a small vent. Slice/shoot it out, but don't stand in front of it. You will notice a large platform inside that cycles down to the vent's level. As it does so it pushes air out of the vent and if you're in front of it you'll be blown away. Once the platform is lowered to the vent, quickly crouch through the opening and onto it. Wait for it to raise you high above.


Quickly dismount and kill the thugs in the circular room above. Careful not to fall as the platform lowers! Once the enemies are dead, take an opportunity to get the first secret. Look around the rim of the raised section of the ceiling... there is an opening here. When the platform raises, get on and position yourself on the angled fixture that corresponds to the opening. Jump across to the opening into the alcove and collect the secret. This jump can be tricky and you must time it well. Wait for the platform to rise again before falling back out of the alcove.


There's one door in the room. It has a light above it that indicates whether it's locked or not (orange = locked, white = unlocked). It is locked while the platform you were just on is moving and unlocked when it's stationary. Enter as you get the opportunity.


The junction you are in leads to the left and right and has a few thugs around that attack you. If you are low on health and shields, take the left path and make your way lift at the end (ignoring the door on your way). Hit the button to ride up and go through the corridor to reach a small hangar. Take care of the thugs inside then jump onto the ship. Take note of the two ledges you can get to with bacta tanks and personal shield generators. Jump up to grab them and leave from where you came.


Go back through the door you passed earlier and kill the thugs in this room. Explore the room and take note of the lift, the furnace and the Ugnaught near a console. The lift leads to another hangar with supplies similar to the first. The furnace is where you need to go and the Ugnaught can help you with this. Stand near the furnace door and watch the fire's cycle pattern. When the fire is about to dissipate, turn around and use your mind-trick power on the Ugnaught. He will open the door for you. Run into the furnace and quickly slice the electronic lock on the opposite door and go through. If you are having trouble with timing, use Force-speed to give you the edge. Now hit the button on the wall in this next room and get on the lift in the middle. Ride to the top and exit the door.


The next room is HUGE! As soon as you enter you will be harassed by snipers on the other side. The best way to handle them is to use the doorframe as cover and snipe back at them. Take a good look at the room and take note of the four tiers around the edge (including the level you're on). Also note the large mechanisms oscillating vertically between the tiers... these are what you will use to get to the levels above. To get to the other side you need to watch the aforementioned mechanisms. Notice how a forcefield appears on the level they're on? Keep an eye on the one opposite you and wait for it to get to your level. As soon as it does, engage Force-speed and run onto the newly formed forcefield, cross to the other side and jump onto the mechanism to ride up to the next tier. Repeat that for this and each level up until you reach the top, watching for enemies all the way. Once at the top, use the same technique to reach and enter the door to the left (be careful as enemies are inside).


Time again for another secret... hit the switch to raise the lift but don't get on. After a moment the lift will raise, revealing a hole in the floor. Jump down to collect the secret and goodies then jump back out of the hole. If you're not quick enough to jump out before the lift returns, hit the switch on the wall to raise it again.


Get on the lift and ride it up. Pass through the door and the next corridor into a room full of pipes. Take out the thugs then take note that there are three large vent covers that you can blow out on the left, right and opposite side of the room. The opposite pipe takes you nowhere and the one on the right brings you back to the centre of the room. Take the left pipe to be ejected vertically into the next room. Guide your landing so you're on the small platform below. Looking up into this cavernous room, you will see that there are several platforms like the one you're on above you. Aim for the lowest one closest to you and wait until you see a gust of air rise up in front of you. Jump forward off the ledge and let the gust float you up to the next platform. Use Force-push to push the waiting enemy off the platform or at least to incapacitate them as you land. Repeat this for the next two platforms.


When on the final platform, wait for the gust of wind and jump straight out to the opposite side of the room to end up on the walkway above. Here you will encounter your first "Reborn". They have lightsabers and force powers. Make sure you've read up on your lightsaber moves. This fight is all that much more annoying the first time because you don't have much room to move on this walkway. But on the positive side... neither does he. A timed Force-push can easily send him falling to his death.


Head to one of the structures either side of the walkway. Take note of the steam shooting up and use it to enhance your jump to the opposite platform. Take down the thugs on the next walkway and enter the door. Follow the corridor to the end, but be very wary of enemy ambushes around the corners. Head through the door at the end into the carbonite chamber. Here you will face another Reborn. This guy is more skilled than the first though, so watch out. When he's dead, Rodian thugs will burst through the opposite door.


The final secret for this level lies under stairs where the Ugnaught is operating the control panel. Go into the small alcove to collect the secret. Head through the door that the Rodians emerged from to enter a room where you find the R5 astromech. Hit the switch next to the droid's enclosure to release him. Follow him onto the lift and wait for him to activate it. This is the end of the level.

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LEVEL 12 - Bespin Streets PREV | HOME | NEXT


When the lift reaches the top, run forward and jump up into the alcove opposite with the single door inside. Open the door but don't enter (there are trip mines inside). Throw a thermal detonator through to the room at the other end to kill the thug. Step back from the door and shoot out the trip mines. Enter and collect the weapon the thug dropped. This is the first time you get the repeater rifle. Hit the switch on the console then exit the room and drop back into the main area. Jump onto the lift that the droid is riding up and wait for him to open the double-doors.


This next corridor is a pain. It is loaded with trip mines and through the large openings on the right are thugs that can snipe this corridor from a ledge outside. Your astromech needs to survive this intact. There are a couple of ways to tackle this. Firstly, you can engage Force-speed and run through, shooting out the mines while staying on the move then take cover at the other end. Another tactic is to block the droid with your body at the door and use the Tenloss sniper rifle to take out as many mines as you can see as well as the thugs. Now you can traverse the corridor carefully and take out the remaining mines.


The droid will open the door at the far end to a hangar. Kill the thugs inside. If the droid survives, he will open another locked door to a droid storage room. This is in fact a secret area. Go through the large doors at the end of the hangar to progress.


You will be in a carbonite storage area and will be ambushed by thugs through the opposite door. Thermal detonators are handy here. Go through the double-door on the right to emerge on a landing platform. Kill the thugs then head through the doors opposite. You will confront another Reborn here before you can go through. Kill him then go through the door. Inside is one of Lando's men. He will join you as you go out the other door.


You are now on the streets. Proceed around to the left, taking out enemies all the way. Turn the corner past the fighter and, using cover as you go, make your way to the gun emplacement at the end of the street. Kill the gunner then get inside and use the emplacement to take out all the enemies in the area. Any surviving men of Lando's will now join you. Enter the large, open doorway near the gun emplacement.


Lando's men will stay below while you take the lift up. They will support you as an ambush emerges. Follow the ledge around to the left until you see a dark alcove. Go inside then jump up to find a ledge... this is a secret. Go back down and follow the ledge to the opposite side and go around the building (left or right... it doesn't matter). Continue all the way along the winding ledge until you reach a door. Go inside and turn left. You will see a door in front of you at the end of the hall and another to your right. Head through the door to your right. There's a large steel blast-screen covering the window in here. Hitting the switch next to it opens the screen, but to no apparent effect except the view. The consequences of this will be seen later (it is not necessary to open this at all, but you get to see some interesting stuff from the other side when you get there later). Exit via the only other door in the room. There is a door to your left and to your right. The left one has an electronic lock. Slice it open to release some more of Lando's men. Now head back through the other door and take care of an ambush that emerges. Follow this ledge all the way to the end until you see a lift you can go down. Head down then across to another lift that lies opposite. Ride it up then follow the ledge to the door. Go inside and take out the thugs. Hit the switch on the wall.


Head back outside and down the lift. The large steel door down here that was closed is now open. Head through to the next courtyard and be prepared to take on two Reborn simultaneously. Once they are dead, find the lift further along and take it up. Follow the ledge around to the bridge. Be very careful when crossing as this is a trap. The bridge is littered with trip mines that activate when you're half way across and enemies ambush you from the other side. Thermal detonators or the alternate fire of your repeater rifle are great for destroying the mines from when you are. Proceed across the bridge and follow the path around to the right. You will end up on the opposite side of that large window with the blast-screen. You will notice several of Lando's guards holding a group of gangsters prisoner before they close the screen. Drop down off the balcony into the area below (make sure you hit the 'crouch' button before you land so you don't take any damage). Go through the door.


Follow the next corridor all the way around, being particularly vigilant for snipers out to the right. Now you can get the last secret of the level. This one is as easy to miss as it is hard to get. Just before going through the door at the end, look over the edge of the walkway. There's a slim ledge down there. You need to inch yourself to the edge until you fall then guide you fall onto the ledge to collect the secret. This can be tricky, as too is the jump back out. Get as close to the edge without falling as you can then jump up.


Go through the door. You will encounter some Stormtroopers here to thicken the plot. Go through the door at the other end of the room, take out the last enemy troops then board the lift. The room above has a group of gangsters and imperials in a heated discussion. Take them all down then observe the room. There are two doors and one is locked, you'll need a security key to unlock it. Go out the unlocked door onto the landing pad and kill the Imperial officers. One of them drops the security key you need. But you will also face a Reborn out here. Kill him then re-enter the building. Unlock the door via the terminal next to it then enter and run along the hall to finish the level.

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LEVEL 13 - Bespin Platform PREV | HOME | NEXT


This level is very short and simple, but it contains a few of the more dangerous encounters in the game. As soon as you begin you should notice a Reborn hiding up behind the pillar to your left. He seems completely incapable of blocking thermal detonators. Throw one at him as he descends or when he's running at you... a direct hit will end this confrontation very quickly. Open the next door to see a hall with doors either side and trip mines crossing its centre. Beyond it is a room with patrolling Stormtroopers. If you're quick you can sneak into the first door on your left without being seen and take out the Imperials inside. Look out the window to see a ship on a platform... this is where you'll end up at the level's conclusion. Exit the other door in the room and re-enter the hall you were in, but on the other side of the trip mines.


NOTE: The doors on the other side of the hall are locked. You need a security key to unlock them, but you won't get it until much later. Inside the rooms are power and shield converters. These are best used as a "top-up" for your confrontation at the end of the level.


Enter the room with the patrolling troops and take them out. Watch out for reinforcements through the doors. Ignore the lift for now and go through either door in the room... each corridor leads to the same hallway ahead. Whichever way you decide to go, head through the first set of doors you come across (taking note of the locked doors at the end of the hallway... you must go through these later).


