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  1. It's not the game in the catalog I would have prioritized, but I'll have to front page it when I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up!
  2. It's a testament to how much of a Sam & Max nut I am that I seriously investigated obtaining a refurbished Oculus just to play this one game. Then I found out you have to log in to a Facebook profile to use it, and that was the end of that. I'm starting to remember why I largely stopped playing new games many years ago. I find the enrollment aspect instantly exhausting. Anybody care to give a crabby old bastard the rundown on the other VR options and what they feel entitled to beyond a $999 investment?
  3. It's not even a question of taste, I would say. One can prefer Bill's new interpretation of the Barbery Coast to the original, but the fact is that's just not what CMI looked like. I think there must be a way to bring CMI up to high resolution without forfeiting its distinctly "scratchy" style.
  4. Thanks for the better quality images! I agree that the darker version is better, but it still seems more kindred to Ghost Pirates than CMI. Bill's contribution to CMI as Lead Background Artist is immeasurable, but Larry Ahern was that game's art director, and I feel like any hi-def revisit of the game should be done in collaboration with him. Maybe he'd surprise me by signing off on this, but to me making CMI so smooth just feels wrong, and at any rate a new interpretation. I would love to see what CMI would look like if the black and white backgrounds were rescanned in hi-res and
  5. Those pencil lines are such an elemental part of CMI's overall art style that it seems heretical to smooth them out. It's why I found Bill Tiller's proof of concept for a hi-def CMI a little threatening. Independently it looks lovely, but it doesn't really feel like CMI.
  6. Cool find. I don't know if it's the same project or yet another one, but the Rogue Leaders book refers to a cancelled 3D game meant as a spiritual successor to Zombies. Concept art for "Sawyer" can be seen here.
  7. Big press push for the game today, with a press release announcing dates, price and platforms, a new batch of screens/footage, and oh yeah, that promised Mojo interview. woot.
  8. If anybody has a question for HappyGiant about this game, post it here in the next 24 hours and it may appear in an interview Mojo hopes to conduct with them.
  9. Yeah, it's one of the more overt Disneyland nods in an installment that some might consider a bit light on that particular series staple. Though I guess the Big Whoop theme park in general counts for a lot. I'm also doubting this is coincidence: It wouldn't surprise me if the Spider Monkey segment originally had more characters in it. The last act of CMI is where all the most brutal cuts were made when the budget ran dry.
  10. The father/son characters would be the voices in the game's postscript, no?
  11. Mike Levine is sharing some promotional posters for old games. Laser got an even better source of the Rescue on Fractalus! covert art from David Fox himself, but it's still cool, rare stuff. https://twitter.com/HappyGiantGames/status/1358899396868513795/
  12. The photographs for the Mojo Does Cardiff article have been mysteriously missing in action for something like ten years. Fortunately, @s-island was able to correctly interpret the glyphs faintly etched upon a series of windswept runestones in order to divine the secret location of a backup of the article's complete photo gallery, and now one of Mojo's most irrelevant articles is once again an honest to Pete multimedia experience.
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