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  1. Call me easily impressed... but they fixed it! They ****ing fixed it. Maybe I just got lucky but i was satisfied... Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The Normandy took off, the relays are only 'badly damaged', the Citadel can be salvaged, there seems to be differences between the endings, I get to say goodbye to Liara, I got actual explanations from the starkid then basically was able to tell him to go touch himself at night, and happiness abounds. Shame about the fairly lame slideshow thingy (LOL Zaeed), but apart from that, colour me happy edit: woah, just took a look at the 'refusal' ending. ...really glad i didn't choose it just to see what would happen
  2. How was your weekend

  3. I only buy like one game every six months, which makes it prohibitively priced, for me at least Could be a SW take on the FPS - instead of going for WoW's market, they go for CoD's. Would tie in with the 'boba fett' thing more as well, though that link is preeeetty tenuous to be fair.
  4. The Old Republic? ...Meh, I discount online games, and also games that cost a bleedin' fortune...
  5. Hey whats up

  6. Erm, nah. But seriously though, who knows? We must be due a decent SW game soon enough right? ....Right? Can't see what appears to amount to an online sequel to the very-average 'Bounty Hunter' being the franchises' saving grace though.
  7. Sent you another email

  8. Hey, PM me your email adress

  9. I approve. Also, those wee gnome things? SO CUTE.
  10. Oh OK. I had a brief look at the character creation on youtube and it was like 90% skimpy. Mind you it was a Norn character creation so if it's a cultural thing then that makes sense I guess. Hrrrm.
  11. Woah, you weren't kidding about the environments - they're gorgeous! I do love a game that has proper attention paid to the surroundings. One thing that does slightly irritate me about Guild Wars (and quite a few other games like it) is that it suffers badly from ICS - Impractical Clothing Syndrome. WOMEN OF GW! Y U NO WEAR PROPER CLOTHES/ARMOUR?! HOW U STILL HAVE ALL LIMBS?
  12. Right. and by the same token, other people's relentless disapproval shouldn't put others off it.
  13. for ****s sake the last five minutes does not make or break a game. everything up to that point is awesome whatever you happen to think about the ending...
  14. Engineer and Infiltrator (for the second time) promoted, Victory and Commendation packs presumably in the bag. Schweeet. N7 rank up to 201 now. Number 400 and something in the UK. I really should be writing my essay.
  15. haha, missed a '/' there dude
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