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  1. BINI!!!! How the freakin hell are ya, dude?!?!?!?!

  2. Even though it really has very little to do with the feet touching the ball, it's been around for centuries less, and it's very un-popular outside the US, only really being played in America.

    Yes, real football. :¬:

  3. American Football is the real football

  4. very nice.


    my fav way that I killed him involved bashing him to just before death with a baseball bat, running out the office and throwing in a few molotovs to finish him off, then molotov-ing all the cops and escape via my helicopter I parked nearby.

  5. Yeah, murderizing that lawyer in his fancy shmancy bug tower office. My personal fav is using a Hi-pow shotgun and turning him upside down in his seat. I didn't bother with all the escalator crap--too much heat that way, Instead I just shot out the back window, took the 2 story fall and landed next to my car where I strategically parked it and took off while all the idiots were on the other side of the building and the radius was near the edge at my point by now...I got away without incident. :dev9:


    I don't have LIVE! or else I'd go and get a few things to expand on my GTA4. Also I'd probably love going up against that crazy mother****er in multiplayer mode NOBUNAGA (youtube GTA4 nobunaga).

  6. Yeah, ah well he won't be missed by many people :xp:

  7. He got shot by Federal Police for childslaughter

  8. Awww...what happend to Pingu? :(

  9. Hey, I'd appreciate it if you and Mr_BFA would use the visitor messages instead of each other's threads in the CEC to talk about music :)

  10. Normal acoustic. Yamaha F310


    If I'm not mistaking I have a pic of it on my myspace, tis a nice guitar

  11. In Flames, All That Remains, Metallica


    Mainly metal and such, but I do like acoustic music

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