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  1. I think she said there must always be a Darth Traya because she believes her role in the Galaxy to be important, but she was as much of a threat to the Sith as to the Jedi, and as the Sith continued to exist until the Legacy era (although destroyed, rebuilt and restructured on more than one occasion) IMO she may be the last Traya/Betrayer in her sense of the Title/Word.
  2. I think the Kotor I clothing will suffice, and they were a big step forward from the TOTJ comics which were only 40 years before that so, lets slow down a bit with weapons and technology too.
  3. I'm the guy who voted Malak! Cloak n' Dagger Rules!
  4. I'm not a major fan of the Darkside but I'd like to see him turn, and stay that way... the Redemption thing has been done to death, Let him Die a sith
  5. I think he's know that, unless he lives under a rock (Guffaw) KOTOR III: "It aint gon Happen!"
  6. Yaaarh, a piratey poem for ye Salty sea-dogs!!!! Day after day, day after day, We stuck, nor breath nor motion; As idle as a painted ship Upon a painted ocean. Water, water, everywhere, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.
  7. Isn't it what kreia uses on the Masters on Dantooine?
  8. Yea I read this in the news today... What a shame. Rest in peace
  9. I catch your drift, I too wouldn't want it to step on the toes of yoda and sidious, but I seperate the films from the EU, that includes games, especially the post ROTJ stuff because it's even more of a contrast to what was established in the OT doesn't mean I don't enjoy it though....
  10. ^^^ Luckily for you I have no Say in game content, lol For the sake of those who can't read minds, what are your reasons for it's dismissal?
  11. Yeah... When I "lost" my last Job.... I am a Bricklayer, and I was working on a Building site, my Boss had been winding me up (well he was a jerk, and was generally hard to get on with) and I said, look mate your getting on my nerves just back off, which obviously spurred him on... anyhow, a few tools were thrown and some harsher words later, I had a broken nose and a bust lip and he had a black eye... Lets just say that was the end of our working Relationship.
  12. 18%... But that's not for a lack of trying, I think I'm too stupid to be a geek lol
  13. Happy Birthday Master Zez-Kai Ell! Now shave off that Goddamn Mustache!
  14. I'd really like to be able to Flow walk, meet up with Revan or the Exile and Flow walk back to the Mandolorian or Jedi civil Wars, and witness key events or to help understand why people fell to the dark side etc. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Flow_walk
  15. King of Queens! I'm also from the uk and got the New york North jersey one, I think a lot of people are losing accents now, soon enough everyone will be talking with an American accent....
  16. Some of my Fav's... Lost Boys From Dusk till Dawn Queen of the Damned (lol) Underworld Bram stokers Dracula Blade I Vampyres Lesbos.... Dracula 2000
  17. This is one of my Fav Revan Pics, off Brian Ching's website.... http://bp0.blogger.com/_8EqXewRECwo/ReFfxTpMvgI/AAAAAAAAACg/wcPmHzpmJwE/s1600-h/Revan+color.jpg
  18. If you happen to like the Republic comics you could get Twilight, Darkness and the Stark hyperspace War Graphic novals which collect issues 19-39 of the "Star Wars" comic line, Then there is the Clone Wars Graphic Novals volume 1-9, they collect the Republic comics series issues 49-83. Just incase there were some issues out of print, there's obviously more but I don't own them, Good Stuff though, a lot Quinlin vos and Aayla
  19. This is pure Photoshop I do not.. Repeat...Do NOT own a Jedi Cloak!
  20. You can't leave out Lando! He's the smoothest man in the Galaxy
  21. I didn't play 1 or 2, have no intention of playing 3
  22. Kreia says the wookiees once felt the force, but didn't at the time of TSL, then there is Plo koons master and Chewies son, maybe they Drift in and out of Force Sensativity?
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