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  1. I wanna be these guys when I grow up.
  2. A little more concept art from the unproduced version, these from Gaëlle Seguillon's ArtStation portfolio.
  3. It's a hidden gem, basically Zombies Ate My Neighbors meets Greek mythology. We ought to publish a review some day.
  4. Two quasi-obscure jokes in CMI, especially for non-Americans: This is aboard the Sea Cucumber, which you may recall is the ship captained by an ape. The joke here is a reference to an old series of commercials by American Tourister, a luggage company. The durability of their product was advertised by depicting a suitcase thrown into a cage with an angry gorilla, which attempts to destroy it to no avail. It was an oft-parodied pop culture image -- this MST3K host segment being an example (look in the background). This line is triggered when you "Talk" to the pepper found by the Blood Island windmill. It's a catch-phrase from the NBC series Police Woman (1974-1978). Its titular heroine was Sgt. "Pepper" Anderson, who routinely went undercover on the orders of her superior, Bill Crowley. Dom's delivery is an impression of him. I think CMI in general is a little undersung when it comes to how stuffed full of tiny details it is. The first two games were made under circumstances that made it plausible to alter content up until the last minute, and the improvisatory possibilities were taken advantage of. CMI’s production required certain things to be locked down upfront, in particular the list of rooms, the puzzle chain, and the cutscene script. However, when it came to wiring the rooms, and thus writing all the interactive dialog (only like 90% of the game’s script), it seems that the programmers were given a similar kind of free reign and generous timeline for embedding jokes as they went, and it’s a huge part of the sense of density and polish that CMI boasts. Chuck Jordan and Chris Purvis deserve more credit than they probably usually get for serving a role similar to the one Tim and Dave did in 1990.
  5. Yeah, Jimmy's a good writer and brings the receipts, and he's also capable of a hot take that prevents him from being boring, like his dissenting view of LeChuck's Revenge. He and Frank Cifaldi had a nice conversation about The Dig once, and as I recall Frank slipped in his dislike of Fate of Atlantis. The point being, there's a little bit of this thread inside every human heart.
  6. The first LucasArts-dedicated article in a few years has turned up, this one about Jedi Knight.
  7. A sealed copy of the DOTT triangle box in the wild. Currently hovering over three grand. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/156077533875
  8. Mojo opines on the scandal with typical nuance and level-headedness.
  9. Yeah, I think @s-island has been made aware of the issue. Not that it means he's doing anything about it, mind you.
  10. The Mojo Archive Team is never in the business of turning down donations. I'd like to get some certainty on the USB stick in fact lacking the EGA build. Anybody here got their hands on one so we don't have to rely on second hand claims?
  11. I hadn’t seen Orson Welles’ Macbeth in a while, and what jumped out to me on a recent revisit was how the voices of the witches (depicted in this version as sort of Druidic priestesses), with their Scottish burr and odd inflections, sound remarkably similar to the Mayan mechanics in Year 4 of Grim Fandango. I don’t believe for a second it was an intentional similarity, but I thought it was an interesting detail nevertheless.
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