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  1. I'm curious, on average, how much time do you think you spend working on your project per day?

  2. Hello. Nothing interesting really to be perfectly honest. What about you? I'm really looking forward to playing Revange of Revan. Lol. :)

  3. Just to point out; I've gained a lot of respect for you tonight. xD :p

  4. Well if you need a hand with anything just let me know. Feel free to drop my a PM anytime and I'll be happy to help you out.

  5. Well I'll be sure to have a go one them both when you finally release them! I've got some pretty bad memories with OnEnter scripts. xD Thankfully I've not had to use any yet this time round.

  6. Hey dude! Ahh! I'm getting grief from Yavin at the moment. xD Trying to overcome it! What's up? I see you've got your Prison Mod going again! I'm glad my computers going again (sooner then I thought).

  7. Hello. Thank you for welcoming me back,

    It has certainly been a while! I'm hoping to get started on doing some work on Knights Of The Old Republic again. How is Revenge of Revan coming on?

  8. A strength of mine? One could say I have a lot of paitence when something dosen't go my way. If there's a problem I'll spend hours if need be tracking it to its source and isolating it. As for scripting, it's not my most adapt area but i'm currently learning ways to improve. At the moment, I figure out the script I want via research and referencing to the source scripts in Kotor Tool.


    I'm good at writing plots, sub plots ect. I'm soon to be releasing a small added content side quest for Kotor 1 which you might be interested in checking out for the best example. (Just little packages in an attempt to get a name for myself ready for Republic Origins).


    If you want modelling though, don't come to me. I'm 100% useless at it, that I can assure you. :p

  9. Say Logan, if there's any help or such you want with Revenge of Revan just drop me a PM or something and I'll see if I can be of service.

  10. Ah yes, I saw that mod in your signiture and checked out the website. It looks very good!

    And if I have a question I will come and ask you, I appreaciate any help that is given.

  11. My skills when it comes to modding are quite universal in all honesty, and I'm somewhat of a quick learner. I can't model however, what so ever. And that is correct, I was the main modder for Darkness Within. How do you know this? Lol.

  12. I think first comes first I'd get the main crew members back up and advertise at a later date.

  13. I've not heard from AC in a while either, and I'm unsure as of yet what I'll do with the Rouge Forums. I'll probaly contat Ki Ad Mundi if I decide to get Darth Bashanni up on her feet. And I'm still in contact with the head voicer over MSN so things are fine with him.

  14. Hey mate, I'm currently brainstorming a different concept, which you should be able to see in the Holowan Laboratories, but if I can get the team back together and my current concept isn't acknowledged very well, then yes I will restart Darkness Within.

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