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  1. That made me and my brother smile. And to think they would ban it. But, just imagine, if this spread all arpound the world, even in war-torn Countries. For once we could have world peace.
  2. They should keep it, but change it a bit. And I like Master Kavars' idea where you modify it yourself.
  3. I actually like Nihilus better.He was dark and mysterious, and all powerful. Such a shame when you verse him he is a sissy. Sion was good, but he was just some diced-up guy who hates his master, then listens to her again. But in terms of combat, Sion. Overall, Nihilus.
  4. Armageddon is a must 4 me. Mortal Kombat kicks @$$. And yes Scorpions there. I think every character in MK history is going to be in. With 1 or 2 exceptions such as Khameleon. For those of you who don't know who that is, it's a secret character from MK3 I think.
  5. Well I hope their is a mod 4 xbox, cos I just re-bought the game, it's alright but the first Kotor still kicks @$$1
  6. Kotor by a massive margin. My Kotor II got glitched up and made the game unwinnable. Sure, it had new Force powers, feats etc. but it was too repetitive. Kotor was more fun, and had a better feel to the game. And Nihilus was a sissy.
  7. Personally, juyo and ataru. Darth Maul and Yoda style.
  8. Canderous should be played by either Russel Crowe, because he did play as a gladiator in a movie of the same name, or The Hulk, Eric Bana.
  9. PC to Darth Bandon: So, your Malak's apprentice? Can't say i'm impressed. Sith governer on Taris: Who knew such a Force addept could be found on an insignificant planet. PC: I'm gonna enjoy gutting you. Those 2 always made me laugh.
  10. If this is available 4 xbox then i'm gonna shoot myself.
  11. It is a glitch. It happened to me and it makes your game unwinnable. I tried so many saves and it just kept happening. I even started a new game and it kept happening. Thus making me trade it in. Stupid glitch.
  12. You're absolutely correct. There is a datapad in the room exactly opposite. Small room wit fallen rocks.
  13. I always go DS first. Its damn fun. Some guy: Do you have the time? You: You asked me for the time, now you DIE! Mwahahahahah! Anyway, the second time LS. Some rich guy: Im poor, can I have 1 000 000 credits? You: Sure here you go. But I like DS more by just a bit.
  14. There were things I liked and things I didnt. Lets start wit things I like: It was darker HK had more hilarious comments It was longer You were a wound in the Force, whateva that means The plot was very interesting Kreia talking in cryptic We got to visit Korriban and Dxun, best planets, I love mandalorians More force powers, feats etc. Things I hate: The ending.What the hell? No proper romances The cut content, no HK factory, cut out planet etc. The glitch that ruined the entire experiance, on Nar Shadaa, When those guys take ova your ship, you do that and you get a message from the Exchange bout meeting you, this neva happened, thus making my game unwillable. The Genoharadan. On Nar Shadaa they were supposed to hunt you, but it got cut. And more Overall, the cons outweighed the pros, ultimately making me get rid of the game.
  15. The funniest, probly on Nar Shadda: PC: (Force persuade) You two, gimme all your credits, then go jump into the central pit. Thug 1: Can't, resist, here. Thug 2: Jumping into pit good idea, get to ground faster that way. Or something like that.
  16. Never on the first.But second or after, go nuts.
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