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  1. I'm looking forward to it. Interested to see a story directly within the OT timeframe.
  2. This has been interesting reading. Personally, I think archiving and consolidating is the way to go. The forums and site(s) need to be sized for the current population, and free to grow in whatever direction the community takes. The number of sites and the current organization of the forums are a product of the era and what was appropriate at that time to support of the volume of activity. At this point keeping the forums as they are needlessly keeps the different parts of the community separate. Consolidating the forums I think would help get the site closer to a critical mass. As well that would allow the site to more easily grow in the directions then will be relevant in the future. As for me. I just pop in every now and then to see what is going on and what old friends have done the same. The fact that a lot of us old guard still do that at least I think is a testament to how strong the community was back then. So I have an interest in trying to turn the site back into a growth direction, and I'm willing to invest some time in it if we can decide on the direction.
  3. Very sad news. The end of an incredible run. Saw a quote that summed it up well: "If you have kids, they know Christopher Lee. If you have grandparents, they know Christopher Lee too."
  4. Ok, I'm all in now. I'm like the nerd at the high school dance who is going across the floor to ask the pretty girl to dance. I might get rejected and my emotions trampled all over at the end, but I'm going for broke. I'm expecting this to be amazing. Also, I've seen the term chrometrooper being thrown around which I like.
  5. Do You Remember Love is probably the greatest Macross animation spectacle there is from a visual point of you. And lots of Itano Circuses that are homaged in the SW clip. Time for another Macross binge watch
  7. Static camera for the end Falcon run... (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) An improvement?
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