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  1. Naturally supporting the ever-dark horses, the Russians. There's some real talent in that side that isn't overly well known throughout Europe.
  2. Twas not a conclusion with the way the bloody thing ended
  3. All these recipes are making me hungry, to the kitchen!
  4. Reminds me of PETA, who had a petition going to rename fish 'sea kittens' because they believe it will stop people from killing them. Yeah.
  5. I love the picture of Americans celebrating, where this guy in the background is holding up a sign saying: 'Obama 1 - 0 Osama' That is all I have to say on this topic
  6. My sentiments exactly. Harkens back to the days of when games were made for fun, and action heroes blew up stuff
  7. I was gonna post this, but then I realised he already did Therefore, my answer is, this
  8. Can. Not. Wait Do away with all this crappy, 'realistic', regenerating health garbage. Take us back to the glory days of gaming, where games were made to be ridiculous and fun, where games like Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Doom ruled! This game cannot fail to disappoint me (And all the trailers I've seen for it just get me more excited)
  9. Do parenthesis first = 12 Now, here's the tricky bit, in maths, not having a sign between a number and a parenthesis indicates that you should assume there's a multiplication sign there. No ifs. No buts. Therefore, you do the division first, 48/2=24, then you multiply 24 by 12=288 I hate this equation, the problem with it is that when written online, it's difficult to differentiate whether it's putting 48 over everything, or 48 over 2 times the parenthesis. The correct answer is the latter
  10. I'm a bit immature, although with question 8 the correct time to wait is 3 days
  11. I have a party of Metapod's and name all of them a different synonym to "willy', and proceed to use Harden constantly. Hilarity ensues
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