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  1. I too want some new planets, although the witches of Dathomir weren't founded until 600 bby. I also agree with corcore, Cinnegar would be cool
  2. ^^^ I agree, also, the more options in dialog could be complimented with more than two ending's.
  3. In my eye's Ulic has much more substance as a character and his story wasn't rushed to meet a deadline, but from what we see of the two, the Exile has more kills under her belt.... but, Tales of the Jedi is Pre-prequel, they base there Jedi on the OT, TSL is recent, Ever since the PT came out people expect more from a Jedi.
  4. Who'd of thought a few comment's by a Deceptive old Women could cause such a Fracas.
  5. To each his own, a lot of my comic and book collection is KJA, Maybe I have a less intellectual eye for fiction?
  6. I Have to disagree, Straw Carpet is my favorite surface material, I suggest they use more of it
  7. I got Tales of the Jedi and the Sith war in Graphic Noval originally, but re-brought them as comics after I had collected The Freedan Nadd uprising, Dark lords of the Sith, Golden age/Fall of the sith empire etc. Jedi V's Sith kinda suck's but apart from that Pre-Ruusan EU is the best era IMHO Oh yea, Redemption is one of my favourite stories too.
  8. I got mine bout 7 years ago, can't get enough of the old Republic!
  9. Your assumption's are right Jediphile, if you check out the "shadows and Light" comic book, A bar patron mentions a half breed Massassi as a contact, this comic is set a mere 37 years before KOTOR. LINK: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith_species
  10. I'm agreeing with you! I'ts just you said it like it was gospel, not IMHO, or probobly, thats all
  11. Did you hear that from the dark lord himself? Never the less cowardess is weakness whichever way you look at it.
  12. He's not really the strongest if he's a coward is he? But I'm not saying he is a coward, only commenting on the possible views of his subordinates. I think it should be "Only the Intelligent survive", maybe Malak didn't fear Revan, only he knew he could not defeat him in single combat, after all he did accept the title of apprentice.
  13. Malak was probably a coward in the eyes of the Sith at that time, but Palpatine was a member of the Sith Order of Darth Bane, secrecy and guile was his motto IMHO
  14. ^^^ I think people use any exuse to beat down KOTOR because its not cool to like it. Its as if TSL is "the thinking man's" star wars or somthing. Regarding things resembling the OT, GL has always said Star Wars is about good V's evil, reacurring themes & motifs, Greek tragedy, both games have this. lets not get picky about who does it, but WHEN there gonna do it
  15. As I've said all along BIOWARE are awesome and K1 is my fav game, but, I think obsidian need to finish what they started, they deserve a chance to get their story told and complete the trilogy. Also, I know atton provides some comic relief, but can we have a few more smiles in K3, I have to go on anti-depressant's every time I play through TSL
  16. I definitely want K3, but, they need to hurry up!!!!! also, it needs to be like the previous two, not some next-gen abortion that stylistically looks nothing like them. Continuity! I hope the Dev's give themselves enough time to finish the story this time as well.
  17. I don't remember Ood and Luke having any dialog, but your probably right, one quick chat in 4000 years is hardly gonna cause a paradox though is it?
  18. Like you said in an earlier post, ossus is a baron waste at this point in history, so there not much you could do there anyway, but I don't understand your View on Ood Bnar? Its not like he's gonna turn back into humanoid form and go and help you in your mission, ret-conning Dark Empire in the process.
  19. Just what I was thinking. I enjoy reading the wookie', but you can edit it yourself and it can stretch the truth abit, it gets alot of vandals wrecking stuff too. Your best bet is a book called the Essential Chronology, which covers pretty much every charactor and event in galactic history, Also star wars.com has a data bank.
  20. ^^^ I do actually like Bastila, But I definitely agree that the Dev's should put all there effort into a good story and Character, rather than trying to get there heads around who should be dead or alive, dark or light etc. Its not going to please everyone whatever they do.
  21. It depends how much content the Dev's will allow, I mean people like coruscant because it's a Planet wide mega-city, but theres only gonna be so many areas you can explore. Quality not Quantity :
  22. I've played both and I like both, but for different reasons. I don't see why either can't continue. Can't we have our cake and eat it?
  23. I think K1 is so much better than TSL, so Revan is automatically a better character IMHO. The Exile, like you say, leaves more room for imagination but the rest of the game let's you down.
  24. Yes, that's what the Jedi V's Sith comics cover, There's a galaxy wide war between the two groups, after the Sith are destroyed (all but Darth Bane) democracy is reinstalled, they called it the Ruusan reformation, and put the Calender's back to year 1, the "(RE)formation of the Republic"
  25. ^^^ I agree, I'm just worried that all this true Sith love's gonna some how get my my beloved tales of the Jedi retconned. I mean the Jedi V's Sith( Battle of Ruusan/ Reformation of the Republic) comic series was published because all comics, novels and even a new hope states that the republic has stood for a thousand generations( 25.000 yrs) then in AOTC Palpatine says Its only stood for a thousand years. So if GL likes the idea, then it will get made regardless of cannon
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