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  1. Remember those great parody trailers that were originally made for the Season 2 episodes? Based on what was done for Season 1 I'm sure Skunkape will be collating all that stuff on their own YouTube channel, but in the meantime:
  2. Remaster of the second season drops December 8th. Check out Skunkape's official announcement with web presence, trailer and screenshots: https://mixnmojo.com/news/Another-year-another-Sam-and-Max-remaster-from-Skunkape
  3. Maybe @Remicould extort motivate the readership on Twitter? "Get Laserschwert the scans he needs...or Mojo will continue hosting Lemonhead's Maniac Mansion review."
  4. Well, at this point I'll be happy just to hear they've got the thing safely in the can. It's been a long, bumpy ride, and I think there's still a substantial amount of shooting to get through. At least Ford's looking good and the locations seem like a welcome return to globe-trotting after an installment of soundstage-trotting.
  5. The recovered detail is staggering, and I appreciate having the options. When placed side by side, the first one is a bit warmed up for my tastes (though still valid and stunning) but the other two are Sophie's Choice for me. I never knew the FM Towns version turned that blueish hue into gray. I am being seduced in multiple directions!
  6. Pictured below: what none of us will look like at age 79.
  7. With regard to the involvements of Nazis... SPOILERS The evidence points to the storyline taking place in the "present" of 1969, but that there will be a prologue sequence set during WWII. One thought is that Mads Mikkelsen plays an ex-Nazi who could be introduced in that prologue.
  8. I don't have the energy to cover every set leak on the front page, but for people who want to go down that particular rabbit hole: the production is currently in Sicily, and people seem to be photographing the hell out of it. https://www.instagram.com/p/CUusPm6DqgD/
  9. Thanks to both Jake and Laserschwert for joining forces in this contribution to humanity.
  10. I've never heard this complaint about Psychonauts before. Unless we're talking about playing the PC version without a gamepad?
  11. I think they realized they made a tragic mistake in eliminating the Ultimate Insult sketch and are willing to pull out all the stops to atone for it.
  12. Unceremoniously pushed back again, to 2022. I prefer to think @Laserschwertfound a subatomic flaw in the box art and halted productuon by heaving his body into the gears.
  13. I've been re-downloading my LEC purchases from GOG, and I noticed some of the games have the native interpeter stuffed into a directory called "other". So that's pretty cool, even though it appears to be an inconsistent inclusion. Another wrinkle is that some of the earlier Steam releases of the LEC SCUMM catalog (the two Indy games and The Dig) came with the Windows-friendly executables that Aaron Giles made for LucasArts in the 2002ish area. Allegedly he actually updated all the SCUMM games this way, but only Hit the Road and Full Throttle surfaced at the time (as part of a UK compilation box, I believe), then those few others quietly appeared on Steam years later. The majority never saw the light of day, and at some point it seems Lucasfilm just found it easier to bundle ScummVM for all subsequent digital releases. (GOG may also use ScummVM instead of the Giles executable for the aforementioned Steam titles, though that needs fact-checking.) Cataloging exactly what data files and launchers come bundled with the GOG/Steam releases seems like a worthy mission for someone unburdened by my laziness.
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