NOTE: If you choose the left door you will face a handful of security droids. If you head through the right door you will have to avoid a series of trip mines. I suggest the right door. It's easy to avoid damage from the trip mines if you stick to the right wall. Also note that you will have to face an assault sentry or two either way you go.


You should now be in a storage room with heaps of Stormtroopers. Taking them out is easy if you use the cover provided. Take an opportunity to explore the bottom of the staircase here. There is a small alcove you can duck into that is a secret area. Head up to the walkway above and go through the door at the end of the room. Kill the officer inside the control room and take his security key. Backtrack to the room with the lift and hit the button to go up. Watch for the trip mines above. Either shoot them out from below or avoid the beams... it's your call.


Exit the lift via the door into a large corridor that circles around to the left. Take out the squad of Stormtroopers here and the security droid that ambushes you at the other end. Use the security key on the terminal next to the door and enter the large control room. There is a Reborn waiting right inside the door to ambush you, so be ready. Take care of him then the Stormtroopers. If you look out the window you will see the ship on the platform mentioned earlier. This time there are Imperials and another figure with them. Hit the switch on the end console. You will get a view of the door you've now unlocked through a camera display. Exit the display to see the Imperials below rushing back into the building to get you.


Head back to the lift. There is a patrol of Imperials on your way. Go back down the lift. There is a sizeable ambush in the room below. I suggest explosive weapons. Kill the officer to get a security key. Head up the hall to the left where the locked doors are and use the security key on the terminal to unlock them. Inside the right door is an ammo power converter and inside the left is a shield power converter. Be careful as there is also a Reborn in the left room waiting to ambush you when you enter. Go back into the main room and through either door. Make your way to the doors in the next hall that were previously locked.


Head through the doors to end up on the platform and confront Tavion. After the cut-scene you will fight. She is quite a challenge at this stage of the game. For a conventional tactic, roll to the side as she attacks to avoid her swing and hit her from behind. Or as you roll use Force-push on her to send her to the ground and swing at her while she's down. You might want to try moving the fight towards the edge of the platform. Keep her between you and the edge and use Force-push when she jumps. This can often send her off the platform and you'll win the fight.


After she is beaten you will see several cut-scenes before venturing to the next level. You're all done here in Bespin.

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LEVEL 14 - Cairn Bay PREV | HOME | NEXT


The level opens with a cut-scene of the cargo hauler coming in to land. Take note of the forces in the main bay area, you will have to come through here later in the level. Play begins next to the automated cargo hauler that brought you to the base. Unless you hide, you will shortly come under attack from both the ground and the catwalk overlooking the room so your best tactic is to find cover. There are 2 side rooms from the bay that serve equally well for this task. I recommend the one right behind you as it is closer. The Cortosis retrieval team arrives a few seconds after the level begins. If you hide in the alcove behind you, you can listen to the Stormtrooper chatter that is pretty cool... always nice to hear about your previous deeds. The retrieval team consists primarily of Stormtroopers though there is a few technicians in the mix. The Stormtroopers are armed with a mix of flechette, repeater and blasters. Should you sustain damage or run low on ammunition, there are supply racks in each of the side rooms.


After you have secured the area, you can take time to explore, grab anything you need and head to the alcove on the port side of the ship. The door in this section leads you to a small anteroom that contains a monitor. This gives you another look at the bay which lies just beyond the door, Unless you're fairly good with a lightsaber, don't bother running in, there's a much easier way to deal with the troops here.


NOTE: If you do feel cocky enough to take them on, I'd recommend running to the area under the lifts, they don't come down on you and provide good cover from the blaster cannons.


Instead of going into the bay, turn and head around the corner to the right of the door you came in by, there is a large shield booster and another door. Open this and don't bother reacting to the Stormtrooper just beyond, he's not long for this world… Skywalker drops behind him and kills him.


Once you have finished talking, the two of you will be attacked. You will take on several Stormtroopers. This is not the end of the attack, however. Once the conventional forces have been dealt with, you are attacked by a party of four Reborn. If you have difficulty fighting this many, you can evade and Skywalker will deal with most if not all of them. I've managed to get all 4 before Skywalker has had a chance to kill one so it's not that hard. Once you have finished them off, you talk to Skywalker a bit more then you part ways.


Once you're back on your own, have a good look around the area. The two alcoves again contain supplies, two small shield boosters and trip mines in the left and a supply rack on the right. The right alcove (when looking at the catwalk) contains the exit back to the area you came from. Head into the leftmost alcove. Going through the door you will find yourself in a long winding corridor. There are two Stormtroopers in the first section then another after the turn. Once you have killed this third trooper, the path to your objective room is clear. You can stand outside and eavesdrop on the remnant's supply problems. This room contains two regular rifle officers, an auto-fire officer and a repeater Stormtrooper. Dispatching the auto-fire officer is easy with a saber toss as soon as you open the door, the rest can just be blocked until a swing is viable. The room contains three buttons, the two at the back activate the lifts in the main hangar bay. Look out the window and to the left, hit the final button and giggle diabolically as the bay's defenders are dealt with. If you find yourself low on shields. make full use of the shield power converter here. The auto-fire officer carries the key to the supply crate, this contains an assault sentry (useful if you're into that kind of thing).


Once you're done in this room, head back out the way you came. On the way, you will be attacked by two Stromtroopers, they should be easy pickings for a neat lightsaber slice. Back in the bay, there's a more substantial ambush waiting, an officer and five Stormtroopers. Head back to the left alcove and this time you can venture into the main bay. Beware though because there are two heavy repeater soldiers still in here, one on top of each lift. They fire the secondary mode at you which can be very dangerous since it's a burst round. Take them out with the Tenloss rifle from long range for safety. Once you have killed them, go up one of the lifts. Your objective lies within the overhanging control booth that you may have noticed from below. The room is a relatively long one but with poor cover, inside there are six Imperials. The controls in here are in two parts, the leftmost one controls the bay door locks... note the changing of the lights on the bay doors as you cycle through the options. You have already been behind the left and centre door, so highlight the right one and move to the other console. This actually opens the door that is selected. Head out the right exit, as you do, take note of the struts above the bay door that look like you can jump to them. You can and must if you wish to obtain a secret, get to the second one and cut into the wall, it contains two batteries and an assault sentry. Head down the lift (you may need to re-open the door depending on the time it took to obtain the secret), on the way down, you may wish to snipe the Stormtrooper you can see in the now open bay.


This bay contains a Lambda Class shuttlecraft, two technicians and five Stormtroopers on the floor... two are also stationed on the catwalk above. This gantry is also your objective, though it may be difficult, jumping up here is the way to progress. Cut out the grate above and vault into the service duct. Head through the maze until you find a forcefield in the floor, there is a control on the wall to deactivate this. Be careful, there is a Reborn in the duct below, there is a chance of killing him by rolling a thermal detonator into the corridor from above. If he notices you, he'll push the grenade away and attack you. Sometimes he gets stuck on the edges of the duct if he vaults up so you can take advantage of this. After you have killed him, you have two more levels of ducting and forcefields to navigate. When you get to the double-layered forcefield do not drop through this hole, there is an easier way. Move over the forcefield and down the corridor. On the left there is another grating you can cut through and drop into relative safety.


The room you drop into contains an officer… he is easily dispatched. The control he is standing at is one half of the lock to the large door in the main room. There are two small shield boosters in this room, so stock up if you're down. A supply rack is also here. Opening the door out into the main room, you can begin to kill the enemy within. I find that the best tactic is to force pull them and strip their weapons, they now only pose a danger if they can find a weapon on the floor. The troops within are two officers and four Stormtroopers. Once you have disarmed all or most of them, head out and kill them. Duck into the other small room, this contains not only the second half of the lock, but more importantly, the deactivation switch for the four blaster cannons outside the large door. As you exit this room a squad of re-enforcements consisting of an officer and five Stormtroopers enter from the back door. This door actually leads back to the bay with the Lambda class shuttle. There is no real point going unless you're desperately low on supplies. The main door leads out to the lifts, there are four blaster cannons in this area (which should be no problem unless you didn't deactivate them) as well as a ammo power converter. At the far end of the corridor, there is a supply box with a seeker drone.


Jumping on the broken lift, look up and smash the grating above the entrance. Jump in and head to the other side and look in this shaft for the lift. Drop onto the lift. If you keep facing straight ahead, you will see your exit as the lift rises (if you get disoriented in the lift, face the grating you came in by and then do a 3/4 turn left), jump into the passage and look into the next shaft. There is another lift you need to get on. When you do, face the front of it and watch the wall as you go down. You will see a large hole in the wall leading over to a corresponding hole in another lift shaft. This can be a very tricky jump, force speed is useful to help get the timing right. After you've made it (however many attempts it takes) you will find yourself standing on a static lift. There is a passage to the rear where you can go. Looking into this lift shaft, you will see a lift with a broken roof. You must get in this lift and ride it all the way to the bottom to finish the level (Be sure to stand at the very front of the lift because the door at the bottom sometimes does not open unless you are really close).

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LEVEL 15 - Cairn Assembly PREV | HOME | NEXT


The level begins in the lift, remaining in the lift is probably the safest tactic as there is a gun turret either side of the entrance to the main room and one is able to fire at the lift door. If you wish to get out, your best bet is to quickly turn left after exiting, this should provide the best cover. An astromech droid notices you and it's beeping often inspires a soldier or two to investigate. Once the Stormtrooper and technicians in the room are dead, you can turn your attention to destroying the two gun turrets. This can be a lot easier than it seems. Due to the angle, you can often see the base of the turret before it can fire on you. Use this to your advantage & finish them off with either a blaster or saber toss. Once this is accomplished, the only task is exiting the room, only problem being that the door is locked and there is no other way out. Never fear, it is for precisely this situation that you have the famous Jedi Mind Trick. Influence the officer through the window and he'll politely unlock the door for you, allowing you to enter and politely dismember him.


