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  1. Off the top of my head, revolver= Completely Irrelevant, over complicated babble! Hell Boy= Not the worst but highly overrated.
  2. I'm a Feeler too, The Protector Guardian (iSfJ)... Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging
  3. I wish Mountain Dew would come back to the uk!!!!!!!! I think we still got vannilla coke over here.... (EW)
  4. ESB AOTC ROTJ ROTS ANH American Psycho True Romance Pulp Fiction Menace II Society The Rules of Attraction Lost Boys Gleaming the Cube Goodfellas Donnie Brasco Blade I The Matrix I LOTR: TT Can't think of anymore right now....
  5. ^^ I like It the way it is, I'm primarily a Star Wars Fan, although I did know what I was buying when they came out. I am just pointing out some argument's for, because some of the arguments against have been a bit lazy, people have been mis-quoted too. Hey, a lot of this stuff is unprovable anyway, I'm not gonna take your word for it like you shouldn't take mine
  6. Lapti Nek by the Max Rebo Band, Ab queck zenick fesi Zong jup col checky hiz jal, ooh Wow! Wa toc peg qui dos gee pif, aah Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot Jer wih tuster mo vey Qui neb be og ezen on Wok lapti nek seb not van Goc jarraz bas deg zorze zot Lapti nek, rat a ran wim joct co jappi quaff Lapti nek, kiv ba ha top wep jex pi va bep Lapti nek, rat a ran wim joct co jeppi quaff Wow!
  7. How do they know they'll like it before they've brought it? it's not a brand of cigarettes, you buy it once and if it's not your thing tough luck, if it is, good! cause your part of the sales figures either way. No one is disputing a turn based system as a selling point, but the chances are a majority of people who brought it did so because it was Star Wars.
  8. You do realize star wars is science fiction, and has no basis in what we think should or shouldn't be possible? Besides I didn't say I even cared, like you say NJO sucks. (apart from the new legacy stuff) I'm just pointing out the Facts.
  9. I kinda made one of these stormtrooper sabers a while back, I just downloaded a mod with an Obi-wan AOTC hilt, opened up the TGA file in photoshop and made the Silver bits white, It's hardly modding but it don't hurt to mess around with stuff, you might end up with something cool.
  10. Like you said it's irrelevant to the post, but:
  11. Vader doesn't deflect the blaster bolt, he disperses its energy through his body like Vaelastraz Say's, but either way I wouldn't be surprised if Nihilus can do that naturally judging by the nature of his powers.
  12. "Theywont Letme-Namehim", would be an appropriate name
  13. I'm gonna get it to fill the time until TFU comes out
  14. Ataru, as it best reflect's my personality, although in reality I'd ensure I was versed in as many forms as possible, you never know who you could come up against.
  15. ^^ Definitely! It's by far the best stuff coming out at the moment, I've got #13 comin in the post, I'm in the UK but I order from the US. I think Obi-Wan's got some stuff happenin in #16 can't wait! (Flash back, ghost or lineage obviously)
  16. Bastila is hottest! she reminds me of Kate Beckinsale! Jah!
  17. That's all I'm asking for personally, just some more attention to visuals etc, I can't understand why this amounts to ****ing up the franchise
  18. ^^^ Q. Why do pigeons fly upside down over Liverpool? A. Because there's nothing worth ****ting on Sorry thats a bit harsh
  19. To my knowledge it ain't out for at least another year.
  20. Cause Batman 2 aint out yet. Although I don't know why Phantom Knight has made it for this century, where only seven years into it! last century had a better selection Edit: Sorry if you meant the joker from the animated series or comics.
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