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  1. Hey bud, my stuff will be done today, with the exception of thorough testing.


    I have made the container script so that we can add other class-specific items to the container if we please, as well as adding items regardless of class. I remember you not wanting to make it an uber-item locker, and I agree with that... My question is, what other stuff do we want to put in that container?


    If you can give me a little list of items, I can add them to the script. They can be, as mentioned, class-specific or general.


    Hope you aren't too busy this weekend! It should be enjoyed my brother!!


    By the way, you asked me how things are going on my end, and I simply hoped things are going well for you. A little rude on my part if you ask me :ugh: So, what's going on with you in RL?

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