The room beyond is a long one running perpendicular to the door with troops on both sides. There are two officers and two Stormtroopers to deal with. Once they are dead, head up the right lift. It takes you to a small control room where you can recharge your shields and pick up a bit more ammo. There is also a button that moves a gantry away from the pod you can see through the window but for the life of me I've not found out the point of doing so yet. (I've found the room where that pod is but still no sign of a point)


Take the lift back down and follow the corridor to the other side. Take this small lift down and exit through the door at the bottom into the pod construction bay. In here are two technicians. Once you have dispatched them, take a look around the room, you will notice that the blast door is locked, there is no sign of a panel to allow you to open it (Kyle himself muses on this after a short while). Now look up... see that large welding rig? It's the key to opening the blast door. You must scale the levels of the pod, start on the stack of boxes next to it. Jump to the first level, ascend to the second level and look at the wall opposite the blast door. You may notice a grille higher up, this is your objective. It seems impossible to get to but the force will guide you (or when that fails, I will). Look at the edges of the pod, see that thin metal beam running around the perimeter of the pod? Jump onto that (I find the best tactic is to face sideways, jump and then guide yourself horizontally) and face the grate. Walk slowly back until you feel you can't move without falling, run forward and do a full force jump, you should just make it (it is possible to ascend to the pod roof and accomplish the same jump but I often fall short doing it that way), hack the grate and proceed in. There are 4 long power conduits supplying the welding arm, destroy them in whatever way you see fit. I personally use detonation packs since you rarely need to use them in the game. Their destruction causes the welding rig to go out of control, explode and crash through the blast door. I'm forced to agree with Kyle's assessment, not very subtle but it gets the job done.


Descend to floor level again and go through your newly made hole, there is a technician inside who should be no threat whatsoever. Beyond the second blast door is a large warehouse style room. Four Stormtroopers and two technicians are within and are spread out over the catwalks either side of the room and a few on the floor. The safest way to deal with them is to pick a catwalk and vault to it, defend until the majority of the enemy fall and then go and hack the Flechette soldiers.


The next section is a large control room, loitering outside the door will let you hear more tales of your exploits. Within this room is an officer, a technician and two Stormtroopers. They can be a tad more tricky than the others because they try to flank you more in this room I find. The monitors here show Galak Fyyar instructing a Reborn to kill you, you'll meet him sooner or later. There is a corridor leading off from this section and it is from here that re-enforcements come. At least one officer and as many as two Stormtroopers come running when the fight starts. Be careful towards the end of the corridor, there are three Stormtroopers waiting and they will rush you when you get near. After they have been dealt with, there is still danger. Two more lurk around the corner preparing an assault sentry gun on the floor just before it slopes down, there is a second sentry at the bottom of this slope. There are two doors leading out of this area, the one at the top of the slope brings you back to the room where you destroyed the welder, the other leads to another pod bay.


You get a checkpoint here and with good reason, as you will hear when you approach, everything is electrified. The entire floor beyond is a mass of electrical charges. They aren't instantly lethal but they do a lot more than just tingle. The best tactic to kill the enemies here is to force push them onto the floor. This is most important with the Flechette Stormtrooper on the box stack to the left of the entry. He uses the secondary fire mode with the mini-grenades and these can often blow you onto the floor yourself. Once you have killed the Imperials that you can see, you have to vault around the room from container to container. Make your way around the left side of the room, jumping from crate to crate. Your next objective is to get into the pod itself. There is an elevator within that takes you to the upper section of the pod and from here you can crawl out onto the gantry. You may note the glass booth in the corner has a supply crate on top, the best way to get this is jump on the weapon rack near the door and then up to the roof. Around near the edge of the gantry, there is a ammo power converter. I can't speak for anyone else but my weapons have been mostly full since I got lightsaber combat level 2 & was able to reflect blaster shots back at people. The glass booth contains the power controls, you can switch them off and safely proceed down to floor level. There is also another mysterious gantry moving switches (I just press it because I can).


Once back on ground level, head through the pair of blast doors. This room contains an assault sentry up on a box, it is the most dangerous thing in the room since all it contains otherwise is five Stormtroopers. This room should be easy to pacify. The next section is a small control room that is deserted apart from one astromech. However, the entrance is mined. There are six laser trip mines covering the door, these are easy to either avoid by jumping over the top one or destroying via blaster or thermal detonator. The monitors here show Stormtroopers talking about your exploits once more.


There is a small platform lift that leads down, in the dark corner there is a supply rack which has two small shield boosters. Open the door and move inside. Two Reborn await, one level 2 and one level 3, the level 2 is relatively easy to isolate if you move to him and engage immediately, often the level 3 stands and waits. After you have killed both of them, head through the blast doors.


This next section is another large cargo room. There are two rows of three big crates in the middle. Be careful as you approach them because two walker droids emerge. Fear not, there is the DEMP2 gun lying in the pieces of a disassembled crate just begging to be played with. I find the best tactic is to force grab it as you go in and vault onto the group of crates in the middle, the walker driods will have a hard time hitting you when crouched and you can take a nice clear aim with the DEMP2. After you have destroyed both droids, drop to the ground and scout the wall underneath the door, there is a grating in the corner covering the level's one and only secret. As you approach the exit door, it slides open and Reborn emerges. It is possible to kill this guy with a saber toss as he's running out if you time it right.


After the Reborn dies enter the room he came from, it is an elevator well. At the summit of the lift shaft, there is a relatively large fight; four Stormtroopers, a pistol officer and two auto-fire officers as well as two gun turrets. One of the gun turrets has a clear shot at you from the top of the lift. I recommend having the DEMP2 gun ready and hit Force-speed before you get to the top. This way you can cleanly get 2-3 clear shots at the cannon before the enemy can respond by which time you can have your lightsaber out again and be on stable ground. There are no flechette troops here so you can just defend until the enemy fall. There is another blaster cannon right next to the lift so don't run out without being aware of it, either the DEMP2 or the lightsaber will make short work of it. There are two bacta canisters, some ammo and two small shield boosters.


ALTERNATE TACTIC: Matt butting in here. The tactic I like to use here is to use Force-speed as I get to the top of the lift for the thinking-time advantage. Run to the right at the top of the lift, jump the small boxes and hide in the corner behind the crates. Now I bounce thermal detonators off the wall behind me into the room to take out most of the Imperials. I duck out and take down a gun turret with the DEMP2 then finish off the rest of the enemy. Finally I duck out from cover completely and use the DEMP2 on the gun turret.


The door down the corridor leads to an overhanging control booth (opposite the first major control room you came to) where you can move one of the pods to open the way forward. Before you can do all this, however, you must get past a substantial Imperial compliment inside. I would recommend running in and to either the right or left. There is a Stormtrooper either side but you can get past them before they can react, even without Force-speed. Once they have all fallen, you can do a fair bit of random vandalism to the displays as well as collect a decent amount of supplies including three small shield boosters. Hit the button near the window and head back to the door. Let your force recharge before you go out as you're in for a fight. Exiting the door, you will be standing next to a level 4 Reborn. This fight is one of the tougher on this level I find, usually lasts a lot longer than the average reborn duel. If you have particular trouble, you can drop down the lift & he usually doesn't follow you. Once you have killed (or evaded) him, head back through the blast door in front of the lift. You get a checkpoint at this stage. You will be back in the room where the walker droids were, now it has a Reborn. Kill him and then proceed through the blast doors. You will now be facing 1 Level 3 and 1 Level 1 Reborn. They aren't that tough but there is a nastier surprise in store. As soon as they die, a large door opens in the next room and an ATST strides out firing. There are several ways to kill it, you can find places behind the cover of the blast door where it can't shoot you but you can hit it. The DEMP2 and the secondary fire of the Repeater are effective as are Thermal Detonators. A harder but much more fun tactic is to use force push on it's rockets and heavy blaster shots so that way you can make it kill itself. This is rather hard on this level of force push because you have to centre the incoming fire in the cursor but I think it's so much more rewarding for it.


Once the AT-ST has been destroyed, your progress to the next level is nearly complete. Enter the large door on the left side of the room the AT-ST came from. Take care for there are two assault sentries here, you can take them out with an overcharged blaster pistol shot from a range greater than they can retaliate. Destroy both and head in. A group of six Stormtroopers (four repeater & two flechette) storm around the corner when you get halfway into the room. Dispatch them and investigate the room. There are stairs leading up to the catwalks around the room, there is a fair bit of ammo available up here so it's worthwhile if you're low. When you're done, investigate the area under the stairs, on each side there is a hole but they are both mined, destroy the mines and drop down. If you look behind the small wall support on each side of the holes, you will find a shield power converter at one end and a ammo power converter at the other. Once you have finished resupplying and healing, drop down the large hole in the centre of the floor to finish the level.

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LEVEL 16 - Cairn Reactor PREV | HOME | NEXT


This has to rank as a personal favourite level for me; a large swathe of the danger is from the terrain rather than the enemies. There is a lot of exposed circuitry, electrified plates as well as lethal energy beams. This is not to understate the dangers of the enemies, however. In the first section alone you fight four Reborn, there is also a 5th later in the level.


The level begins in the reactor itself, you will see teal energy beams firing at intervals at every intersection, these are lethal to the touch but can be as much an ally as an obstacle. Ahead of you stands a Reborn. If you are confident of your fighting abilities, just run between the beams and cleave him in two. Should you wish a more gratifying and amusing end, defend against him until he lets his guard down and force push him into the passage behind him where he will shortly be fried by the beam.


Your objective lies down the right side of the corridor. Scout out the location of the side tunnel, wait for the beam to fire, engage Force-speed and sprint in. You will find yourself face to face with a Reborn, if you act fast you can use the dying seconds of force speed to kill him before he gets a chance to oppose you.


Your next objective lies down the left corridor. Again time the activation of Force-speed to coincide with the shutdown of the beam and sprint around into the side corridor. As you swing around the corner, you find yourself face to face with another Reborn. The standing tactic on this level is to try and kill the Reborn before your force speed wears off, if you can do this... fine. If not, you can again shove him back into the deadly criss-cross of beams. Once dealt with, examine the unusual beam arrangement and you will see that they fire into large structures with a crystal on the top. You can destroy these with a few blaster shots or a saber toss and it shuts down the beam. You will notice that when you destroy them, they blow out portions of the wall behind them, the centre one makes a hole large enough to exit through. Take extreme care as you approach since it empties out into another beam conduit.


