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  1. Naturally supporting the ever-dark horses, the Russians. There's some real talent in that side that isn't overly well known throughout Europe.
  2. Twas not a conclusion with the way the bloody thing ended
  3. All these recipes are making me hungry, to the kitchen!
  4. Reminds me of PETA, who had a petition going to rename fish 'sea kittens' because they believe it will stop people from killing them. Yeah.
  5. I love the picture of Americans celebrating, where this guy in the background is holding up a sign saying: 'Obama 1 - 0 Osama' That is all I have to say on this topic
  6. I was gonna post this, but then I realised he already did Therefore, my answer is, this
  7. Do parenthesis first = 12 Now, here's the tricky bit, in maths, not having a sign between a number and a parenthesis indicates that you should assume there's a multiplication sign there. No ifs. No buts. Therefore, you do the division first, 48/2=24, then you multiply 24 by 12=288 I hate this equation, the problem with it is that when written online, it's difficult to differentiate whether it's putting 48 over everything, or 48 over 2 times the parenthesis. The correct answer is the latter
  8. I'm a bit immature, although with question 8 the correct time to wait is 3 days
  9. I have a party of Metapod's and name all of them a different synonym to "willy', and proceed to use Harden constantly. Hilarity ensues
  10. The Duke Nukem Forever test play thing despite it not being a trailer
  11. I would, but I don't want to smash you and embarass you too badly That and my 360's at the moment broken
  12. Halo's multiplayer is better in every conceivable way
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