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  1. @Fair Strides


    As far as modding goes, my Kotor stuff hasn't really progressed recently. Just waiting for the last small set of voice actors to get back to me.


    Apart from that I've been working on a Skyrim mod and my own unity3d game. Was considering making a thread about the latter somewhere.




    I'll be playing with them soon (hopefully). I want to redo some of them when I have the last batch of voice actors sorted.

  2. @ Sith Holocron


    Not quite yet. I've been prioritizing getting HK and Bastila sorted first, I will get around to Revan soon through!




    Hmm. Playing through the scene from an earlier save might solve the problem. It sounds like the exit node isn't spawning. Also try picking slightly different conversation options if you can.




    I think I've secured my HK. Woo-hoo!


    In the words of yourself, MORE TO COME...



  3. Sounds good. I shall give it a go on Thursday when I'm modding.

  4. Actually, Sith Holocron has directed me toward a mod which I might be able to use instead of redoing the m478 textures. I'm looking into it now.


    So it may be best just to put your retexturing on hold until I find out about that.

  5. I'm afraid the only difference I could see is a white background to the dialog options when it was the PC's turn to talk.


    I've already done some extensive edits of my own version of the files you sent me, but I was never able to get any extensive results. The best I could do was get the dialog text a very dark red, which was difficult to read.

  6. Yes. Industrial, but also with some electrical parts. One of the other planets has a metal steampunk thing going on, so this one needs to look similarly industrialized, but also different.


    Hope that makes sense. :)

  7. Hi Logan.


    I know it's about a bajillion years since you asked, but are you still after that model?

  8. Read your comments about making it clearer how to find the droids. I think I'll take your advice and give HK a little more exposition in the final release.


    If your still having trouble and want to know where the droids are. the wiki can help : http://the-jedi-masters.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Quest

  9. Today is officially my last full day of modding (at least for this version). I should also have every line of dialog voiced by the end of the weekend.


    After that, myself and another forum member will be having a couple more play throughs, but hopefully it'll mainly be for game balancing etc.

  10. The big fights are much better now. The bit with the big monsters also works a little differently (and takes place on a different planet).

  11. Started beta testing a few months ago. Two main people volunteered and did a good job of getting info back to me (also a couple I never heard from after sending the files).


    One even played through all the way and managed to get to the end, although he had to change a few warpscripts etc. But in principle, the whole thing is playable from start to finish, so that makes me happy. :)

  12. Not too much that's new I'm afraid, Logan.


    All my woman are now fully voiced, which is nice, and hopefully it won't take too long to get the rest sorted.

  13. No release date yet.


    Don't worry. When there is one I'll be yelling it from the rooftops. :)

  14. My penultimate voice actor is sending her stuff now(ish), hopefully the last one will be sorted soon after.


    After that, I have to make the credits movie, then check for bugs.


    So, still not sure how long it will all be, but there can only be a finite amount of things left to do!

  15. Yep, although one of them ended up being a space station. Also finished all six endings.


    Just putting some final touches together and I should be able to announce a fully working beta in a few hours.

  16. Yup.


    I edited my last reply there with the solution. :)

  17. Actually, forget that. The dialog colour only seems to be affected by the tga file. There's a gui file named dialog_p, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.


    I therefore deduce/assume that there must be a file I don't know about which controls the other half of the colour. I don't think it's a gui file as I've been through them all (unless I missed one).

  18. Yeah, I think that's what's causing it, the problem is I need to change both the gui and the tga for it to go the right colour. I'm trying to make it bright red, but with the default being green, if I only change one it comes out as a weird purple shade.


    I think there might be a third thing which also controls the colour that's still interfering.

  19. I've tested it, but it comes up a little too dark to see sometimes. I'll have to have a further fiddle.

  20. 6 endings all together (the one I know works and the five I should have finished tomorrow)


    It's 3 good endings and 3 bad or evil endings. Basically, I've taken inspiration from Mass Effect 2 and made it so there's different endings depending on who survives. There's one where everybody lives, but it's hard to get. The dark side endings change depending on whether you want to destroy the galaxy or rule it.


    Hey, Logan, did you manage to get the dialog text to change colour after my message? It works for mine, but it's really dark for some reason.

  21. I can officially play form beginning to end with TJM! Woo-hoo!


    Only a handful of modules to finish to have the other five endings ready.

  22. Found it! :D


    The dialog colours are controlled by a texture file. It's The top texture pack in KotorTool (swpc_tex_gui.erf) and it's called "fnt_d16x16b.tpc".


    There's other files next to it with similar names, so I suspect the file used may change depending on the players screen res. I'm using the game at 1600x1200, so the 10x10 ones may get used if the res is lower.

  23. Hey.


    I think I'm going to have a binge on the menus on Sunday. I have my new laptop and I'll be at my parent's house for several hours without much else to do.


    I also need to read through all the companion dialogs as well.

  24. I have a load of gui files in a folder on my desktop, although I don't remember where i extracted them from.


    Do you have "dialog_p.gui"? It looks like it might be the most obvious one to affect dialog colour.


    The only one I clearly remmber changing is the main menu.


    BTW, what colour were you thinking of mainly having everything? It would be cool if our mods had different colour schemes.

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