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  1. This is the first Forum I ever became an actual member of, and I've come here nearly every day since, there may not be new games, it may be a pretty labyrinthine set up (several different sites glued together with spread out pockets of users) But sometimes , I want to discuss whether Revan was more powerful than Sidious, or just read old threads. But I do think we need an overhaul, we need to make one unified forum and just have subforums for our beloved games but with an emphasis on including or promoting a more general Lucas fandom... So we are still Lucasforums but someone who likes the comics and novels will come here too.
  2. His candour was refreshing to some, obnoxious to others, there was never any love lost between us, but I hope his passing was peaceful and painless. He was a Character, that's for sure R.I.P
  3. Just made myself on the online option... It's basically like trying to make a white person on NBA 2K on the PS2... Look crap compared to all the other characters.
  4. Yea thought I'd best pop that link in, personally rather not have to DL 36 GB again lol (on British Internet at least) I Think they did somewhat of a fix last night, but it'll still mean a 12 GB patch. Yea they sure screwed the pooch on that one!
  5. http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=684298
  6. I have sort of a Love/Hate relationship with it. I'll do a week or so and generally enjoy it, run a couple of Ops get some gear... Then its back to hate again. I've never rated it as even close to it's full potential, but its still has that potential! It desperately needs to open up, thematically, exploratively and factionally... I need to be able to play this as an MMO, and it doesn't play like that in my opinion. the community and exploration are purposely nerfed, for reasons I cant figure out. From what I hear of the secret space project, things could be going in the right direction, I just hope they release it in time.
  7. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  8. The only problems I have with any of the "Changes", are both from Return of the Jedi: Lapti Nek being revamped to the Jedi Rocks number in Jabba's Palace. And, Vader now screaming Nooooooo as the Emperor electrocutes Luke in the Death Star II... I much prefer the subtle version.
  9. I know Dave Filoni has stated in a "Rebels" Panel at Celebration Europe II, that he will be keeping his distance from EU characters this time around, as he doesn't want to create a S***storm like he did with Even Piell, Mando's, Quin, Ryloth etc (I'm Paraphrasing of course) Regarding the EU vs the Sequel trilogy: They will not follow the EU, Sad, very sad, but true. as Zerimar said the EU is what sustained me for most of the 80's and 90's, and expanded the great stories from the prequels, and carried the banner thereafter, but unfortunately Lucasfilm do not hold it in such high regard canonically, financially but not canonically. Which brings me to my next point. The Films will not resemble the EU, but they aren't stupid enough to destroy its legacy. I believe the EU will (Should) continue as a separate continuity and remain untouched. There are just too many fans and their income to throw that away. Plus It would be a disaster if JJ decided Han and Leia never got married or had kids, Chewie survived, and Luke was Gay, but then tried to retcon or reboot the EU to fit.
  10. Agreed. It was never the quality of the Clone War's tv show, it was the fact that there is literally more Clone War's era content available than even the film era's its getting old, boring and overlapping. time for something new. And the McQuarrie influence has sealed the deal for me regardless of future canon gaffs and childish crap. Looking forward to it!
  11. Looks pretty damned awesome, I'll keep my eye and my wallet close by
  12. Watched it last night. By far my favorite version of Superman, and I dare say one of my favorite films of all time. Yes there is a massive amount of explosions but it was the little details, the things that didn't need to be said, and the first 30 minutes of back-story-fleshing-out on Krypton that make this a far better version of the Superman story than any film or recent comic.
  13. Happy belated Birthdays! how did I miss this?
  14. This is Bad ass, Now i just gotta buy an ipad! good to see its still getting good revue, and the respect it deserves.
  15. So you have to add extra explanation when you are referring to it, so people don't think you are talking about the first xbox.
  16. We're talking white label promos here most of the singles from that album were released as early as 95'
  17. This was the track that got me in to daft punk, I picked it up by accident on Vinyl for a DJ set back in like 1996 I think... Classic (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  18. If you want a Classic Star Wars story go Jedi Knight. I'd also recommend Agent like Rogue15, some weird stuff going on, but awesome.
  19. Always trying to rock the KotOR era look! Jolee Bindo's robe, circa 3,956 BBY.
  20. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe! I suggest we use it! RIP
  21. Big fan here, although I'd say my peak "fandom" was around 1997- 2002, not because they began to suck or anything, just that those were the years I was Clubbing and being mainstream, like going to shows, DJ sets and clubs across Europe. after that I went back to my classic Rock roots and less of a party lifestyle. But yes, I will definitely be getting this album, and the sneak peak track is sweet.
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