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  1. I love him, but man, he tells a different story every time he speaks lol. "It was always supposed to be 12 films" "It was only ever 3" "It was always supposed to be 6 films" "ROTJ is the end of the story" "I wrote VII-IX back in 81" "I never really planned it to be three separate films" Congrats though, ESB is my favorite film, and has been since I was old enough to understand what a TV and betamax were.
  2. Be in Star Wars, Give to charity, and REAL CREATURE COSTUMES!!!!!!!!!!!! (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  3. Yes, its ok to not be 100lb, she looks alive and her face works in the first pic. the resent picture show how gaunt and burnt out she is, plus she has had a questionable face-lift or all those years of cocaine have caused Bell's palsy.
  4. I'll try and find the link, but TOR has also been deemed Legends (Non canon), but like you say, they're still gonna want to make money off that lol, Not sure how I feel about this. (not aimed at Lynk) And before I get the "the EU was never canon" bashing, it WAS considered continuity/canon unless otherwise stated, now, however, it is NOT considered continuity/canon unless it is used in the new Canon ie; Rebels or the films.
  5. What does that Contract say Alexrd? And not what you think it might say for the purpose of an Argument, what does it actually say?
  6. Junked isn't the right word, as this stuff will remain and will still be sold, but it is not canon, and if JJ decides the Jedi have only been in existence for 1000 years then it will no longer have happened officially. Jennifer Heddle, Senior Editor at Lucas Licencing, or now the Story Group I guess confirmed earlier today/last night: (These were specific questions regarding Continuity and the new releases, and not specific to KotOR etc) 1. Yes, the idea of all previous EU stuff being "Legends" now and therefore not part of this new canon/timeline being created, DOES include PRE-ROTJ stuff too. It's EVERYTHING but the films, TCW, and Rebels. 2. Heir to the Jedi by Hearne is currently not to be considered "Empire and Rebellion #3," since books 1 and 2 (Razor's Edge and Honor Among Thieves) are now both "Legends," while Heir to the Jedi will be canonical in the new timeline. 3. The upcoming Son of Dathomir comics will be considered canonical, since they are based on TCW scripts. 4. Yes, the "wipe" does include even the Darth Plagueis novel, and we can assume also the Tartakovsky Clone Wars micro-series, Droids, Ewoks, etc., though there's not been any real focus on determining if any of the older cartoons have any chance at being considered the way TCW and Rebels will be. 5. Fantasy Flight Games is affected in the sense that they appear to not be allowed to create new materials that reference anything they don't want to be considered canonical. No word as of yet on at what point FFG materials will see a cutoff of "Legends" vs. Canon, if there is such a cutoff. 6. Yes, Rebel Heist, despite not yet being out, *is* to be Legends, not canon. The only comic series thus far to be considered canon is Son of Dathomir.
  7. I certainly shed a tear a while ago, but I've been preparing for this inevitability since the sequel trilogy was announced.
  8. I did my first huttball in like a year yesterday... Failure ensued
  9. I still log on, but my work schedule is erratic and full, so I tend to just play dress up and check my inventory, I rarely have time to quest.
  10. I would. With Ahsoka not being involved directly this is pretty low on continuity, just interesting answers to older questions.
  11. Add Star Wars to his entire IMDB page and that's basically my childhood R.I.P Egon
  12. I'd not gotten far enough when I gave up on apple, so I don't know bud
  13. It was my first RPG Its Star Wars The Story Its set in the Old Republic Heavily influenced by, and included aspects of my favorite comic series, Tales of the Jedi Revan Darth Malak Saul Karath Bastila Shan Carth Onasi Canderous Ordo Mission Vao Zaalbar Jolee Bindo Juhani HK-47 T3-M4 The Rakata (A massive addition to the continuity and History within the GFFA) Taris Dantooine (Jedi Temple) Kashyyyk Manaan the Leviathan Korriban (The best version so far) The Unknown world The Star Forge It's basically the game that made me a gamer, before that I'd just bought consoles for the generic tie-in Star Wars games, since then I have played mainly on PC, and it spawned an 8 year run with Star Wars Galaxies, and a day one subscription to the Old Republic.
  14. I see all the many actors, extras, stuntmen, stand-in's that brought these films to life, as equally important threads in the fabric of my childhood. R.I.P Malcolm.
  15. I Like Hera, can't beat a green Twi'lek ! Kanan is my favorite so far, as it's basically the style of Character I play in every RP or game that offers me the chance to have input in my toon.
  16. On the official statement they say the season six episodes will air on Netflix USA and Canada. So Germany US and Canada will be able to watch it but myself and the other 6.5 billion members of our species will have to wait, or torrent low quality versions.
  17. On Netlfix USA and Canada (For the majority of the world not in those countries)
  18. Sorry to hear about your brush with a Pitbull Lee, and your manky toenail L0ki! Welcome to our corner of the Galaxy!
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