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  1. Murph!!! Long time no speak! Hows you? GB j7

  2. You around tomorrow?? GB j7

  3. Just bungeled into Kavars (and one thread in particular) which made me realize A: why I left and B: that I haven't talked to you in ages. So when can I expect to find you on skype?

  4. I envy you, when your field of study is bananaed up places, staying in the least bananaed up place on the planet is not exactly ideal.


    @:Edited for cencorship

  5. Indeed, and I don't think I'll be travelling around for a while.

  6. Uni closes at 22 Oslo time, which is 21 English time, assuming the conection isn't fixed, any time before that works for me

  7. Hey, what time? I'm gonna be busy until tonight most likely... GB jx

  8. scratch that, aparently someone fried the net conection to the whole apartment block I'm living in, though we could always chat on face.

  9. Right now, Oslo (Norway), though trying to travel as much as my limited income/loans as a student allows. How about you, still in the land of good veggie food?

  10. Murphon you crazy wandering Jew! What godforsaken part of the world are you in right now?

  11. Hey, now worries, deffo possible! GB j7

  12. sorry for being away, had a study trip to Albania, but how about tomorrow?

  13. Murph! How you doing??? We should Skype soon, would be good to catch up! GB j7

  14. Thanks for the heads up!

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