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  1. Hey thanks man! Happy birthday to him as well :)

  2. Thats because I dont understand Politics :p

  3. Thats because I dont understand Politics :p

  4. Thanks for the add!

  5. Really appreciate the badge stoffe :)

  6. would of lasted longer but I felt I needed to take a more neutral approach to Star Wars and its subsidiaries, I've been on a Hate Kill destroy mission for some reason this last week or two, the petition and so on lol

  7. Greetings young Jedi

  8. Constructive Criticism>Empty Praise

  9. Ahh, you are right of Course, I just looked in to it :)

  10. I thought that TBH, It's Keldabe city, but the Clone Wars version (something I'm not too keen on) but I wanted a Mando City :)

  11. Sorry it's took so long to get a possible Sig made, I've been workin nights all week hehe, anyway here's one...



  12. sure, Mando'a, and yes, I'll do that name instead

  13. kk bud, still trying to do a decent Sig within the rules, I did however throw this wallpaper together while coming up with designs hehe...


    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)


    I found a Pretty Good Mando'a Font so that's your name across it :)

  14. kk pal gimme a day or so to figure somethin out :)

  15. why Thank you Good Sir! :)

  16. hehe, Aint seen Big Money Hustlas , at least i dont remember :)


    I See a Ghost... I cut The Motherf*cker!

  17. It is Alk, I had Luke as my Avatar when Padawan asked me though hehe ;)

  18. Luke skywalker circa the beginning of the Vong war I think bud

  19. I like yours too, it's from one the cover's for the Jedi Academy: Leviathan Comic :thumbsup:

  20. from the new concepts on tOR website :)

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