If you look at the roof in this corridor right next to your "hidey-hole", you will notice there is a hole marked by a small steam vent. Make note of this section as it is how you progress when coming back through the reactor (it currently has two permanently active beam emitters so it's not viable even if you could get there in time). Your objective here is at the very end of the corridor and to the right. Level 3 Force-speed affords you enough time to sprint to the end of the corridor and get into the safe zone despite how it may look. If you have difficulty with this section, there is a side passage halfway along that you can duck into. There is also a dead remnant technician here nearby two med-packs (am I the only one disturbed by the amount of corpses next to medical kits in games?) that may be useful if you've taken damage. Exploring this section should make it clear why it's not the way to progress, the beams at the end of the corridor to the right have never given me enough of a gap to get through.


Once in the end corridor, advancing to the intersection near the end will bring you to the last beam you have to run the gamut of. It fires from the main generator for this section. Force speed through (take care not to overshoot and hit one of the other beams) and hit the control on the generator. This shuts down that generator and makes it possible to return in safety. Head back through either the long route you used to get here or use the shorter side passage that takes you to the dead technician mentioned earlier. When you approach the hole in the roof, a Reborn drops down. This can be one of the easiest fights in the game, if you time a lightsaber toss just right, you can kill him before he hits the ground. After he is dead, jump up into the hole and make your way up, jumping on the pipes, until you are in another corridor. There is another beam generator here but it is of much lower power and doesn't endanger you immediately. You will notice a number of platforms spiralling round the generator core. These have small beam emitters on them, they will hurt you but not kill you as fast as their larger brethren. Your objective in this room is a door on the third level of the platforms, it lies to the right as you enter. Negotiate the ramps and enter the door.


In this room, there are two remnant workers and two Stormtroopers. Dispatch them in whatever gruesome way you please and proceed through the far door. The room beyond contains a gigantic electrified axle that is as dangerous as it looks. A good rule of thumb for this level is that if it looks dangerous it'll probably kill you instantly. Proceed to the right, your objective is a pipe sticking out from a lower level, drop to this and down onto the lower pipe in front of you. This triggers the approach of a heavy repeater Stormtrooper, after killing him, proceed along the walkway he came on and look left. You will notice 2 pipes that go under the axle, drop to these and head under it to the other side, jump up and run along the walkway. You will see in front of you two sets of pipes, jump up onto these and you can see three remnant techs below you. Drop down and kill them, there is a supply rack here with ammo and a med-pack. Your exit from this section is a series of pipes across the room. Jump onto the ledge at the right end of the room and up onto the lowest pipes, then to the highest pipes and finally into the doorway above. Who'd have thought being a Jedi was 50% combat & 50% gymnastics?


Round the corner here to empty back out into the axle room once more, drop to the pipes and run over to the other alcove, there is a repeater and flechette Stormtrooper at the end of this corridor but it's no problem to run behind them and Force-push them down into the pit below. Looking to the left, you will see three holes up in the wall in the distance, all of these have Stormtroopers behind them (six in total). You can either stand there and reflect their wild shots (with both saber and Force-push) until you kill them or you can kill them yourself (a perfect task for the disruptor rifle). The pit beneath you has three more techs as well as another weapon rack. Your objective in this room is to get to where the repeater Stormtroopers are. Proceed into the centre of the room, the drops are quite safe, just dark. Make your way to the wall with the portholes. On the way, you may notice that the left and the right sides both have an arrangement of pipes that looks scaleable... they are. Going up either one will reveal a hole in the roof, force jump through and collect any ammo you may need from the dead repeater troopers (or finish off any you missed before). There is a door in the rear wall where you have to proceed.


You get a checkpoint here and with good reason. You are proceeding over the top of the axle itself. Fortunately, someone has had the good sense to put a casing over this bit. There are several large spinning sections that are still just as deadly but, like the energy beams at the start of the level, these can be as much a help as a hazard. You will see their effects if you enter stealthily, a technician gets blown off the catwalk onto one of the spinners. If you don't see this, you can always use force push to make a few demos of your own, after all the enemies here are dead, proceed across the axle. Jumping the spinners can be tricky since they are nearly the same width as your maximum current Force-jump It's a matter of getting as close as safely possible before jumping. You will notice further down the axle a Level 4 Reborn. This is either the easiest or hardest fight in this whole level. Depending on the decisions the AI makes, the Reborn can either disintegrate himself on the spinners or fall to his death. The best tactic I've found thus far is to wait next to the closest spinner till he tries to throw his saber. Just as he does, jump over the spinner and attack him. All the previous tactics apply for fighting this Reborn but you must maintain situational awareness, disintegration or screaming fall await should you get distracted. Force-push can be the most useful here as you can fling him into the spinners or the depths below. Once you've killed him, look at the landing on the far side, you may notice that there are three assault sentries positioned there. Judicious use of the blaster pistol will make short work of them and make the coming confrontation easier. When you cross the second last spinner, four Stormtroopers come through the door. Jump the spinner and force push them as you mount the landing, killing them then becomes easy.


When you come through the door, you will be looking upon a long catwalk leading to a huge towering structure. A cavernous pit stretches around the tower, small protrusions studding the perimeter. A walker droid stands on the catwalk but often does not fire until attacked. If this is the case, pull out your DEMP2 gun and unload five shots into it as soon as you can. Once it is destroyed, you can turn your attentions to the less powerful enemies. There are two technicians to the right of the entrance as well as four Stormtroopers ahead on platforms that raise as you approach. On the lower platform to the right, there is a remnant officer who carries the supply key for the crate on the left of the entrance. Next to the officer there is a small air car, this is the nastiest trap in the game. If you choose to use it, you must beware of two rocket troops who emerge and rain fire at you from long range as the car gets to the halfway mark of its journey. You can snipe these enemies with the disruptor rifle but it does no good as the destruction of the air car is actually not because of a direct impact rather damage to the protrusions that seem to control the movement of the air car. Jumping off the air car to the protrusions when it is attacked is rather difficult and even inaccurate fire from the rocket soldiers can fling you into the depths below. If you wish to see this and still complete the section in relative safely, you can activate the car, wait till it blows up and then move very carefully along the protrusions and snipe the rocket soldiers with the disruptor rifle. The safest way to do this section is to not activate the air car at all and simply jump along the protrusions.


Once you have gotten to the end of the jumping, head around the corner and kill the technician behind the console. Follow the opposite ledge around until you see a small grating. Cut it open and duck inside. This is the one and only secret for the level and contains a battery & belt of Thermal Detonators. Head back around to where you killed the technician. There is a lift in this section. At the top of the lift, there are two Stormtroopers facing you and another in the right side of the corridor guarding a weapon rack containing, amongst other things, a rocket launcher. After you have pacified the area, proceed through the door and onto another catwalk leading to a higher section of the tower. The two Stormtroopers here should pose no threat. If you lap the edges of the tower, you can obtain any weapons dropped by the Stormtroopers on the raised platforms. Additionally, there are two clips of blaster ammo, two bacta tanks and two large shield boosters on the landing.


Proceeding through the door, you will find yourself in a very dark room, beware of the potential pitfalls as the drop is quite nasty. There are three lifts on this level... two square and one trapezoid. The two square lifts both descend and should be left until later. Proceed up the trapezoid lift to the upper level. There is a button you have to hit here to activate the lift on a lower level. The door to the end of the level also lies here but you cannot access it until you have a security key. There are four officers here. After you kill them, press the button to power the lower lift and head back down. Once you get back to the main level, head down one of the square lifts. There are four Stormtroopers guarding the main power conduit on the way down. Don't let them get away with that! Jump over and kill them, there is a large pipe emanating from the base of the conduit so you can safely drop to this after you're done. Search for the trapezoidal lift and descend to the lowest level. There are five officers here, the brown uniformed officer carries the security key for the door above. There is also a Reborn here. He is a difficult one to tackle as the drops are easy to stray into in you're too pre-occupied with the duel. The usual Force-push-off-a-precipice tactic is good, but Level 3's are usually fairly hard to catch off guard. Once you have the key, you can proceed up to the top level again, use the key on the door and proceed across the ramp, taking out the three Stormtroopers on the way. Enter the next passage go to the door at the end to finish the level.

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LEVEL 17 - Cairn Dock PREV | HOME | NEXT


This level begins in one of the most eerily quiet sections of the game. Go through the door ahead of you to enter a storage room. In front of you is one small door but it is locked. To the left is a blast door, to the right a regular door. If you require any ammunition or supplies, you may get them through the blast doors, there is enough ammunition there to completely rearm you (with the exception of the detonation packs). Once you are done, head through the rightmost door, again, a quiet room. Look into the alcoves and you will see six suits of black armour with chest mounted gems (the schematics of which you may have seen in the secret base on Kejim). I was fully expecting at least one of them to burst out of their cases and attack. The thing that tipped me off was that none of them had hands, you can destroy the armour but there is little point beyond the sheer fun of vandalism (oh... and the collateral damage to the Remnant's war effort).


Head down the stairs, open the door and prepare for a fight. As you approach the edge of the platform you enter on, a hole in the floor opens and two figures leap out. This is your first fight with a Shadowtrooper and boy is it a good one, a pair at once. They have the ability to cloak (I am assuming this is something like Force-stealth power from Jedi Knight) and are excellent duellists. Think of them as the elite of the Reborn. They have several high-powered force abilities, which they use to great effect. Your best defence in this situation is a tight and fast offence, rolls and swings whilst using force speed. Try to hit them in the back if you can. Their Cortosis armour is substantially resistant to your lightsaber so you will need to hit them repeatedly to take them down. When you kill a Shadowtrooper, you get a nice bonus, the green crystal mounted on their armour scatters free, this is strongly imbued with the force and can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a fight of this nature. Once the two of them finally go down, the door opposite the entrance opens and three Stormtroopers come running out to engage you. Dispatch them and head inside. Kill the officer here and take his key. You can now backtrack to the locked door in the first room. Follow the passage to the door at the end.


Once you enter, walk up to the control panel and hit the switch. This activates the lift on the right and gives you the single most important clue for this level... stealth! If you are spotted anywhere in the region of an alarm panel, a remnant soldier will hit the alarm and you will be captured. You can go fangs-out in this and indeed most stealth sections, the challenge lies in not letting any enemy soldier near the alarm control. The disadvantage is that you can be attacked from multiple angles that you can't defend against. Additionally, there is at least 1 alarm control you cannot get to. I shall, however, describe both the stealth and the aggressive methods, where applicable, as there is equal value in both.


