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  1. I dunno how one gauges these things, but I've always gotten the sense that it was a fairly beloved cult classic of the 16-bit era. At any rate the Limited Run Games business model seems to be based on retroactively creating the supply (manufacturing a specific number of units) after accurately measuring the demand (taking all orders in a closed period before going into a one-time production cycle), so I suspect it's all budgeted in such a way as to always be profitable - albeit at what I imagine to be razor-thin margins - regardless of how much demand there ends up being. They've done way more
  2. Jeepers. https://mixnmojo.com/news/Zombies-Ate-My-Retirement-Fund
  3. Lucasfilm owns the IP itself, so that's what Disney inherited when it acquired the studio. Paramount's distribution rights go back to the original deal George Lucas made with Michael Eisner (then at Paramount) back in 1979. Pretty much every studio turned down Raiders when Lucas shopped it around, and a stumbling block was that they simply didn't believe that Lucas could produce the film for $20 million he claimed he could. The script read like an expensive epic, and Spielberg had a reputation for going overbudget before Raiders. Lucas and Spielberg were committed to deliver under the promised
  4. Paramount is still getting some kind of financial participation in Indy 5, so even though their involvement in this movie is merely clerical, I could see the mountain logo getting appended after the Disney and Lucasfilm logos for the sake of tradition.
  5. There is no guarantee of a five film set, as Paramount owns the distribution rights to the first four movies in perpetuity while Disney owns them for the fifth film and whatever unholy works they make with the brand thereafter. It's theoretically possible that Disney will eventually drop a big sack of money on Paramount to get those rights (they actually had to do that in the first place just to control Indy 5), but I don't see Paramount being in any hurry to sell them.
  6. It's nice to see it dechlorinated, but the nets and Classic Softs and whatever other physical filters used when shooting the movie is what gives it that gauzy look with all the halation, so that's baked in forever. I am still looking forward to giving it a watch with a less hideous color grade, though. And it's clear that starting over from a 4K scan has yielded up more detail from the 35mm source. The trilogy upgrades are more significant, but it's clear Skull got some real benefits here. Also, is this the first time in history that revisionist color grading is seen as a good thin
  7. It's disappointing, but perhaps will be limited to a prologue setting up Mikkelsen's villain or something? Unless they're going full The Godfather Part II and will repeatedly swap back to WWII. The rumor is that the movie is being shot digitally, which is a first for the franchise. It will be a shame when Mangold and Papamichael inevitably deliver something more "filmic" than Spielberg and Kaminski did with the 35mm-shot Crystal Skull.
  8. You probably are already familiar with this video, but why pass up an excuse to tout the invaluable Old Telltale Games Stuff channel?
  9. Ahh, the new Games DB. It's gonna be so awesome...in my imagination.
  10. It's also worth noting that "short-term" can mean an awful lot of things when you're talking about a game with such an exceptionally lengthy development cycle. The original game took five years to make. Now the sequel has reached six. That's a long time for anyone to work on a single project, especially depending on their role. Zak McClendon spent over three years on Psychonauts 2 before he departed, for example, and for all we know he left simply because his work was complete.
  11. I think that was the case with the first game, though. Was Wolpaw ever a Double Fine employee? I figured his work was always contractual in nature.
  12. Yes, he was brought on for a while to participate.
  13. I like how pulpy Blanchett went with the character, but her potential as a villain is really undermined every step of the way. While she seems ruthless enough, her most villainous acts (the slaughter of the soldiers at Area 51 and of the tribesmen at Akator) are carried out off-screen by henchmen. It doesn't help that her threatening of Marion's life to make Indy cooperate is just used to kick off a comic tiff between the couple. If the characters treat it as a joke when the bad guys have guns trained on them, how seriously are we supposed to take them? Spalko doesn't really have the menace no
  14. Assuming there is anything to this, I think people are extrapolating to "Indiana Jones in Space" way too quickly. The space race could be nothing more than a backdrop or the context explaining how Mads the Nazi (another assumption) is in the financial position to undertake his hunt for the mystical breadbox or whatever the McGuffin proves to be.
  15. With a name like "The Illuminerdi", how can you not trust them? https://www.theilluminerdi.com/2021/05/20/indiana-jones-5-space-details/
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