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  1. Of course the gov. deserves blame; they were the ones that sold out the country, both before and after the economic crisis. But the people who are engineering the collapse are the IMF and that should be recognized. No argument here.
  2. The IMF/EU etc. are deliberately dragging Greece through the mud. They don't have Greece's interest in mind at all. Keep in mind that Germany's bailouts are not going to the Greek citizens (who are supposedly the holders of the debt). In reality that money goes into the pockets of the IMF and any politicians that have sold out to them, while the people getting hurt by rising inflation and public debt (the citizens) get nothing.
  3. The current PM is a former member of the EU central bank who was pushed by the IMF into the position. That guy isn't there to do what's best for Greece; he's there to make sure the IMF gets as much cash as they can. I don't see how Greece will be able to extricate itself without a revolution, and we all know their track record of overthrowing gov's. They usually end up with something worse than what they had before.
  4. The reason these people dodge their taxes and don't have faith in their political system is because it has been completely sold out from beneath them. The EU is a parasite leeching the Greece economy empty and is moving on to the government too. It's has now abandoned any pretense at democracy and is simply appointing people in the Greek government to follow their orders...Greece should tell Germany and the IMF to shove it up their ass.
  5. The ability of politicians to insider trade and for supposed government employees to accidentally lose billions of dollars is ridiculous, I think. (Corzine, anyone?) The federal government should be stripped of its ability to cherry pick economic programs. The Federal Reserve should be audited, and ridiculous ideas like this Keystone **** should not be under the authority of the Fed to implement.
  6. I'd hope that respect should be ever more conditional the more authority you grant someone, not less.
  7. I voted, but the pm was enough...

  8. Could you place an entry in the latest poll in the M4-78 section over at Deadly Stream? I know you're not a fan of the canon name for the Exile so your voice should be heard.

  9. I need to show my friend that my music isn't creepy compared to black metal.

  10. I need the name of your creepiest black metal song.

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