After you hit the button and hear the stealth speech, go down the lift and proceed through the door, your best bet is to have your finger on mind trick just in case someone notices you and deactivate your lightsaber (The light and noise can alert the enemy). If the alarm goes off you are pretty much doomed anyway (I recommend getting captured once to see the cut-scene). Moving in a crouch from here on in until you bypass the danger zone is a good plan. Head right, past the alarm panel and look on the right wall for a floor-level opening. There is a Stormtrooper who patrols nearby and can see the opening so either mind trick him or wait for him to turn and then duck in. Crawl down the ductwork, ignore the first three openings and go right to the end.


NOTE: If you do go aggressive in the first section, the officer carries a supply key that opens the crate left of the entrance. Take care if you choose this method as there are two rocket Stormtroopers on high ground that can do some serious damage if they spot you. On the floor, there are two technicians, one officer and five Stormtroopers to deal with altogether.


Once you have moved out to the open area, look for the lift. This leads up to the area you have to access indicated by the large power converters. This is too dangerous as the electrical discharges on the floor are lethal. In order to safely bypass this section, you have to backtrack a little. From the lift you will see the edge of a building. There is a small lip on the right hand side you can jump to and there is a hole in the wall as you follow the lip around. As you enter, stay crawling as there is an officer who runs to an alarm panel when he spots you but you have the advantage in the fact that there is a series of pipes that you can hide behind when crouching. There is a shield generator on the floor of this section, if you need shields you may wish to go dynamic in this section. The officer is susceptible to a mind trick then a saber toss and the three technicians below will pose minimal threat. If you do not need shields or you have finished resupplying, there is a button next to the window on the top floor. This deactivates the power converters and allows you to progress.


Head back out and vault over to the level you came from and get back to the converters. There is an opening on the left hand side that leads right and up the stairs to a safe zone. This can take a fair length of time, often enough for the converters to reactivate. Force-speed should be enough to get you through. An alternative tactic is to use force jump and simply leap between the gaps at the top of the converter structures, this gives you ample time. Once through, you will see three officers at the top of the stairs. One officer carries a supply key, the corresponding box is to the left of the consoles, a short search will reveal it.


The next section looks nice and safe but there is a lift that carries six Stormtroopers up to your level. There is an alarm panel in this room but it is damaged so you can safely go aggressive. If you are fast, you can run to the edge of the lift shaft, look down and use your new level 3 Force Pull to pull them high into the air and kill them via impact. A single officer is now of minimal threat unless you're laughing too much at the rain of Stormtroopers. There is an assault sentry on the boxes near the alarm panel, you can collect it if you need one. The security key you will require is on a crate near a weapon recharge point, grab the key and unlock the door in the rear corner.


ALTERNATE TACTIC: Matt here again, poking my nose in once more. I usually use the fangs-out tactic here, but I think the stealthy way has more class. When turning the corner to this area you will notice a passage between the walls of the area you were just in and the once you are approaching. Enter this passage and go to the end. To your left will be a narrow gap that allows you access to the room you were approaching, but this empties into the rear of the room behind the crates. Sneak along the back of the room until you are behind the crates that are near the officer. Poke your head out and use Force-pull to steal the security key from on top of the box next to the officer. Now use the Jedi mind-trick on the officer and sneak around to the rear of the boxes on your right. Make your way along the wall toward the doors and us the mind-trick on any nearby troops. Cross the gap to the door and use the security key on the terminal to open it.


Take the lift up to the control booth, you will notice there is a control you can activate which lowers the lift in the room outside. Proceed through the lower door, it leads to a corresponding room with another control you can activate. This time it saves you a fight as the lift it lowers contains six Stormtroopers, although if you need the ammo or just want the fun of hacking and slashing you can take them on in a moment. Head down the lift and across the courtyard to the unlocked door. Proceed through slowly. The room beyond has a series of electrified power conduits, there is a gap on the right hand side so you can move through safely. Deactivate your saber here as the next room is another stealth one.


When you open the door, you can eavesdrop on the "What's the biggest ship" conversation. Once you're ready, proceed right... crouch and hug the wall. One of the Stormtroopers often notices you but not enough to alert him so don't panic if it sounds like you've been spotted. When you get to the cover of the right hand side of the room, jump up the pipes and get to the top. From here, make your way along the top until you reach the end, there will be a ledge below you that you can safely drop onto. Look down and to the right and you should see another ledge, dropping here is usually safe and you can use the mind-trick on the officer from this level. Do so, drop down and engage the remnant troops. In theory you could mind trick them all but that would probably not last long enough to make your escape. A fun diversion is to force push the Stormtroopers onto the electrified conduits in the middle of the room. The officer here carries the supply key to the crate on the far left of the room.


The aggressive method for this area is a bit tougher than usual, the best method I have found is to use the Repeater's secondary fire mode but this requires a degree of finesse and experience with it. Once you have the right elevation and angle, you can lay down a barrage at the alarm console and should stop anyone getting to it. If you're good with the secondary fire mode and poor at stealth this is by far the best tactic.


Once you are in the clear, head through the door to a remarkably familiar room. Navigate your way through and enter the next room. This room contains a secret... if you look up and to the right when you enter, you will see a grille. You can jump to a protrusion near the right door and then leap up to the grille.


The door is a trap, there is an alarm console you cannot access and the officer will trigger it as soon as anyone sees you. Your real objective is on the high ledge you may have noticed when first entering the room. Jump onto the light pole and then up to the ledge, there is a hole at the end you can crawl through and you emerge on a landing overlooking a well staffed command room. There are two small shield boosters here as well as a power droid (Who does not raise an alarm unless you damage it). The real treasure of this platform, however, is a light control panel. Take note of the positions of the troops and the exit door, you will have to mind trick the three officers near the door to escape undetected. You can do this one of two ways, either hit the lights, trick them and jump straight to the door or hit the lights, jump to the far right corner and crouch walk to the door, tricking them once you're there.


In any event, the next section is something of a challenge, you may wish to save before entering. As you enter, you are attacked by a Level 2 Reborn. Contrary to usual tactics, you should evade him for now, your real threat here is from the officers that run off as soon as you enter. You must track them down and kill them before they can raise the alarm, there are two panels and the officers each run off in different directions. After you have killed them, you can turn your attention back to the Reborn and kill him with relative ease. The door here leads to a lift up which empties out onto a large gantry leading to your final objective, the observation deck of the Doomgiver. Make your way around the edge and find the open door, enter and then watch the cut-scene.

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LEVEL 18 - Doomgiver Comm PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in the observation room. Twelve Stormtroopers will storm in (hence their name) and attack. They are of minimal threat, the best tactic is to drop through the floor holes and put your back to the wall to defend until they all fall. Once they're dead, you can go down the lift in the lower section.


Following the exit of the lift there are six Stormtrooper and two gun turrets, so don't be eager about running around. Once they are all destroyed, hit the control on opposite the large door, this unlocks the doors and faces you with four Stormtroopers and an officer. The officer carries the security key which opens the supply room on the right. After you kill them & get any supplies you require, head to the lift... but take care. There is a Level 4 Reborn in there. You may well kill him if you switch to heavy stance & swing down as you approach the door. If not, he often ducks sideways whereupon you can usually use a saber toss to trap and kill him.


Head down the lift and out into the next room. There is only one officer here, he carries a useful supply key. You may notice two openings protected by forcefields, these can be accessed shortly. There is a grate in the ceiling of both the right and left rooms through the doors down the hall. The right one leads to a secret, but the left one is where you want to go to progress. Beware of the interrogation droids that sit in the passages above, a lightsaber toss will take them out nicely. Cut through the floor grate and drop into the droid control room. Kill the officer and open the door before activating the panel the officer was guarding to take control of an R5 unit. You can now use it to get through those forcefields at the front of the main room. Be careful when moving through these areas as the R5 will be detected after a while, particularly if you get near the black protocol droid. Irrespective of the way you choose, your objectives are the same, open the door to give you access to the lift. If you chose to open both doors, you can go through and kill more troops and get more ammunition (if needed).


The lifts lead down to the tram stations. The rightmost lift leads to a room with an ammo recharge, the left to one with shields. Both empty into the same area so it doesn't matter which one you take. The next room is rather dangerous but a good place for the much underused DEMP2 gun. In the next room, there are two walker droids, two small gun droids (that are essentially treadmills with a blaster) and two gun turrets mounted on the roof of the upper level to be dealt with. Once the room is clear, look around and locate the area with vertical piping that leads over the pit. A secret lies to the left of these pipes (find it nestled in the wall at the rear). There is a glass section in the floor between the pipes, be careful when you drop through as you will encounter eight interrogation droids in the tunnel below. You can saber toss through these with ease and then proceed up the lift. There are four technicians in the room above who should pose no threat whatsoever to a trained Jedi. Proceed through the door and into the tram control station. There are 4 trams you can activate, it makes little difference which one you choose, the lower 2 trams provide a slight tactical advantage as you will come under fire upon exiting either top tram. To provide the bounty of choice, activate all 4. The doors out of the section lead onto the catwalk that the blaster cannons were guarding (you see now why it's wise not to simply evade them). As you activate either door, a series of Stormtroopers pour through the lower doors. Despite their numbers, they are easy to kill. One notable tactic is to drop to floor level and hide under the stairs, force pushing them into the pit below whilst defending from the troops across the way. Head through either lower door (I'd recommend the one with the shields since you'll probably have taken some damage) and enter the lower tram, activate it and ride it to the end.


Upon exiting the tram, rapidly destroy the two assault sentries and prepare to defend from an attack. Several Stormtroopers and an officer run around to engage you (the officer may not appear, it depends on which side you come in by). There is a third assault sentry covering the corridor but slightly hidden in an alcove, a well tossed thermal detonator or a quickly placed blaster barrage will take care of it. As you approach the central door, the squad of stormtroopers from the other side head around and attack you. Once they are dead and the security key is yours, unlock the central door and prepare for another fight. Eight Stormtroopers and three assault sentries guard the room. One sentry can fire on you as soon as you enter, a good place for the repeater secondary fire or a thermal detonator but I'd recommend taking the troops out first. This room contains the main communications terminal for the Doomgiver, but you cannot use it yet as you have to unlock the system.


