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  1. Since it's been a yearish, I guess I'll update a bit. In Hotel Management and hope to get an Associates degree and call it a day, hopefully graduating December 2015 if I can buckle down and handle a heavy workload next semester. Not the most exciting or impressive degree, but it's something nonetheless. Don't really have a solid plan for the future minus move out into my own place and..... have a job...... hopefully. :'D For a hair update, I had a pretty bright red for a month or so before it bled out so no more crazy colors for awhile.
  2. I've only beaten it twice, the second time being 5-7ish years ago. I should...... probably replay it eventually maybe.
  3. How am I feeling today?: The Courtesy Call Will I get far in life?: Waste How do my friends see me?: I'll Never be Lonely Again Where will I get Married?: Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) What is my best friend's theme song?: On the Attack What is the story of my life?: Call it what You Want What is/was high school like?: EPTM How can I get ahead in life?: Good Will Hunting by Myself What is the best thing about me?: Let Mom Sleep How is today going to be?: Buyer's Remorse What is in store for this weekend?: Electronica in the Velvet Room What song describes my parents?: Metal Now My grandparents?: Key Plus Words How is my life going?: Speeding Cars What song will they play at my funeral?: I Want to Know Your Plans How does the world see me?: Honto no Kimochi Will I have a happy life?: Cruel Angel's Thesis (oK) Do people secretly lust after me?: How to Get Money How can I make myself happy?: Affliction What should I do with my life?: Suzy Will I ever have children?: Roman's Revenge What is some good advice?: Last Living Souls What is my signature dancing song?: SMILE What do I think my current theme song is?: Kanashimi wa Aurora ni What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: 夢想曲 What type of men/women do you like?: Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach (Snoopdog obviously) i need to update my library stat there is too much anime junk in here. yikes.
  4. Hiya oldies. What's everyone up to nowadays, for old times sake? Me, I'm currently in college for culinary arts, but in the middle of changing majors to hospitality management. Keeping grades up whilst balancing being lazy and wanting to play games/avoid spending money on useless junk such as games. I dyed my hair purple and it sucked. Being an adult sucks in general. What about you?
  5. I believe we tried to migrate to the Double Fine forums, but that just kinda fell apart eventually. I was in contact with a few people for awhile until Myspace died out : x
  6. You have no idea how surprised and delighted I was to find you posting oh my gosh. It's been so long, Mayhem. How have you been? I hope you're doing well

  7. Oh my god I am cringing as I sit here rereading this thread. I was so out of touch.
  8. Reading 'Yes Man' by Danny Wallace. Pretty entertaining, has had me chuckling quite a few times.
  9. At first I was really embarrassed about every post I've made on here before 2011, but now it's just kind of funny; I was 11 when I joined here, and it's wild to think I'm turning 18 in less than a month. How's that for feeling old~
  10. On an unrelated note I'm getting a tremendous kick out of the old RP board
  11. I don't believe I ever got to meet Purple Squid oh goodness it really has been a long time
  12. I have a small hope that one day everyone just shows up again and makes at least one post; I'm talking Dav, Cheez, Mayhem, everyone from way back when. :c
  13. Thanks Sabre, it's actually a favorite of mine. I was talking with a couple friends about Psychonauts yesterday, them not really knowing of it. Brought back some good memories, wanted to drop by and see what was up in here~
  14. Picked up a copy of The October Country a few weeks back, his short stories have always sat well with me so I'm glad to finally own my own copy. Very saddened to see him gone.
  15. I miss this place every now and then, today being one of those days.
  16. I'm just about 99.8% ashamed and embarrassed by everything I've ever posted. I'm so sorry.
  17. Sometimes I look back at old posts and wonder was I always 12
  18. Favorite snacking: Sun chips, Garden salsa
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