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  1. TL;DR F2P certainly didn't fail from a business POV... I'm subbed anyway, but I spent about £75 on Cartel stuff, that's like a years subscription cost in a day. Bioware are recouping at a rapid rate. I cannot comment on the restrictions as I didn't bother to try and play my un-subbed account.
  2. I initially tried to emulate the Standard SWG UI template, but I have fallen back in to the Standard SWTOR setup due to the shear amount of quick-bars needed for certain classes. Now I have the basic 4 quick-bars (Two along the bottom, one either side) I merely make them all smaller.
  3. Maybe as a Force Ghost. But hey, Filoni managed to bring back Darth frickin Maul... anything can happen tbh
  4. I do know, when we get the first teaser trailer, and Mark Hamill pulls his hood back... My face will explode, and a portal to heaven will open in middle England.
  5. The Only thing I've ever disagreed with is the Clone Wars, as I feel its over-saturated a very short period in galactic History. I'm a big EU fan , and I read all the Books and Comics, but I will happily push them aside for another trilogy... I've been waiting for Episode 7 since 1983. Very Happy fan here.
  6. only that Lucas isn't done with it. He's still creative consultant for all the films.
  7. LFL have said it will be an Original story, of course. I wouldn't want the Vong anyway, 1, because its been done, and 2, because it sucked pretty damn hard tbh.
  8. I think its brilliant, Star Wars has been a dieing pile of child friendly pedestrian drivel since 2005, We have a new film coming, I'm so happy its untrue.
  9. F**k my Comic Collection, we are getting episode 7 from the people that brought us the Avengers, I'm a Happy, Happy man!
  10. Hey guys, I just reactivated my Vornskr account, and hes now on Harbinger apparently, new name and guild-less Tayos Arconius - Jedi Sentinel
  11. I did intend to continue subbing, but if Ops and the like are what your Sub pays for I may save myself the $14.95 lol. I do dailies to pay for my wardrobe changes the Rest is pure exploration and immersion.
  12. It wont be hard to pick up at all; You don't need any prior MMO experience. As for it being a worthy to successor to KotOR... That's to be found in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Ahh ok To be honest The people who developed TOR are no longer developers for TOR, and a lot of former SWG Devs went on to work on TOR on some level or another. I get enjoyment from TOR, but it would of been better if I had SWG to fulfill my MMO needs, like you suggested.
  14. I'm not very good at reading intention over the internet, are you insinuating I blamed Bioware, and have now changed my stance, or that people in general did this? To Clarify both possible answers, EA is Bioware, so yes
  15. There are two stories... When they announced SWG was shutting down, SOE made a statement that "They decided not to renew the Star Wars License for a 9th year", later an ex employee made a statement saying that "EA amended the contract to have a "No competition clause" in it, therefore taking the renewal decision out of SOE's hands. It was originally stated that SWG and SWTOR would exist side by side for a at least a time.
  16. Neither do I, I think they could do a lot of things better, and Bioware's lack of experience in running an MMO shows with regards to keeping people interested outside of major patches. The failure part comes from the fact that they have lost 75% of their player base, and have had to close 200 servers... Yes it was oversight on their part, but the reviewers not on EA's payroll just look at the big numbers rather than little details. I log in, run around, and pretend I'm in the Star Wars universe, I do a couple of dailies (For no real reason other than to wave a lightsaber around) and log out. I'm happy to pay £ for that, 800,000 were not unfortunately. I gave up on it being KotOR III in 2008, as for SWG, I loved, and will continue to, love it, Forever, and as soon as ProjectSWG is launched (Late 2012) I will play that alongside SWTOR (as long as F2P brings a barber shop and more MMO minutia)
  17. Maybe 3 years ago, the rants are about what was/is in other MMO's and not in TOR.
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