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  1. actually both Shamus and Darkstarmojo are on the DF2 JK mod. Shamus is the project leader, thats why I said get with them. DSM along with myself and others are working on the DF mod. but I myself am also waiting for the DF2JK mod. so yeah hit them up and ask them what and where they need the help. Just PM them here. they have already posted in this thread so its just a matter of sending them the message
  2. If you have some people that can help, you should send an email or pm to either shamus or Darkstarmojo. I'm pretty sure i speak for everyone who works on these mods that we don't have time to work on anything full time either. I know i put in 12 hour work days come home eat dinner and try to spend time with my family then work on the map if i'm not dead tired. but hey shoot those two a line and see if they can use your talents. I'd be willing to bet that we can find work for you on the DFmod.
  3. There has been some updates but you will have to go to the link at the end of my signature. That is where DSM is posting most of the updates. i have the orginal DF as well and i just run it from the cd. there is no sound to it when i do that but i can use my imagination:D. i'm also too lazy to run it on dosbox. lol
  4. if you want to know more about it, maybe you should go check it out over at the hub. here is the link. http://www.jkhub.net/project/show.php?projid=242 the JO kyle was modeled after him from DF2JK. there are some slight changes but he is pretty much the same. but again maybe you should check the mod and see what its all about. You do know its for JK and not JO i assume. good luck.
  5. We are all working on different parts at the moment. DSM can tell you more about the robotics map. the excutor map was completely mapped out, thanks to the original team. Enemies, pickups, scripting of the supply shuttle and re texturing are all that needs to be done with the excutor map. I've completed about 75% of the texturing and about the same amount for the npcs and pickups. I'll add the screen shots this week. been kinda busy as of the last few weeks. As for the jabba ship level. its done for the most part, but needs some re working on the added areas and few things here and there.
  6. So just as a little infor for you all. I've started the Executor map. it has been entirly mapped by the original team. All that needs to be redone is some texture rework, enemies, and alittle bit of scripting and its will be done. I'm working on everything room by room right now and have about 15% done. I know that doesn't seem like alot but hey its coming along slowly and smoothly. I'll post some screenies at a later time.
  7. one word- Parents. if you have the money give it to them and explain that you found a cheaper one.
  8. JO is a great story and the gameplay is fun as well. i wouldn't go spend 25 bones for a used one though. You may be able to find a cheaper one on ebay or amazon rather the get the best of package. just gotta look around. I found an original copy of Dark Forces on amazon for 6 bucks awhile back. just look and see what you can find
  9. I wouldn't say its gone. Its on hold untill the Dark Forces mod is complete. All in good time it will come out so don't fret.
  10. so heres a small update from me. I only have 1 more area to map out and then the level will be 100% mapped. After that its texture tweaks here and there, adding the final enemies, pickups and map goals and then the map will be done. There still needs to be some scripting done as well too. I'm not going to post any screen shots of these areas though, I want to keep them a surprise for the final release.
  11. Very understandable indeed. Personal life always comes first! But as you said we still have the DF mod to work on, then we'll see what the future brings.
  12. I'm actually going to just stick with the main enemies that DF had rather than go all out, the trandoshans are in the level so i do have them in there as well.
  13. Well heres an update for everyone. After a few unexpected setbacks I'm back on track. I've finished adding/resizing the textures. All lifts seem to be working correctly, All I have to do is add the bar area and then the cell block area. I've been adding some NPC's as well and have them working quite well. After i some more work tonight I'll post some screens for you as well.
  14. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. The fixes all work great, the problem I was having was while testing the Jabba level. No worries though it works for the first six levels so thats a good thing. Thanks again:D
  15. has anyone had contact with the guys from this mod? if they are not going to finish this, I'd like to take it over once I'm finished with the DFmod.
  16. any luck on why the music doesn't play? no rush though. just thought i'd ask
  17. got it. I'll throw these in tonight and see how things go. thank you kinda sir!
  18. should kyle still be holding the lightsaber after the fix? I added the fixes with no problem but when I fire it up he still has the lightsaber.
  19. try ebay. bet you could find it pretty cheap there. or ask a friend who has it to burn you a copy. that would be even cheaper! lol!
  20. well you could always grab some tutorials and give it a try. I'm taking my time on this level so I'm in no real rush for the dragon. i have a few ideas of how to make up for the dragons at this point but I agree that they need to be in the level.
  21. Hello again. well I've just finished two classes and have finally had some time to get back into this level. I'm currently working on adding the lifts, and key/locked doors. I was able to get a copy of the original DF game and started playing the Jabba level. After a few run throughs I noticed that more rooms will need to be added, not many but a few. After platforms and such are done then I'll get them done. Thens it's on to enemies and power pickups and such.
  22. Got it! Thanks! i throw this on tonight
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