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  1. MMOs and system requirements should really only be taken with a pinch of salt. My rig includes an i7-4790k and a GTX 970 but in some zones I can't keep 60+ fps on ultra settings. Culprit is the shadows most of the time. Same goes for GW2, but that was badly optimised anyway. That build should be more that fine regardless of that issue though.
  2. Uh...No, it doesn't? EDIT: Well it has a season pass, but not day 1 dlc
  3. I MEANT in 2016 Also, I've posted in these threads two or three times, but I've been a member of the forums for years...
  4. I'll make a 2016 One Year Thread in Star Wars Gamer I think. It could be good! Also, KotFE is indeed very very good
  5. The internet was once a very well established 'society' and there used to be big forums for almost anything. The problem is that internet culture in general isn't all that social anymore because most people join forums initially because they have questions about something; questions that are now more likely to be answered with a Google search. There is also a case for anonymity, as the cynic in me would say that the internet is a much more hostile place than it was 10 years ago.
  6. Flowers are starting to bloom. Just remember this thread when we get over a trillion views everyday and they wanna make a documentary called 'Lucasforums: The Motorbike Years'
  7. Is anyone currently playing this game? I've just bought it and thought I'd see what everyone else thought. Also looking for people to play it with on Steam!
  8. As long as they're better and more original than Star Wars: Battlefield, I'm sure they'd be great. They could make ANYTHING really. I hope they don't waste the license.
  9. Was never really a fan of Maul, always thought he was pretty overrated. A new open-world Star Wars RPG though...that I could get behind. Think Witcher 3.
  10. I too am apprehensive. I have bought my tickets and will be happily going to see it, but whether I expect it to be good is another matter. I can't shake the feeling that this feels like a license cash in. It doesn't even look like a Star Wars film, and they've thrown in a bunch of TIE Fighters and X-Wing just to remind you that it IS Star Wars. Same goes for the music too. Honestly, I'd LOVE for this to be good, but they'd have to have a pretty good excuse in the story for this to exist. For those like me that never bothered with the EU, Episode 6 resolved pretty much everything. The new super-death star 3.0 makes me cringe too.
  11. ...I genuinely never realized this. But I was very young upon playing these games, so please can I be worth my weight in bantha fodder?
  12. I hope that Adavardes' post will be replied to BY admins rather than deleted...
  13. I legitimately just woke up from a dream where I was an admin on this forum and it was thriving again. I'm going mad with power fantasies. It's time to pull the plug before it's too late.
  14. Oh that's a sweet new feature, I can actually be recognised as the same name as literally all my other accounts and usernames now. Nice!
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