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  1. Been seeing these on Twitter. Incredible work! Looks spectacular. And far better than DF's work (especially on Full Throttle!). How I wish we could use these as asset replacements in ScummVM. Alas, that's reserved for SCI games via ScummVM-Ext for now.
  2. Anyone ever have any luck with Tie Fighter?
  3. It was supposed to be a joke. They're living on opposite sides of the continent right now but they'll be having actual videos eventually.
  4. The latest version link seems to be broken. Is there a mirror somewhere?
  5. Indeed. Even the reverb is almost indistinguishably close! There are still a couple flubs here and there. In certain games some sound effects are very quiet or don't play for instance. But it's very very close. Good enough to get by now!
  6. Sad to see it go. I'll definitely be downloading the source if you make it available, though.
  7. Al Lowe was apparently involved. Replay approached him. There was a news item about it some months ago.
  8. It's also now SteamPlay, so the Mac version is available as well at no extra cost if you own the game.
  9. HL1 is easier? And honestly, the technical limitations of HL1 suit the cartoonish look better, I'd think. It wouldn't need any normal/spec/bump mapping or anything, for instance. It's a cartoon.
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