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  1. A few relics: https://web.archive.org/web/20041210231155/https://www.bad-brain.com/ https://web.archive.org/web/20050405211655/http://www.people-net.com/index.jsp
  2. Amazing. Keep them coming. Let the record show that the Hit the Road piece is also a Paco Vink original, while the Grim artwork is by Colin Panetta. This is a reminder that we need to go back and clearly credit the artists behind these headers. They definitely got attribution at the time, but I think it was done inconsistently (in some cases they may be mentioned only in the original news post, long orphaned from the feature), and some of the features' finer details may not have survived the transition from Gabez's highly bespoke HTML to the BBCode era.
  3. As you may know, the header art for our “Secret History” feature on The Curse of Monkey Island was done by the great @Paco (V), known intergalactically for his unfinished comic adaptation of the first game: Paco’s work was so on-point that it sometimes gets confused for official promotional imagery for Curse, and it has therefore turned up, without attribution, in all sorts of low-effort articles, such as: Monkey Island Creator Debunks Myth About Guybrush's Name (TheGamer, 04/28/22) *Curse of Monkey Island designer reveals reasons for series' art style switch (Eurogamer, 05/05/22) **Steven Spielberg Almost Made This Video Game Movie Adaptation (Collider, 08/19/23) Where will Paco’s work turn up uncredited next? Let us know so we can grow the wall of shame. Sure, this is the definition of throwing stones from a glass house, but you gotta pass the time somehow. *credit added after some shaming from @Kroms **“Image via Lucasfilm Limited,” apparently
  4. When environment artist Karen Purdy updated her online portfolio, it was the hitherto unseen Freelance Police stuff that got stirred up that made the front page. But she did work on early Telltale titles as well, and what she shares from those are pretty interesting/rare in their own right. Was that teddy bear on the Myra! talk show set even in the final game? https://karenspurdy.artstation.com/projects/XBDR9D
  5. Valuable stuff. Stemmle is candid and the questions are good. It’s always interesting how Dan Connors seems to be about the only person on the team who doesn’t characterize the cancellation as a total surprise. Mike must be right when he guesses that as the producer he had a little more exposure to the upper management’s perspective than the rest of the team. Your interview with Dan was also the first I’ve heard anyone suggest that Jim Ward may have had a say on the fate of the game before he was formally sworn in as studio president in April 2004.
  6. The crime scene hadn't been picked quite clean: https://mixnmojo.com/news/Sam-and-Max-2s-grave-disturbed-again-stray-bone-fragments-collected
  7. Am I the only one who thinks Larry is referencing Randy Breen in all but name when he talks about the manager who disapproved of his version of Full Throttle 2? He's too professional to call him out, but it's gotta be.
  8. In an old article I tried to argue that CMI, EMI and TMI do a pretty conscientious job of keeping the theme park innuendos of the first two games perpetuated.
  9. I don't believe Ron's intention at the time ran much deeper than the impishness of doing a Monty Python and the Holy Grail ending. I hardly doubt he had "thoughts" for where he might have gone from there, and it is intriguing how that rug pull encourages you to re-examine the games' fourth wall humor as if it was conscious foreshadowing, but I think by and large he just liked the idea of a wild swerve to be answered for only when/if the time came to do so.
  10. Keep up the good work, Daniel. That you're "banking" all these developer memories is something posterity is going to be grateful for.
  11. I'm always struck by how superior the CGM cover is to the actual box art while still conforming to the art direction of the game. The design they went with is fine, but feels a little too Disney.
  12. Concept artist Adam Brockbank shared some illustrations he did for Spielberg's unproduced version of Indy 5.
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