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  1. Hey... I know this kind of awkward. But right now I'm applying for a uni. And it would be kind of helpful if I could add this to my portfolio (if my lines were used anyway...).


    I don't REALLY need this but it could help.


    Thanks. :D


  2. hey Trex, how's life?

  3. My watched list, in order of favouritism : - Code Geass - Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood - Cowboy Bebop - Deathnote - Darker than black Currently watching Durarara!, which is what provoked me to post in the thread. About halfway through and really enjoying it so far.
  4. 1 - Depends what you mean by this. The amount of planets you can add to the game is in theory infinite, but I think the amount of planets you can add to the map where you choose which planet to travel to might have limits. If you add an alternative way to get there it should be fine, such as telling T3-M4 to take you there. a) - It would certainly be possible to recreate them, but you would have to build all the modules from scratch in 3dsmax or similar. That said, there might be some models in TSL that could help. I think the doors from Kashyyyk were left there from Kotor 1 for example, as were all the wookies. last question - Yes, absolutely. Adding, removing and creating a party member are all done via fairly simple scripts. There will be a limit on how many are 'officially part of the team' though. Only 12 can be shown on the party selection screen. You would have to keep switching them around.
  5. Trex


    Anyone else playing this? I'm a big fan of the original trilogy, but I also knew this one wasn't being developed by the same people. As a result, my expectations were in a very sensible place, but this still feels like a disappointment so far. Good points : - Most of the stealth mechanics are good. I like the new swoop ability and the claw (even if I do think of Toy Story every time he mentions it). - The city looks good, if a little confusing to navigate. - Garrett's outfit looks good Bad points : - The writing. I don't know what happened here, but I end up cocking my head to the side and staring with a puzzled look on my face with nearly every one cinematic. My favourite so far: - Garrett uses the door to enter Basso's place - Basso, "Jebus, Garret! Couldn't you just use the door for once?" - Player is confused. Most of the cutscenes seem to have something like this happen in them. The characters don't seem that well done either. The thief finder general (or whatever he's called) is bland and the way he killed the guard in his first scene was just weird. I know it's a tried and trusted cliché for a villain to kill one of his underlings, but normally there's some kind of provocation, even a weak one. This just came across as a heavy handed attempt to make the villain do something evil. Erin is also deeply irritating. Luckily, she doesn't seem to be in it too much. - There's also a certain lack of identity in the game. It feels like they've just merged together a pile of stiff from Dishonared and assassin's creed. That doesn't necessarily make it bad as I like both franchises, but it's a little disappointing thief couldn't find it's own voice. Indifferent : - Garrett's new voice. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I'm currently only a few missions in though, so I'll save any real opinions until the end.
  6. @Fair Strides


    As far as modding goes, my Kotor stuff hasn't really progressed recently. Just waiting for the last small set of voice actors to get back to me.


    Apart from that I've been working on a Skyrim mod and my own unity3d game. Was considering making a thread about the latter somewhere.




    I'll be playing with them soon (hopefully). I want to redo some of them when I have the last batch of voice actors sorted.

  7. Hey did you ever workout the issues with getting your cutscene movies to compress and keep the original resolution quality?

  8. Hey Trex! It's been awhile, hasn't it?:)


    So whatcha been up lately, besides the pervasive and dreaded RL?:)

  9. Umm sorry to bug you but I tried again from a save I had on an earlier planet and I had the same result, however if I refuse to sacrifice the exile I have no problem getting out, only when I choose nihilus


    Edit: Never mind, got past that, however now I have another issue, when I recruit Lolma as my apprentice, I cannot choose her in the party screen, she doesnt appear, but she does appear in the eagle

  10. @ Sith Holocron


    Not quite yet. I've been prioritizing getting HK and Bastila sorted first, I will get around to Revan soon through!




    Hmm. Playing through the scene from an earlier save might solve the problem. It sounds like the exit node isn't spawning. Also try picking slightly different conversation options if you can.




    I think I've secured my HK. Woo-hoo!


    In the words of yourself, MORE TO COME...



  11. So . . . did you cast Revan yet?

  12. Hello trex!

    I have played tjm many times but recently I did my very first dark side play through and I encountered a big bug, basically when I sacrifice the exile for nihilus I become stuck in the tomb and I cannot come out. If you could help me, I'd be very thankfull

  13. hey whats up

  14. Hey Trex, can I ask how to get apprentices in 2.0 Beta?


    Edit 04-09-2013: Found out how

  15. Sounds good. I shall give it a go on Thursday when I'm modding.

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