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  1. Chopper... Here in England that's a slang term for your Manhood. "Droid what is your designation? PE N15
  2. Post-ROTJ EU may well (Probably will) be smashed in to oblivion, but the Announcement of the Story Group (Buzz word, It's the same people who've been dealing with continuity for over a decade, they just have more power now) doesn't mention anything about any kind or Retcon, reboot or reordering of the current EU, in fact, all ACTUAL LFL Comments, point to a positive, cohesive future for EU fans.
  3. Yea, Palpatine and Dooku were two of the greatest Force users and swordsman in the Galaxy, but it wasn't Ian McDiarmid and Christopher Lee jumping around
  4. I wish StarWars.com would actually release their own news, because it seems all these independent media, report and dissect their own version of it and it turns in to a war of misinformation across facebook, twitter and the like. The Story Group is basically the same system and members that have been in place for 15 years, it's just now George Lucas isn't there so said group have stepped in to the limelight. Nothing has changed, but it's true, the Continuity will likely be destroyed. I'm a 20 years deep EU fanatic, but the last few years have been a myriad of poor books and worse still, Canon decisions... I think Star Wars: The Old Republic (Comics) and Star Wars: Legacy are the best Star Wars stories ever written, but whether the future will hold better stories, or the death of my fandom, is yet to be seen.
  5. Anakin as a character was done very strangely, I think a combination of George Lucas telling him how to perform his line's (watch the behind the scenes videos, George is a very shy man, never mind he's not an actor) and there is a definite sense that Hayden tried to copy James Earl Jones's cadence, that of a middle aged, baritone, African-American Broadway actor, with a Transatlantic accent, and of course the love scenes were very badly written in my opinion... I don't mind personally because I've grown to love everything about the Prequels over the years, but it's easy to see why Hayden could be picked apart.
  6. I've been following Jan Duursema on facebook for a long time, and it looks like Force War #5 will be the last ever dawn of the Jedi issue.
  7. Dark Horse gave 22 years of hard work and passion and that will live on in my personal library and Canon, which is a small positive I can hold on to. The main issue (Other than some great people losing work etc, remember some artists and writers were employed as Star Wars artists, without the contract they don't have a job there) is the conditions in which stories were created... When dark Horse took over the comic license, Star Wars was forgotten by all but a few fat dudes in Indiana, it was just a "Oh yea, I used to have Star Wars bed sheets when I was kid, what of it?" An Independent Comic team pushed for the contract, they dreamed of taking the Universe to another level, a massive interweaving story, in the distant past and far future. The Amazing Tales of the Jedi from 1993 was the basis for the very game this sub-forum exists for, Without Dark Horse there wouldn't be a Knights of the Old Republic, and Old Republic... Thank you DH. Marvel will not be pushing boundaries, putting effort in to maintaining a continuity, they will be releasing tie-in materials for the many (Possibly too many?) films being released over the next few years. Its a sad day
  8. This is the bad news I expected but refused to think about. Almost all of the Changes, retcons, minor issues, major issues the fans have aired and grieved about since the early nineties have made no impact on my Fandom, because I always knew dark Horse would be releasing quality adult Star Wars excellence, even through the Dark Times (2008-2013 (TCW)) DH came through with classic after classic. Dark Horse losing the contract for Comics, is my Han shot First, my Midichlorian, my Moffitt Ani. Sad sad day. with there being no mention of the comic licence a year after the purchase, I'd hoped that my Precious EU, my version of events could somehow live on in the canon alongside whatever JJ has in store for our GFFA. I'm not sure Star Wars will resemble what we've come to love, come 2015 Thank you Jonathan Adams Paul Alden Peter Alilunas Scott Allie Phil Amara Kevin J. Anderson Thomas Andrews Kia Asamiya Brian Augustyn Chris Avellone Peter Bagge Jeremy Barlow Mike Baron Jim Beard Scott Beatty Haden Blackman Nathan P. Butler Joe Casey C.B. Cebulski Paul Chadwick Chris Claremont Dave Cooper Brian Daley Peter David Mike Denning William C. Dietz Andy Diggle Chuck Dixon Jan Duursema Ian Edginton Chris Eliopoulos Garth Ennis Paul Ens Mark Evanierspli Tom Fassbender Matthew Fillbach Shawn Fillbach Alan Dean Foster Alexander Freed Milton Freewater Jr. Warren J. Fu Adam Gallardo