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  1. Thank you for the b-day wishes!

  2. Athos,


    Perhaps you'd care for KOTOR: Endgame more? I really love it when you RP with me.

  3. Hey Tysy...I apologize for the delayed response. I promise I wasn't ignoring you...work has kept me extremely busy as of late and now I'm out of town on a business trip. In answer to your question I'm not sure I'd be right for your subject material and to be honest I'm not sure I'd be able to dedicate the time you're looking for.

  4. Me again. :) Sorry if I'm bugging you, but these 8 kids need at least 1 adult on their side...:D

  5. Athos,


    Would you be interested in joining my 8/32/64 RP? I desperately need guys...


    Accidental double-entendre! I mean I need more guys to participate in the RP! ;)

  6. Hi there. Uh, I do remember what you had said about your military exp and how you would be willing to talk with anyone willing to join the service. I have since learned from my friend "vikinor" that he is considering enlisting. I also directed him to you. However, you may well consider taking a proactive role and saying hi to him yourself...Just trying to be one with the community, here. Tell him GTA sent ya.


    Bless you.

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