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  1. Having a busy stretch, but I am not frozen... My difficulty now actually lies in dialog extraction. I have been having a major brain fart and actually cannot remember where to find the dialogs for extraction, and somehow cannot find that tutorial here in our own forums :lol:


    That is silliness to be sure, but nevertheless true enough! It will be done, the issue boils down to ( in my veteran but not expert opinion ) is that the spawning of the Assassins and the Stalker in the OnEnter, with their corresponding OnPerception events, is too much for the engine to think about. This turns up with everybody appearing, but either not in the correct placement and/or not spawning invisibly (sigh... yeah that again)


    Hopefully knock it out on Saturday. If you have trask's dialog extracted and laying it down, send it to me and I won't have to bang my head on the desk :p

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