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  1. :D


    Well, I actually got my hands dirty and played through the Endar Spire just now! It was fun to play KotOR again, which is a good sign for my modding!!


    Anyways, I have coords for various things. I have decided that because of the flow of playthrough, I think it works best to only spawn one group of the duders... otherwise it is overkill, as there are enemies at nearly every turn in the two Endar Spire modules.


    I also have an idea for a computer console in the PC/Trask dormitory. That console could be used to implement whether people want to see the tutorials that Trask provides (because they are noobs) or they want your improved immersion, sans tutorial, approach. That is then accomplished by simply including the original dlg and the edited version, and from that point on either the original dlg will continue, or the edited will take over. Just a thought....

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