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  1. I'm good! I imagine everyone is old as balls now, so this is great and probably super weird. How have you been?

  2. Darth? It's Mayhem, its been a hell of a long time . . . sudden nostalgia kicked in and I wandered into RD. I had to make a new account :/


    How are you?

  3. Hey long time no see, I hope you're doing well and still kickin'

  4. frowntown, bro.

  5. go **** yourself ave

  6. I'm under the impression that they send them out on first, and I'm not crazy enough about it to spend $8 to call in and find out what I got when it's coming in the mail.

  7. Don't AP scores come out in July? I was expecting a post from you in the good things thread in the Swamp (or the bad things thread, I suppose) :)



  8. <3 You're like the older brother with the man room in the basement.

  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ave. You're like the little sister I wish I had. :D

  10. I scrolled down and saw your name was in pink, for your birfday. Happy birthday Rhett, cause you've been really nice to me in my times here. =D

  11. The Answer: "I broke my arms. ERGH."

  12. The world will shout "Save Us". You'll whisper:

    A. "No."

    B. "Yes."

    C. "Can't say."

    D. "This is Sparta."

  13. . Bubastis, because she is the one death Ozymandias was sorry for in the entire book.
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