Proceed out either door, kill the two Stormtroopers and exit out into the comm access room. There is a circular floor lift you need to head down. The room below looks intimidating but it is unusually simple if you are good at jumping. Open your datapad and look at the code you need to activate. There is a console with a code in most of the rooms but there are only three you need to concern yourself with. The correct Red code is located in the room directly to the left of the entrance. You will need to do a little jumping to get there but nothing you shouldn't be able to handle by now. Activate the console with the red code and proceed out. Your next objective is the green code on the level below. Drop down and hit the green level. The room you are looking for now is directly on the right of the entrance. It is probably the most difficult room to get safely out of as there is no lip on the doorway, but it should still pose little problem. Activate the code and drop to blue level. The room you now seek is the one opposite the entrance in the centre. It can be tough to get to sometimes as it's easy to be disoriented. Once there, activate the code and proceed back to the lift. If you wish to obtain the final secret of this level, you must walk to the back of the roof of the room where the blue code is and look down, you may notice a small ledge below. Walk off the edge and guide your fall. After you have collected your bounty, force jump back directly up and keep trying to move onto the roof, this looks impossible but it's not, just keep trying. After you go back to the lift & head up to the comm-access room, enter each colour coded room and activate the code panel to lock the code in. You can now go back and use the main comm panel to call in the cavalry. Enjoy the cutscene of the X-Wings & Y-wings in glorious battle then head back into the comm access room again, your objective is the previously locked door behind the blue room. Enter here to finish the level.

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LEVEL 19 - Doomgiver Detention PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in a relatively long corridor, proceed down the corridor and pause before the turn to the right if you wish to hear the conversation about the Shadowtroopers. It's the little touches like this that make me almost regret killing the Stormtroopers. Then I think of the fun I can have with force grip and saber toss...


Kill the two Stormtroopers here and enter the large observation room overlooking the main hangar bay of the Doomgiver. The forces in this room consist of four TIE pilots, two officers and four Stormtroopers. There is also a defence cannon mounted in the far doorway so beware if you chase the TIE pilots when they run. Once you have killed all the remnant troops, collect the security key from one of the officers. This next part is entirely optional, but fun... proceed through the upraised door, take the lift down and kill the officer. Beware as there is also a Shadowtrooper in here. Once you have killed both of them, you can take command of the Doomgiver's cannons via the control panel and destroy the TIE fighters. This has no actual effect on the game but is rather fun. There is a shield and weapon recharge point in this room so stock up whilst you can.


After you have finished with this room, proceed through the door and prepare for a fight. There are five Stormtroopers in this room who swarm you as you enter. There is a lot of ammunition here so you can resupply with no problem.


The next room is a TIE hangar bay, there are two ways to deal with this room. The aggressive method is to run in, saber twirling, and force pushing everyone you can. There is a missile soldier in this room so take care if you do plan to fight. The second method is the sneaky version: hit force speed as soon as you enter and sprint across the room, entering the other door. Immediately turn left evading the four Stormtroopers in the room and go through the door. This room has a door on the left and the right as you enter... go in the left one and hit the blue flashing panel. The troops in that bay will no longer be a threat. The other control opens the lift down, hit this as well. The small room next to this one contains a parallel arrangement so you should do the same to clear the next bay. Before you proceed back to the bay you came from, be certain to hit the buttons once again to re-established the forcefields or you will suffer the same fate as the Stormtroopers that were in the bays. Also hit the red buttons next to the blue ones to open the cover of the lift shaft in each bay. Another door in this area contains a lift up to the upper gantry of the TIE bay, but this is fairly useless.


Proceed down the main lift in the first TIE fighter bay and be ready for a tough engagement. There are two walker droids in the corridor below and if they happen to be near when you come down the lift, you can be in serious jeopardy. Using the DEMP2 gun is very useful here. There is a secret behind the lift, you can duck into it as the lift reaches the bottom. After you destroy the walker droids head forward carefully, the next room is a TIE service bay. The central core has five gun turrets mounted on the TIE gantry and there is one more between the support pillars on the right. I'd recommend taking them out from extreme range with the DEMP2 before you head in, as when you do six Stormtroopers come out on the landings to ambush you. There are supplies on the top rim of the room including two large shield boosters. Head up the lift and secure the control booth. The switch opens the three large doors down in the bay one at a time. The central door contains one walker droid and a lift up to the second launching bay (the lift only operates if you opened the lift shaft cover earlier). The right door leads to two walker droids and a lift up to a third launching bay.


Head up the central lift and kill any resistance encountered. Head into the control room on the right (the only unlocked door) and you can do some more forcefield deactivation and unlock the lift in the third bay. This is actually not necessary since you can take the door straight out to this bay. Proceed through the bay door when you have cleared the room. There are six Stormtroopers through the next door and a fair amount of supplies.


The next room has a locked door. jump up to the pipe above and duck through the hole in the wall. The floor in the next section is destroyable and the room below has seriously large numbers of troops. There is a secret right above the hole you came in through, you can to jump up and grab it. If you wish to hear what the Stormtroopers think about using mercenaries like Reelo and how one of them wish to ascend to the ranks of TIE Pilot, you can walk around the roof quietly. Once you are prepared to engage, You can blast a hole in the roof and drop thermals down or snipe with the pistol from the hole you entered. The more aggressive method is to hack a hole in the roof with the lightsaber and drop down. If you do, I recommend doing it right inside the grate so your back will be to the wall. Beware of a rocket soldier in the room have your finger on force push to repel his fire otherwise you will take substantial damage. There is a supply box in the far corner, an officer carries the key. There is another officer who carries the security key you require to access the lift out of this section.


Take the lift down to a small control room, there is an officer here you can kill. Whilst in this room, use either the sniper scope or electro-binoculars to scout the shuttle bay across from your position. The exit from either left or right is virtually identical, the troops are the same. First you will engage a Shadowtrooper, be careful how far down you go as you may alert the Stormtroopers who can be inconvenient when engaging a foe as difficult as a Shadowtrooper.


Once you have eliminated both Shadowtrooper and Stormtroopers, you are free to follow the next corridor to the shuttle bay. The bay itself contains ten Stormtroopers and two Reborn. If you are good at engaging Reborn, you might want to kill them first to minimize their threat. If your saber skills are less pronounced, you might wish to engage the Stormtroopers on the run whilst evading the Reborn and only engage them when the opportunity arises. In any event, once they are dead, the door on the forward-left unlocks. An officer is in there and poses a threat only if you are completely incompetent.


The next section is the entrance to the detention block. Mind trick the officer whom you can see through the window, he opens the doors and you can proceed through to do the jailbreak. There's only one occupied cell although the one on the right contains a secret... destroy the cracked wall to get it. Open the locked cell & rescue Jan. The officer usually runs out of the control room as you are leaving, dispatch him if so. Work your way out holding down the buddy-system buttons so Jan can go through and leap-frog along. The exit to the level is just through the shuttle bay, head to the door on the forward far right to finish the level.

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LEVEL 20 - Doomgiver Shields PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in an empty room with only one exit. This leads out onto a concourse beside a huge pit, there are at least ten Imperials here that have to be disposed of. A good tactic is to engage Force-speed and run around the concourse near the wall using Force-push to shove your foes into the pit. You then have to proceed into one of the left doors, the safest method is to head through the first door and systematically engage the walker driods (of which there are four) and then destroy the gun turret at the end of the corridor. Once the tunnel is clear, head up the stairs at the end.


There are two Stormtroopers on the stairs around the corner and five Imperials in the room at the top. Dispose of them and hit the button near the window, this moves the pipe you can see from the window out to the main hub, thanks to which you can now access. Additionally, one of the officers carries a supply key, these aren't used until you are exiting the level later so don't strain yourself looking for the crate yet. There is a shield power converter in this room, it can be useful if you have sustained damage.


Back on the concourse, head over the pipe that extended to the hub and jump onto the ledge with the door. Hit the switch to your right to open it and head into the central room. On the upper landing, there is an officer and a Stormtrooper (who may or may not be a gentleman). The officer carries the security key for a locked door in the corridor you traversed earlier (the one with the walker droids). Grab it, drop back down and go out back across the pipe. Four Stormtroopers come out of the opposite door as you proceed, you can quickly Force-pull them all over the edge when you get near.


Go through the door from which the Stormtroopers came and go in the door immediately to your right inside. This room contains two Stormtroopers and a lock. Use the key on the terminal to gain access to the room beyond. Hit the switch here to open the hatches you may have seen in the hub room. Head back to the hub and drop down the rear-left hatch and head through the vent shafts until you get to the end. Looking up you should see a vertical chute with a glass cover. Use Force-push on the cover to open it. Jump up and head out the door. Be careful since there's a Shadowtrooper to engage here. There are also a few Stormtroopers in the room on the right who can come out if you get too close to the door. After you kill the Shadowtrooper, head through the door into the small room and clear it. You can toss your saber through the forcefields and destroy the two security droids (this will make your exit a little bit easier in the end). Head out the other door. The door opposite you here has a few supplies, but your goal is up. The catwalk above has two trip mines, so take care. The safest place to jump up is on the shortest landing as there is no mine there and it affords a good angle to destroy the mines.


The next room looks like a dead end but it's not, smash through the window and drop into the room below. The safest landing location is on the central column. There are two Reborn below. Be careful as there are two gun turrets in the corridor beyond. You should be able to take the Reborn without moving too much by now. The DEMP2 takes out the turrets with ease. There is a shield power converter just to the right of the last cannon. Take the lift up and prepare for a moderately tough fight. There are two walker droids in a fairly confined space. Using the DEMP2 you can often take out one before it can fire (five rapid rounds should do it), the other on its own should not pose much of a problem.


The next section is your primary objective, the shield generators. You will notice the generator encased in its own shield. It is impossible to destroy it until you shut that shield down. The four conduits feeding the generator are themselves shielded but you can destroy the V-shaped emitter panels on the wall above them to allow you to destroy the conduits themselves.


Once you destroy the conduits, Galak Fyyar comes out in a fancy shielded suit. You chat for a while and then destroy the generator. The best tactic when it comes to the fight is to barrage Galak with explosive weapons. I'd recommend the secondary fire of the flechette or repeater rifle. Once his shields go down, you should engage Force-speed and duck behind him, firing on the red antenna on his back... this is the shield emitter. If you destroy this, he is substantially less dangerous although he does have a new weapon when you do. The gripping arm he uses to bash you about with now is capable of shooting a heavy electrical discharge but it needs to power up to do so, when this happens, duck behind a pillar until you hear him move again. Switch to the heavy saber stance and, using Force-speed, finish Galak off.