Rick Geary Henry Gilroy Archie Goodwin Jason Hall Rich Handley Bob Harris Mick Harrison Welles Hartley Rich Hedden Gilbert Hernandez Pablo Hidalgo Shin-ichi Hiromoto Tony Isabella Matt Jacobs Bruce Jones Ryan Kaufman Mike Kennedy Ryan Kinnaird Sean Konot Jim Krueger Toshiki Kudo Scott Kurtz Jay Laird Justin Lambros Miles Lane Paul Lee Sang Jun Lee Ken Lizzi Darko Macan David Manak Andy Mangels Russ Manning Lucas Marangon Ron Marz Brett Matthews Aaron McBride Shane McCarthy Carlos Meglia Steven Melching John Jackson Miller Pat Mills Alan Moore Steve Moore Scott Morse Dean Motter Bytim Mucci Michael Murnane Fabian Nicieza Steve Niles Phill Norwood John Ostrander Steve Parkhouse Jim Pascoe Steve Perry Doug Petrie Killian Pluckett Christian Read Mike Richardson Andrew Robinson Jim Royal Kevin Rubio Stan Sakai Mark Schultz Louise Simonson Beau Smith Michael A. Stackpole Jay Stephens Randy Stradley Jan Strnad Tom Taylor Darek Thompson Dan Thorsland Erik Tiemens Timothy Truman Tom Veitch John Wagner Chris Warner Nathan Walker Andi Watson Rob Williams Ryder Windham Judd Winick Jim Woodring Timothy Zahn Dustin weaver Brian Ching Michael Atiyeh and all the other many hundreds of amazing writers, pencilers, inkers, letterers and colourists. You created a better Star Wars. I Don't think the gaping, forever pregnant Alien Queen's abdomen that is the Marvel Comic release schedule will have the patience and TLC that Dark horse had, and release meaningful, inter-related deep stories. The EU is dead.
  9. I know which part you mean lol, I didn't keep him updated by the way
  10. also make sure you and your companion complement each other, if you are going with a Tank build, use Kira Carson, she is a damage companion, and vice versa, or maybe even use both DPS, as you may kill them before you die lol But yes, as Hassat said above, just pop on the GTN and search for some current level green or blue armor for them, Narrow it down by choosing the right armor weight and item in the search bar (Get the right stats too), and you can get a pretty good set up that will last you a few levels. I'd personally save your commendations for your own gear.
  11. I personally go vanguard, because those Giant Guns are so aesthetically painful to me, like me a rifle. I can't comment on playability though lol
  12. I'm very impressed! keep up the good work Jolee goin Darkside in Hobbiton
  13. Funny Story, I went on SWTOR this morning and someone put Merry Christmas in the general chat, I replied in kind and about 40 people were slaying us lol "Keep your Pagan false cheer to yourself you piece of S***!" was a memorable one, though some were less courteous! Sod them, I'm Merry anyway
  14. I'm personally enjoying a Very Merry Christmas, and I hope you all enjoy whatever festivities you partake in. Merry December 25th, and a Happy New Year!
  15. Much respect for choosing a shadow as your first MMO Character! I've been playing MMO's since the Genesis of the internet, and Its a lot of work and effort to be a Stealth class, its also more work to be a Tank, lots of buttons, queues, rotations, cooldown watching, healer trailing, aggro absorbing. Like I say I'm quite experienced and I just go DPS, even if its not the best class for DPS, I try and make it work lol, easy life, and you get to take in the view along the way
  16. It's actually pretty damned good, I thought the controls would suck, but its smooth. would probably better suit a Galaxy s4 or note, as the iPhone seems happy with their 2008 screen sizes, but its not unreadable. never thought I'd be playing KotOR in the Canteen on my lunch break lol
  17. Not sure if its always been available, or its new news, but I just got a Facebook ad saying its now on iphone too, downloading now! (I Don't have an ipad so felt left out lol ) perfect timing aswell, as I've just recently switched to a new windows 8 PC, and this is the first time in a decade I don't have KotOR installed on my PC (Not even sure if windows 8 will run the original PC version?) It's really amazing that KotOR is being pushed and advertised over 10 years on ! Best game ever.
  18. Edit: Disregard, I jumped in half way through a Conversation, didn't read previous posts, and generalised, made it seem like I was mocking someone lol. I'm stupid, carry on, carry on
  19. I'm putting in my early bet and saying that I'll probably hate it lol. I don't want to, I wish I loved everything about Star Wars like I did from 1980-2008... But the chances are, Filoni will make the same decisions and have the same answers for why as he did during the TCW run, "This is how it is now", "this is how it was originally supposed to be", "Georges Vision", We wanted to appeal to said group", "the new generation of Kids", "[insert re-imagined EU original Character] is an Australian hippy now, "Man"".
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