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  1. I hate doing those custom mini maps!

  2. a liitle late now,just got the message today :0

  3. What's new? Wanna chat on messenger?

  4. Doing OK ,not a whole lot of free time availible right now.

  5. Hey, whats new? How have you been?

  6. it should be 804dro(if i'm wrong it's 803dro) :p

  7. Hey DS...it's been awhile...? what is the module number for m4-78 industry control zone?

  8. I have taken a few days off from swTOR, working on the Mod heavy, and beta testing the MMO- The Secret World

  9. no,didn't try it. I'm finishing up a sith sorcerer currently.(it was easier than the sentinal).

  10. you are stopping swtor , oh no!!!


    Its all good.


    Did you get to pl;ay the secret world in the beta last weekend?

  11. personally, no. the boss fights in tor are a major pain at times and the main reason I may not renew next time around.

  12. Hey was wondering would you like to see more complicated boss fights like in TOR? for the RoR mod?

  13. hey i posted in the RoR thread, let me know what you think



  14. Not doing much right now.(modding wise) rl keeps me pretty busy these days.

  15. Hey what's up

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