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  1. Oh god.... Horror of horrors, my new scripts have done mischief :(


    Now the stalker did not spawn correctly, and the others spawned weirdly and not as intended... And the container disappeared :lol:


    So, uh, I have some polishing to do. It was fun to see those fancy purple pants in-game though, and Trash wearing the helmet was a cool bonus :)


    I will work it out... I think that I will need to move some of the script and attach it to portions of Trask's dialog rather than throught the OnEnter... the first part of the game in the apartment clearly was chugging and churning along.


    I may end up simply adding items to the original footlocker, and not mess with adding a new one, as I am having trouble getting it to spawn where I want to/at all.


    Anyways, progress is progress. I have found a few hiccups, nothing I can't handle!

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