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  1. That built seems right on the money to be fair, though I don't know if i'd really want to go Micro ATX on my first build. I think i'd sooner have the extra space in the case to move around and have things just that little bit bigger first time around just to get the hang of things. Doesn't take much to configure with a new case and mobo though I guess, so i'll have a fiddle around on that site you suggested and see what I can come up with. How well would this machine be likely to run SWTOR? Would I get my Ultra graphics, d'you think? It'd be nice to be able to play some other games on high too if I decide to at some point, but SWTOR is the main focus atm.
  2. I'll definitely have a poke around that site later when I get home and see what I can come up with. Thanking you, good sir!
  3. I've been having a think recently and I've decided is really like to get into playing TOR again and actually give it a proper go, this time. I did play for a while just after it was released, but I didn't really stick with it and as I'd never played an MMO before, I didn't really know what I was doing, so I gave up. Now I've decided I'd like to give it a proper try, since all the new expansions and changes to the game since I played last look really interesting. Obviously I need a PC to be able to play the game. My current machine is a 2008 iMac which still works flawlessly for general day to day use, but as you can imagine, it runs games about as well as I run marathons, which is abysmally. I've never built a computer in my life and I think I'd like to have a crack at building my own to play the game on. I'm hoping to play the game on the highest possible graphical settings, which considering the game is a few years old, I don't think is too unrealistic a goal. I'm not looking to spend a vast amount, but I do realise you get what you pay for. I don't play a lot of PC games as a general rule, so I don't need anything too ridiculous to enable me to play CURRENT games on Ultra though, the main point is to get the best experience out of TOR that I possibly can. I'll give a maximum budget of £700 - £800 to work with, but obviously I'd be thrilled to part with even less £££ if I can! Anyone got any suggestions?
  4. Well we've still got a lot to do if you still want to help!


    I'm doing well. I'd like to say I've been quite busy, but half the time I'm just busy putting stuff off with youtube :p

  5. Weeeeell, I'm around in some shape, yeah! Came back to help with the new site to be honest, then had some family stuff happen which stopped me doing that.. All good now, though! :)


    How's tricks? :)

  6. Good to see you're still around!

  7. I'm still more than happy to help out with the new JKNet site as I was before the project stalled. The reason I stopped working on it before was much the same as yours Lynk, I started a new job and free time just dried up as I was getting settled into it. That and starting a new relationship just kinda dominated my free time. Things have calmed down a lot since and I have a lot more free time now, so if there's any plan to try again with the new site, I'm definitely on board. Same goes for helping out on the forum this time too, if need be.
  8. Follow-up:


    I narrowed the problem down (quite unscientifically, I'll admit) to the file tar02_duelorg02.dlg


    I am not an expert so I don't know why it causes that.

    But when Ajuur gargles out "you want to step into the ring again?..." the conversation node terminates without giving me the opportunity to reply.

    Deleting the .dlg file (and thus eliminating the ability to claim Bendak's armour from Ajuur?) rectifies this

    (I actually installed your icon overhaul pack which seems to add the 3 armours from this pack to Kebla's store anyway...so C'est la vie, as they say.)


    Other than this issue I love the mods, and I also installed your Sith Armour pack one as well

  9. I was hoping you could help me.


    I recently installed your Mandalorian Armour pack from deadly stream. Now, whenever I talk to Ajuur the Hutt, the conversation terminates after he finishes talking. I only encountered this problem after installing your mod, and seeing as your mod includes a .dlg file for Ajuur, I wanted to ask you if you were aware of this already

  10. Hmmm still getting huge swords, like so:





    What could be causing this?

  11. Read and write, same as with guns. ^_^

  12. Hey, me again. :D


    While we're on the subject of converting models, what's the procedure for converting melee weapons? Because the ones that I've converted ended up twice as big as the originals.

  13. If you followed that tutorial, i'm assuming you used the replacer in MDLOps, which you don't need to do with gun models, only lightsabers. A plain read and write should suffice. ^_^

  14. Hey Marius, can I ask you something? I used your tutorial to convert a few weapon models (blasters and rifles) from K1 to TSL, but they all ended up misaligned, either a little to the left, right, up or down when held in hands. What do you make of it?

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