Once he dies, the gravity generator fails and you are left floating. Look up to the top of the room on the opposite side of the door. The level's sole secret containing a seeker drone and a small shield booster is far up on the wall. Take care on the way out through the door as there are several jets of flame and electrical discharge you have to get through. Force-speed is the best way to evade a lot of the damage. Make your way back out and down the lift shaft, if you require shields the converter is still there. If you left any charge in it, it's useful to have. Head back up through the window you smashed and out the door. When you head out the door from the window room, float down and destroy the security droids. The door at the bottom of the shaft (where you fought the Shadowtrooper) that was previously locked is now accessible and leads out into the main corridor where you first encountered the walker droids. Float out and be careful as there's five security droids. Each side room has several supplies so you can restock. Get out onto the first major concourse via a door, be careful as there are two Imperial probe droids in the main pit and they both pop up to attack as you make your way along. Enter the next door. The gravity restores and you can enter the hall opposite to meet Jan and finish the level.

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LEVEL 21 - Yavin Swamp PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in a small valley with water all around. The escape pod you rode in is up on the ledge behind you. You are on solid ground, but water is everywhere in front of you. If you fall in deep water with your lightsaber drawn it will extinguish. Move forward, leaping on the rocks and patches of soil above the water line. Before you go leaping to each "island", watch the swamp in the distance for subtle movement. A few Swamptroopers inhabit the waters, submerged from the neck down. If you spot them, use the Tenloss sniper rifle to take them out. Otherwise keep your lightsaber ready to defend against any that catch you by surprise.


As you get a little further along this valley, you will notice a long bank of solid ground to your left. Jump or swim over to it. Just beyond the covering of grass are a couple of Swamptroopers in a small pond. Take them out then head along the solid ground beyond until you get to a rocky outcropping. Jump up these rocks and approach the gap at the top, you will be ambushed by two Shadowtroopers. It's easiest if you back-step immediately. If you're lucky only one will follow and the other will wait. Use conventional tactics for each trooper, but another good method if you stay on the rocks is to use Force-grip to lift them as high as you can, turn and move to drop your foe to the ground below. The fall should kill them.


Fall into the area beyond the gap and jump onto the rock into front of you. If you don't venture too far so the two Stormtroopers in the clearing beyond won't see you, you can snipe them easily from here. Hook to the right from where you are to find another exit from this clearing.


Follow the canyon to another clearing. This one has a pod that has crashed here. You will encounter a couple of Swamptroopers at the entrance to the clearing and some more scattered around inside. A sole Stormtrooper is perched up in the pod itself. This area has no apparent exit... you need to search for it. Head to the opposite wall from the entrance you entered the clearing by. Move along it until you find a small shower of water flowing from a gap in the rocks. Some wreckage will be below it (and a Swamptrooper if you haven't already killed him). Dive down into the water and you should notice a gap underneath the wall... swim through.


On the other side make sure you're ready for the Swamptrooper in the water on the other side of the tree in front of you. Turn left and jump onto the rocks (again watch for another Swamptrooper in another pond below to your left). Jump up into the cave area. Another apparent dead end, but if you look up you will see a ledge. Jump up onto this. While here you can collect a secret. Turn right and follow the ledge until it slopes upwards. Hanging vines hide a shield booster beyond. Grab it then head back to the other end of the ledge.


Look down into the new area below. There is a Swamptrooper in the water that you can snipe from here. Fall to the area below. You have a limited view of the area beyond. You can see only the expanse of water, the wall on the other side and you should here the ominous sound of an Imperial probe droid. But also opposite you will see long weeds sticking out of the water. Behind them is a Stormtrooper. Using the mind trick on him can be beneficial as he will take out one or two of your foes in the area. Jump across the water to said Stormtrooper. While he covers your back from the other Imperials in the area, quickly take out the probe droid. Engage the rest of the Stormtroopers in the immediate area as you see fit.


The ruins in the corner contain an ample amount of supplies. From here, look back towards the alcove you entered this area from. This valley leads both left and right. The right section is a dead end. It has a Stormtrooper and a Shadowtrooper. The only reason you need to go here is if you're low on supplies. The Shadowtrooper stands beyond the pillars at the very end of the valley. He guards a couple of shield boosters and bacta canisters.


You want to head around the left portion of the valley. Keep going past the pillars, taking out any Swamptroopers on the way. When you go through the rocky arch you will be in another clearing with a large wall to your left and much scattered debris from the ancient ruins. Three Swamptroopers inhabit the area, so you need to take them out before you can explore safely. Out to the right is a winding section of water to explore but there's no reason to go here, it's just another dead end. Instead, look at the large wall and you will see a square passage in the middle at its base. Enter and head left along the passage. From the turn at the end a Shadowtrooper will emerge. Don't venture any further and take him down here as there is another one about. Once he's dead, turn the corner and head up the slope. The second Shadowtrooper will ambush you from the top. Once he's finished, recharge your shields at the shield power converter and stock up on any ammo you may need with the large cache here.


Before heading out the opening, be warned that there is a Swamptrooper to the left. Jump into the water and head right. Swim to the dead end and go under the water to find a secret. Head back and climb the rocks closest to the other end. Jump onto the rocks at the and run into the next area. There a several fallen pillars here. There is a fire-fight going on between New Republic soldiers and many Swamptroopers. Run in and help the soldiers... explosive weapons do well. Once they are all dead you are free to progress. Heading left of the junction here leads to a dead end, so progress to the right across the make-shift planks. You will end up in a large valley. Around the edges of the area are large platforms and even a ship of sorts. On a couple of the platforms are Republic soldiers. One of the platforms also has ammo and shield power converters. Combine these with the supplies scattered in the valley and you should be able to stock up without a problem. To exit the area, head back and look at the opening you entered by. Directly to its right is a path with more make-shift planks along it, head that way.


In this area are two Swamptroopers. One is well hidden so be very careful not to get caught with your guard down. As you get to the end of the path across the water, the way through is a little hard to see and can look like a rocky wall. But as you approach a narrow path becomes obvious. Head down it into another open area. Proceed with extreme caution. Jump over the rocks in front of you and engage a squad of Starmtroopers that are fighting a couple of Republic soldiers. They are not much of a threat, but if you continue to the right you will come across an AT-ST. Sometimes the AT-ST will activate before you get into the area. This is where it's most dangerous, otherwise it's easy to handle. If the AT-ST catches you off guard, engage Force-speed and circle it using the Merr-Sonn all the while. Once the AT-ST is down, head into the area from which it came and go towards the pod that is wedged in the rubble. Take out the handful of Stormtroopers left and enter the pod to finish the level.

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LEVEL 22 - Yavin Canyon PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin by exiting the pod you entered at the end of the previous level. For the first secret, immediately do a 180 and go back into the pod. Go around to the other side until you find the lift shaft going up the centre. Jump up to the level above. This level and the next have heaps of supplies, so if you were low you won't be any longer. The command module at the top of the pod is where the secret is. Once again use the lift shaft... this time the jump is a little trickier though and you'll have to control your ascent to make it. Collect the goodies (and thus the secret) then head back down and out of the pod.


Just beyond the large rock in front of you is an AT-ST. Don't panic though as this one is empty. Better yet... you get to pilot it. Jump on top of it and hit your 'use' key to activate it. Note that while inside you will not be able to use your Force powers. Hit any key to switch between the main and side cannons and experiment with the alternate fire modes. You should now be ready to venture onwards.


NOTE: You don't actually need to use the AT-ST, but the level is more interesting and even a little easier with it.


Head along the canyon and you will quickly come across your first foes in the form of a squad of Stormtroopers. Shoot them as you see fit and if any get too close then crush them under your feet.


Following the canyon to the left is your first real threat... a pair of Merr-Sonn troopers. They are perched up on some rocky ledges and can be difficult to hit if you're finding the AT-ST controls a little tricky to begin with. If you have trouble and your AT-ST takes a beating, then eject from it ('use' key again) and take the enemy out with conventional means or Force-push their rockets back at them. To avoid them completely, you can enter a cave to the right on foot. This empties out further along the canyon.


Continue onwards until you come to a broken wall that blocks half the canyon. Beyond is an open valley that has ruins encased in its walls. On the opposite wall are two gun emplacements. Occupying the valley itself is an AT-ST and a harmless trooper or two. You can take them on aggressively or avoid them for the most part now and snipe them from above in a few moments. If you chose the latter you can pick up a secret on the way...


Begin to head around the first wall you're near at the entrance of the valley, at its broken end is rubble. Use the AT-ST's weapons to clear it. Exit the AT-ST and enter the newly found corridor. Inside, jump up the ledges in the dark room to the platform at the top… the secret is here, just be ready to take out an assault sentry. Get any supplies you need and head out through the hole in the wall and follow the cave. There is a Merr-Sonn troop at the end you need to take care of. From this ledge though, you have a clear view of the valley. Use your Merr-Sonn to take out the gun emplacements and the AT-ST and re-arm with the fallen troop's munitions. If you're observant, you should see a cloaked Shadowtrooper in the gap between the walls at the rear of the valley (where the gun emplacements are). Fall into the valley and approach him to take him out. The one last thing you can do here is search for the cave below the area of the waterfall, there's a small stash of supplies inside.


The exit of the valley is made obvious by the canyon with the pillars along it. Navigate the pillars then jump up to the slope on your left and wait. A squad of Stormtroopers comes along the canyon floor. Normally I wouldn't suggest just sitting tight and deflecting blaster bolts, but this is warranted because you can get caught in a crossfire if you venture too much further without killing these troops. Alternately, it is possible to take your AT-ST through and do all this, but only if it is in good shape.


The canyon now takes a sharp left then right. Around the corner, at the start of the second bend, are a gun emplacement and a Merr-Sonn trooper. If you get too close to these, a Shadowtrooper attacks you, not to mention fire that comes at you from further up the canyon. It's best to sit back and take out the enemy from range, then approach the position they inhabited to lure the Shadowtrooper out and lead him back to the cover of the canyon walls to finish him.


Proceeding along the canyon, you will see another ruined wall with two gun emplacements on it. To the right is another two on a ledge. Engage Force-speed and dodge their fire while using the Merr-Sonn to kill these two on the ledge. Go to the base of the wall to hide from the other two. Lob up a couple of thermal detonators or use the alternate fire of the repeater rifle to take out the gun emplacements on the wall. Beyond the wall is another AT-ST you can control. But an archway of fallen rubble blocks the AT-ST's path. Normally you can just destroy this with the AT-ST's weapons, but for now you should jump up onto it before getting in the vehicle. Climb it to the top left and you will see a cave. Not only does this lead to a secret but, like the previous secret, it affords you an opportunity to eliminate some threats that might otherwise be difficult to take out in the AT-ST.


Follow the cave to the end. To your left is a pile of goodies that is the secret and to your right is a ledge with a Merr-Sonn trooper on it. Take him out now and that's one less threat to your AT-ST. Look to the right and you will see two battlements either side of the canyon with two active gun emplacements on each. Between them is an enemy AT-ST, take them out from here. You can now either proceed with the level on foot or go back for your AT-ST. If you choose to go on foot, drop down here and enter the cave in the opposite canyon wall. This will empty out into an area just behind three gun emplacements that will be described in a moment...


If you opt to take your AT-ST, head back to it and climb aboard. Destroy the rocks and follow the canyon. When you reach the battlements you can get out of the AT-ST and use it as a platform so you can jump up and get the supplies if you need them. Otherwise, keep moving along the canyon until you reach another rocky archway. Beyond is another valley. This one has two paths you can take to reach the other side (one requires more combat than the other). Immediately to your right is a canyon with three gun emplacements (mentioned above). The ledges up to the right are populated by a couple of Merr-Sonn troops. It is a lot easier than it sounds to use an aggressive method here and wipe them out. Switch to your side-cannons and use the alternate attack to fire rockets at the gun emplacements. Strafe from side-to-side to avoid the enemy rockets from above. The gun emplacements are difficult to dodge, but you shouldn't really need to as only one accurate rocket hit will disable each one. Now take out the Stormtroopers on the ledge as you see fit. As you walk into the canyon there will be a battlement at the next intersection with a gun emplacement on top. This is easily taken out, but you need to be more wary of the enemy AT-ST that is sitting behind it (and also another Merr-Sonn-bearing Stormtrooper up on another ledge to your right). Strafe around the battlement and hit the AT-ST with a rocket or two to take him down. Turn right at this intersection and follow the canyon to the pod that blocks the way.


ALTERNATE TACTIC #1: Enter the valley and keep going straight ahead, avoiding the gun emplacements to your right. Head through the canyon that turns to the right, this loops around to the intersection with the battlement mentioned earlier, so you will still need to engage the gun emplacement, AT-ST and one Stormtrooper. When done, follow the canyon to the pod.


ALTERNATE TACTIC #2: If you chose to run through the cave instead of taking the canyon route, you will not have an AT-ST in which to engage the enemy. Taking them on in a full-frontal attack is tantamount to suicide. You can take them on piecemeal, but that can take a lot of time and ammo. Your best bet is to engage Force-speed when you exit the cave and turn right. Run past the battlement and AT-ST and turn right at the intersection. If your Force-speed subsides on your way, then zigzag until you reach the pod.


Enter the pod then head out the other open door to the left. Follow the canyon to the end and jump up the rocks to the cave in the cliff-face. There is a Shadowtrooper waiting for you, he is the last enemy on the level. Once he's been dealt with, find the hole in the ground at the rear of the cave and fall down it to end the level.

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LEVEL 23 - Yavin Courtyard PREV | HOME | NEXT


You begin in the catacombs outside the Yavin hangar. There are three technicians here who are easy to dispatch. There are also supplies you can get here. Move through the tunnel in the opposite wall from where you begin and engage the Stormtroopers who have breached the hangar bay. The hangar can rapidly deteriorate into chaos so stay alert. When you enter, a unit of Stormtroopers breach the other side of the hangar, these include a missile soldier and he should be your primary focus. Once they have been eliminated, head towards the hole in the wall this second squad came from. As you approach yet another squad will come through, eliminate them (once again focussing on the Merr-Sonn-wielding trooper) and head through the hole.


Your objective here is upwards, but don't be too eager yet. Above the entrance hole there is a platform with three Stormtroopers (two flechette, one repeater) who can be a tough challenge depending on your tactics. I find the best way is to move slowly back and take out the two flechette troops with either the blaster pistol or disruptor rifle then jump up and slice the repeater troop. It is possible to use Thermals to do the same but a throw on this angle can be tricky. Secondary repeater fire is usually inaccurate and secondary flechette fire is virtually suicidal.


Once you have dispatched these three and jumped the ledges to get up to their level, look for a hole to the left. Through here is a seeker drone and a Stormtrooper, neither of which present much of a challenge. Take care when in this room not to approach the door as this will trigger the battle in the next room.


The room beyond contains two Jedi in a struggle against a Shadowtrooper and three Reborn. This is a fight that is relatively tough depending on the performance of your Jedi allies. If they fall quickly this fight can turn real ugly really fast. Coupled with this threat is the performance anxiety of being watched over by Desann who is up on one of the landings. During the fight, a hole is blasted in the glass catwalk above allowing you to get up (but not before Desaan leaves to watch other battles). Once you have defeated the Reborn and Shadowtrooper you must proceed up through the hole in the catwalk but, there's a Merr-Sonn trooper there. You can either mind trick him from below (careful not to kill him while he's under your control, the Jedi in the room can turn on you if you do) or jump up into the hole & Force-push his rockets back.


The room beyond is the telekinesis training room. There is another battle in progress here, three Reborn against two Jedi. There is a hole in the catwalk you can drop through to assist in the engagement and it is important to save the Jedi if you can as it will make your following engagements a lot easier. Proceeding out of the telekinesis room via the hole in the wall, a Shadowtrooper drops from the roof and engages you. After he dies move slowly down the hallway and kill the Reborn who leaps out at you. You now have two options, you can proceed to the right out into the courtyard or you can go up to gain supplies. For the supplies... head to the lift where the Shadowtrooper dropped down and Force-jump up to the platform above. Wait for your Jedi allies to follow and repeat the procedure on the lift opposite. You may remember this from your first visit to the Academy as the path to Skywalker, but this time there are two Shadowtroopers here. Dispatch them, procure all the supplies you need and recharge your shields. Head back down to ground level and proceed to the courtyard.


The fight here is one of the toughest in the game and you will need your wits about you to survive. There are two Reborn and two Shadowtroopers and you may be hard pressed to win even if both your Jedi allies are still alive. If the Jedi die, your best bet is to perform a moving engagement attacking where possible but mostly defending, Force-speed is definitely an asset in situations like this.


Once they have fallen, the way to Desann is nearly clear. Head down the corridor on the left-rear wall of the courtyard, picking up the large shield booster on the way. Watch Desann flee under the stairs, your path is now blocked by only two obstacles, both of them Shadowtroopers. Kill them both and approach the stairs, drop down the hole to finish the level.

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LEVEL 24 - Yavin Final PREV | HOME


This is the last (not to mention one of the shortest) levels in the game. Proceed down the ramp in front of you to the passage blocked by rubble. Blast or cut away the debris and enter the passage. Take your first left then right in the next passage. In the next room, watch for falling rocks and jump up to the ledge on the other side. Go through the broken wall (getting the med-pack in the darkened alcove to your right if you want it) and proceed to the 'T' junction ahead. You can follow the passage right, but you come to a dead end (there is a shield booster for you here though). Instead you need to go left at the 'T'. If you watch the wall you will notice it moving. This is to indicate that it is an illusion... walk through.


The passage at the top of the ramp has fire shooting across it from alcoves in its sides. Pick an angle to safely peek into the fist alcove. You will notice that the fire is coming from a small fire on top of a pedestal (not unlike the fires that light the corridors you came from). Use Force-push on this small flame to extinguish it. Do the same for the next alcove. The last two are a little more deceptive. They don't shoot fire until you cross their path. Make sure you extinguish them before proceeding. Do it quickly as they reignite!


As you enter the next room, you will see three Desann's! Each will head down a different path. Two of these paths are safe, although one of the two tries to trick you to your death. If you follow the right passage you will see another illusionary wall... this leads to a fall that kills you. The passage ahead leads to a mirror in which you will see Desann appear behind you. If you turn around you will see only his shadow on the floor. This shadow tries to lead you to the aforementioned illusionary wall, so don't follow it.


The path you want to take is the passage to your left. Turn the corner right to find a ramp heading down. At the bottom of the ramp is an impassable fire. If you stop and pay attention to your surroundings, you will notice a clue as to how to proceed in the form of water dripping from a pipe above you at the top of the ramp. Slice through this to have water pour down and extinguish the fire. Go down the ramp and fall through the hole in the ground beyond.


You are in an intersection with four alcoves. In the alcoves left, forward and to your right there are Force-push emblems on the walls. Ignore the left and right ones and use Force-push on the one in front of you. Follow the path it reveals and turn the corner left. Before the end of this new passage you should check the wall on your left. There is another Force-push symbol on its lower half. Use Force-push on it then head back to the intersection. The alcove that was originally behind you (the only one without a symbol on it) is now a passage. Head down it and turn left at the end.


In front of you is a corridor with blocks sliding left and right. Getting caught in these is certain death. Use Force-speed to help time your movements and run through as you see an opening. Turn left at the end of the corridor and enter the large chamber to face Desann...


After the cut-scene you will be fighting Desann. This is a rather easy fight actually. Get too close to him and he can sometimes throw you around like a rag doll, but keep slicing away with the strong lightsaber technique and he can fall quickly.


If you're still not all that adept with the lightsaber by this stage of the game, another tactic is to initially stay on the upper tier of this room. On either side is a Force-pull emblem in the wall. Force-pull each one to reactivate the Force stream in the middle of the room. Jump down and then jump through the stream to become temporarily invulnerable. Desann can still use his powers on you, throw you about and attack you... but you'll take no damage. Engage Force-speed to make this effect last longer and hack into Desann to kill him.


A final tactic that I've heard of and have had limited success with is to go into the area below and hack away at the pillars as Desann approaches to have them fall on him and do damage. Try it out for yourself.


Now sit back and watch the final cut-scenes and credits, as once Desann is dead you've finished the game.

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